Lexington Field: Redwood

0006390383_10CAs Lexington Field have a new mini album out – Redwood – and it’s a pretty cool idea, 7 re-recorded stripped down to the acoustic bones versions of previous Lexington Field fiddle-rock songs. Check it out the official stream here:


Sir Reg: Modern Day Disgrace – NEW ALBUM

Swedish/Irish Celtic-punks have a new album, Modern Day Disgrace, out on June 17th. Album release party is June 15 if your in Stockholm (https://www.facebook.com/events/1096953760345837/)

Sir Reg

1 – End of the Line
2 – Boys of St. Pauli
3 – Drinking Like a Dane
4 – Fake Hero
5 – All Saints’ Day
6 – Interlude
7 – The Wrong Bar
8 – Johnny
9 – Won’t Let You Cry
10 – Breaking Down All Borders
11 – Call It a Day


The Mahones in 2016

25 Years in the game and 2016 looks like it will be the Mahones busiest year too date with four (yeah frigging four) releases planned this year:-


The Mahones: 25 Years of Irish Punk (The Very Best) will be released in time for St. Patrick’s Day, 2016, just in time for their 25th Anniversary St. Patrick’s Invasion Tour. The Mahones will be recording brand new studio versions of your favourite Mahones punk classics, with their current (classic) lineup: Finny McConnell, Katie Kaboom, Dom “The Bomb” Whelan, Sean “Riot” Ryan, Michael O’Grady, Jonathan Moorman and Sean Winter.

The Mahones: 25 Years of Irish Folk (The Very Best) will be released in time for halfway to St. Patrick’s Day, September 17th, 2016, and will feature brand new acoustic studio versions of your favourite Mahones folk classics.

2016 will also see the release of The Mahones: The Hunger & The Fight (Deluxe Edition). This will feature the double concept album in one, full length CD, in it’s intended operatic (???) form.

Finally, due to very popular demand, they will finally be releasing The Mahones’ first ever album, Clear The Way, a cassette recorded back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. It includes bonus early recordings, recently found by Finny.

Also, a 25th Anniversary Pictorial History book will be released along with a documentary, and a live-in-concert DVD.



Wanted to give a shout out this 4th of July to Cowpunk originator Pete Berwick who has a new album, THE LEGEND OF TYLER DOOHAN, out now on Little Class Records.  If you haven’t heard Pete he’s part Chicago punk, part Nashville and all bad attitude.





Famous For Nothing: A Tribute To Dropkick Murphys

Take a Shot Records have just released “Famous For Nothing: A Tribute to Dropkick Murphys”, a charity compilation put together by Mike Franey (Take A Shot Records, The Scally Cap Brats) and Chris Arias (Blackthorn Billy). With the permission of Ken Casey and Dropkick Murphys, the compilation features 17 bands from a wide array of places such as the United States, Sweden, Australia, and Canada, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated directly to the Murphy’s own charity, the Claddagh Fund.












The Black Shamrock: A Celtic Tribute to Johnny Cash

Wanted to give a shout out to the Grinning Beggar and his The Black Shamrock: A Celtic Tribute to Johnny Cash project. Mr Beggar is raising funds to produce the album and it looks like a great project. The final track list has just been announced.

Help make this happen with a small donation, more details can be found at:



