Bunch of Bastards: My Drinkin’ Ain’t Done

bob2My Drinkin’ Ain’t Done is fast’n’rowdy Celtic punk meets Gypsy from the Netherlands. Low, growling lead vocals, all the bhoys on the piss gang vocals, accordion, banjo, mandolin and dirty sleaze-rock guitars with a Bastard attitude. Reminiscent and obviously influenced by the Dropkick Murphys, Blood or Whiskey and the Dubliners and for spice the junkyard sounds of Tom Waits and early Dolomites and The Zydepunks. A strong debut from a band with a great promise.



Headsticks: Feather and Flame

Feather and Flame is the third full length from Headsticks who have arisen phoenix like from the ashes of Jugopunch and the Clay Faces. Best described as English with a just touch of Americana and some Irish blood in the ol’ veins folk-ROCK – reminiscent of The Clash – the attitude – but more Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros in style. NMA, The Levellers or an amped up Billy Bragg also come to mind.

In all while not an immediate album if you invest the time it will pay off ten fold i.e. its bloody good after a few spins.

Headsticks Feather and Flame

Highlights included:
What do you want – part revolution, part Rovers Return
Go move shift – The old Christy Moore classic
Every single day – pure punk’n’roll


Sir Reg: Modern Day Disgrace

Modern Day Disgrace is the fourth full length from Swedish (and Dub fronted) Celtic-punks Sir Reg. Sir Reg are one of the leaders of the new wave of Celtic-punk and are very much snapping at the heals of the original scenesters (that’s you Flogging Molly). No surprises on Modern Day Disgrace when compared to the bands previous albums – and that’s a good thing – head banging speed Celtic punk with a strong Flogging Molly influence. The album kicks off with three new classics End of the Line, Boys of St. Pauli and Drinking Like a Dane and continues through till they Call it a Day. Special mention to Dubliners influenced “The Wrong Bar” – Luke and Ronnie would be proud of yea lads and the afore mentioned Boys of St. Pauli which will be ripping up jigpits from Stockholm to Solna and Södertälje shortly. Highly recommended.

Track List:
End of the Line
Boys of St. Pauli
Drinking Like a Dane
Fake Hero
All Saint’s Day
The Wrong Bar
Will not Let You Cry
Breaking Down All Borders
Call it a Day

Sir Reg


Bodh’aktan: Bodh’aktan

Bodh’aktan is the self titled fourth full length album from Quebec based French-Canadian’s Bodh’aktan. Now if you haven’t heard Bodh’aktan before they play big ‘ol bagpipes punk’n’roll influenced by both the maritime and Celtic traditions and they do it all Francais…..and why not. Kind of like legendary French punk/metal outfit TRUST on a weekend bender in Connemara. Check’em out.

GOCD-1601 - copie



Tom O’Reilly and the Swaggers: One Fine Day

And now for something completely different – kind of. Some of you may remember Black Friday a Celtic punk outfit outta Cornwall (Got to Go is a must hear) well Tom O’Reilly & The Swaggers is four members of Black Friday donning cowboy boots and swapping Poitín for moonshine. The Swaggers perform laid back alternative country interspaced with traditional and Cornish folk and they do it very well. Reminiscent of Dublin’s Great Western Squares. Impressive.












Various: Raise Your Pints

Making a mix tape or a comp CD is almost a lost art. Happy to say the art isn’t lost on Nico of MacSlons Irish Pub Radio. An amazing nineteen tracks in all and like all great comps it comes with old friends and a few friends you haven’t met before. Old friends include Kilkenny Knights, Flatfoot 56, The Real McKenzies and The Rumjacks. New friends include The Black Tartan Clan, Rovers Ahead and 1916. Check it out, you’ll too find some new friends.

Full tracklisting:
01. Kilkenny Knights – Raise your Pints
02. Rovers Ahead – Ghost Of Anne Reily
03. The Clan – Paddy‘s Day
04. The O`Reilys & The Paddyhats – Barrels of Whiskey
05. The Black Tartan Clan – Standing Strong
06. Scordisci – Birdie‘s Song
07. Airs & Graces – Troubles
08. The Ramshackle Army – The Fire is burning
09. The Real McKenzies – Catch me
10. Flatfoot 56 – Take Hold again
11. The Ceili Family – Alive
12. The Roughneck Riot – Parasites
13. The Rumjacks – No Pockets in a Shroud
14. Mr. Irish Bastard – Kingdom of the Sun
15. Creeds Cross – The Irish Band
16. In Search of a Rose – If You Got A Pint
17. Smokey Bastard – Archipelago
18. 1916 – For Whiskey
19. Bastards – Drink the City


Mischief Brew: Bacchanal’n’Philadelphia

Bit of a blast from the past here. Bacchanal’n’Philadelphia is the remastered, reissue of the earliest two recordings by Mischief Brew – six tracks are from Bellingham & Philadelphia” (the split LP with Robert Blake) and the five tracks from the Bakenal EP. This is pure campfire and tinnies acoustic folk-punk – powerful, melodic and biting. Check out Every Town Will Celebrate, I think you’ll like. Folk the system……indeed.

And every town will celebrate someday
Waving sweatshop flags and grande lattes
Wearing culture on their backs
Wearing spirit on their hats
One by one they’ll join the parade and celebrate
Yeah, every town will celebrate someday

Mischief brew

1. Every Town Will Celebrate
2. Olde Tyme Mem’ry
3. Boycott Me!
4. Dirty Pennies
5. Liberty Unmasked
6. Fare Well, Good Fellows
7. Devil Of A Time
8. Rambler’s Ghost
9. The Drunk Of Three Nights
10. Roll Me Through The Gates Of Hell
11. Anti-Lullaby



The Langer’s Ball: Whiskey Outlaws

Langers BallWanted to give a big shout out to Minnesota’s The Langer’s Ball who have just released a very fine album in Whiskey Outlaws. The Langar’s Ball have come a long ways since their early guy and girl duo beginnings, now a five piece, The Langer’s Ball are ready to take on the Celt-punk establishment. Like I said, Whiskey Outlaws is a very fine album with the obvious influences of The Pogues and Flogging Molly but also the gypsy punk of Gogol Bordello or the Zydepunks and even Tom Waits. Traditional yet quirky as hell – check out Whiskey Outlaws – it won’t disappoint.


The Go Set: Rolling Sound / These Are The Days DVD

go setRolling Sound the latest release by Aussie band The Go Set is an album you need to buy twice, not just because its another slab of fineness from one of the most consistently great bands on the whole Celtic-punk scene. In fact, I would say it’s my favorite Go Set collection with the exception of the Sing a Song of Revolution (and if they pulled Back in Black 2 outta their collective arses Sing a Song of Revolution would still top it for me). So why buy it twice? Well once so you can get it on glorious splatter green vinyl and twice cos the CD version comes with a DVD of These Are The Days a full length highly professional documentary on the band and realities of a DIY band touring the world and making music on their terms.



Alternative Ulster: Rebellion

AUAlternative Ulster are a Celtic-punk band from Ulster County, New York and Rebellion is their first album. I would describe the sound of Rebellion as snot, spit and safety-pins punk rock of the 1982 variety being held ransom by a manic, whiskey swigging highland piper. The whole album is a ton of energy and enjoyment. 16 tracks in all with 10 originals based on Tip O’Neill’s political mantra that all politics good music is local (“Riot in the Rondout” tells about the Kingston, NY waterfront area notorious for street brawls. “Ten Guns for Kingston” is about their home town and “The British are Burning Kingston” recalls October 17 of 1777 when the British put Kingston to the torch. “Bannerman Island Ghost Wench” tells the story of a haunted island in the Hudson River) and six covers; Sham 69‘s “If The Kids Were United”, The Ramones “Blitzkrieg Bop”, The Sex Pistols “Seventeen” (though I would like to hear’em do Winger’s “Seventeen”) and an amazing cover Black Sabbath’s “Supernaut”.

If you’re sold on Rebellion and you should be it can be picked up at CDBaby