1. Jason Bancroft & The Wealthy Beggars
– Man Comes Around

2. The Stubby Shillelaghs
– Folsom Prison Blues

3. Gerard Smith
– Mean Eyed Cat

4. Celtic Rebels Band
– Big River

5. Seamus Kennedy
– 40 Shades of Green

6. Lexington Field
– Hey Porter

7. The Bog Hoppers
– Jackson

8. The Dread Crew of Oddwood
– Man in Black

9. Bill Grogan’s Goat
– One Piece at a Time

10. Uncle Hamish and The Hooligans
– Give My Love To Rose

11. Brick Top Blaggers
– Cocaine Blues

12. Irish Nails
– Delia’s Gone

13. The Vulgar Deli
– Like a Soldier

14. The Humble Hooligans
– Rock Island Line

15. The Langers Ball
– God Is Gonna Cut You Down

16. Zeptepi
– Ain’t No Grave

17. Rovers Ahead
– She used to love me a lot

18. Keltic Cowboys
– It Ain’t Me Babe

19. James Bowen & The Merry Looters
– Wreck of The Old ‘97

20. Jay Wars and Friends
– The Highwayman

21. The Gobshites
– Beer Drinking Songs

22. McKintree Boys
– I Walk The Line

23. The Tosspints
– Redemption

24. Very Special Guests
– Hurt



The Tosspints give away track for St. Paddy’s Day

In celebration of St. Patricks day, The Tosspints are offering their new track “Pirates Life” for free via stream or download. This exclusive and previously unreleased track is an original song from the Michigan based Celtic-Punk trio, and is a sneak preview of their upcoming follow up record to last year’s “Have You Been Drinking?”. “It’s a really fun track, with a great little nautical story about two different guys paths into piracy.” Don Zuzula, guitarist and singer of the band said “We had such a great year in 2013, we wanted to thank our fans and friends with some free music”.

Download available through March 17!


The Tosspints’ style of music has been influenced by 3 lifetimes of living through the school of hard knocks, brought to bear from war, loss, degradation, and hard drinking. A band created entirely by a family who has had to make it through life the hard way and use their experience to create songs about the more distressed side of being human.

Made up of brothers Don Zuzula (guitar, vocals), a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and younger brother and Zak Zuzula (bass, vocals), a history teacher, along with drummer John Johnson, they draw from their world experience and working class upbringing in the rust belt city of Saginaw Michigan for their poetically dark yet uptempo songs.


Blood or Whiskey: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil

Press Release from Blood or Whiskey:

Celtic punks, Blood or Whiskey who hail from Kildare and Dublin launch their 4th album, ‘Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil’, which drops on March 14th round it’s a self-financed and released album with no label involvement. Its a remarkably up-tempo sounding album considering it’s all about struggle (recession / war / ill health / emigration), with a matured sound and the addition of ska being clearly evident, although retaining their unique take on the celtic punk genre.

They have toured the US twice (once with Dropkick Murphy’s), toured Japan, have been around Europe literally countless times, toured with Stiff Little Fingers, have opened for legends like The Pogues (4 times), Manu Chao / Rancid / Misfits and have played the Reading & Leeds , Rebellion and Oxegen festivals. Memorably

Blood or Whiskey played the original CBGB’s in New York and even had Topper Headon (The Clash), join them on stage at a Canterbury show.

The album is available on iTunes and from Tower Records, Freebird and Spin Dizzy in Dublin or at their gigs from March 14th

FFO: The Dubliners / The Pogues / Dropkick Murphy’s / Flogging Molly & The Clash.

Renowned for their raucous shows, the re-energized band deliver their signature blend of

Celtic punk like their lives depended on it! Go see ….


Festivals and album launch dates:

17.03.14 Blood or Whiskey, St Patrick’s Festival, Lavery’s, Belfast

19.03.14 All Time Low, support, Olympia, Dublin

21.06.14 Romaember Against Racism Festival , At Alte Kaserne, Zurich

08.08.14 Boomtown Fair, Matterly Estate, England

09.08.14 Rebellion Festival, Winter Gardens, Blackpool, England

Confirmed dates for the Shame The Devil tour:

03.04.14 – DE-Essen, Panic Room

04.04.14 – DE-Fürth, Kopf und Kragen

05.04.14 – DE-Waiblingen, Villa Roller

07.04.14 – CZ-Kladno, Auto Da Fé

08.04.14 – CZ-Teplice – 3ozak club

09.04.14 – AT-Vienna, Viper Room

10.04.14 – HR-Zagreb, Vintage Industrial Bar

11.04.14 – SI-Ravne na Koroškem, Kompleks

12.04.14 – IT-Bologna, Freakout Club

14.04.14 – CH-Zürich, Dynamo

15.04.14 – FR-Saint-Étienne, Thunderbird Lounge

16.04.14 – FR-Dijon, Les Tanneries

17.04.14 – DE-Mannheim, Kulturbrücken Jungbusch

19.04.14 – DE-Bonn, Kult 41



Black 47: Last Call

Black 47’s swansong, Last Call, should by digitally available in the coming week with the physical copies following shortly.

Black 47 Last Call

The fill track list as narrated by Larry is as follows:

1. Salsa O’Keefe – We’ve always loved Latin music – so strange that it took us until now to really have a blow at it. No matter, it’s a Bronx story and dedicated to a major influence, Bert Berns, songwriter and producer extraordinaire! How about Mr. Hamlin’s cowbell!

2. Culchie Prince – A memory of a wild weekend in the County Clare shortly before I first left for New York. A “culchie” is anyone unsophisticated enough to be born outside the city of Dublin; while a “brasser” – in my day – was a young working class Dublin lady, unafraid to speak her mind who invariably sported peroxide curls. And oh, those crazy uilleann pipes, Joseph Mulvanerty, blowing like a gale from the Bronx to the Cliffs of Moher.

3. Dublin Days – Everyone I knew lived close to the borderline in Dublin and yet we always found ways to cadge a pint and fall in love. Even today, if I walk from Stephen’s Green to Trinity College I invariably brush against her shadow. This is for every college student who ever spent a semester in Ireland. Go Christine, the Beehive Queen!

4. US of A 2014 – It amazes me how people can be so resistant to fixing a system that will consign their children to second-class citizenship. Profits rise, wages fall, Connolly turns in his grave, and Black 47 is outa here! And the question remains: Who stole the scent from the American rose?

5. The Night The Showbands Died – Fran O’Toole had a voice to die for. There wasn’t a culchie rocker who didn’t adore him. My teenage group opened for The Miami Showband a couple of times; we were awful, Fran couldn’t have been nicer. I had moved to the Lower East Side in 1975 when news of the massacre broke. It seemed unreal, it still does. Fred’s subtle trombone chorale is a tribute unto itself to the great horn players of the showband days.

6. Johnny Comes a’Courtin – Did the Irish invent Reggae? You can hear the lilt of the melodies and the dropped “th’s” all across Marley’s magnificent music. Oliver Cromwell sent his Irish prisoners to the Caribbean islands. They intermarried with the African slaves and formed a new culture. Ms. Oona Roche summonses the spirit of a young 17th Century Irishwoman who has a momentous decision to make.

7. Let The People In – There’s always been a No Nothing Party that wishes to pull the ladder up behind its members. But immigration is the lifeblood of this country and its economic engine. Then again, I lived here illegally for three years, so I’m probably biased. Play that funky bass, Mr. Bearclaw!

8. Lament for John Kuhlman – He was Fred Parcells’ roommate and collaborator. A sax-playing composer with an open heart and a smile for everyone, John was a big unfocused talent. He had demons – who hasn’t? – but that last night we partied with him in LA, it seemed like he had them under control. That’s his hurdy-gurdy opening the track.

9. St. Patrick’s Day – I’ve always seen March 17th as a wild stallion. Once you’re atop its back, you’ve no choice but to hang on and hope for the best. Puritans may want to control it but, in essence, it’s the Irish stating that they have survived, they have arrived, and to hell with inhibition!

10. Queen of Coney Island – I still love it out there on the boardwalk but it used to be a shabby paradise. The music, the lights, the Atlantic, the ladies of the night, innocent and otherwise, I drank it all in through small town eyes like an icy beer on a sweltering day. Shotsie, Legsy, Mr. Ragonese, and Hot Lips, where are you now?

11. Shanty Irish Baby – It’s pretty much vanished, the split between Lace Curtain and Shanty. But late at night when the drinks are flying you can hear its echo, and I always know which side I’m on. What a soprano solo from Mr. Blythe!

12. Ballad of Brendan Behan – We loved him because the straights all hated him – he was a “disgrace to the Irish.” But to us he was a big man in a small country. Was he the first modern victim of fame, or just another drinker with a writing problem? Whatever! He was our Borstal boy and rebel without pause.

13. Hard Times – I never cared for the teary-eyed versions of this song – they just missed the point. Foster was far from the melancholic innocent. Guy survived the Five Points for over three years. He could have gone home. He was just too proud – couldn’t admit defeat. A fitting song for Black 47 to go out on.


Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers: New Single ***FREE***

Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers have a new single out in March and it’s FREE (as in for nothing). ‘Back In the Day’ b/w ‘She Was None of These Things’ can be download (with downloadable artwork) throughout the month of March at www.kevin-flynn.com.

In the mean time you can check out some vintage FK&AR here (for free).


Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers