Flogging Molly Booze – Cruise

Got the following message from Flogging Molly – personally I don’t associate punk and cruises but I guess it might be as close as you’ll get to being punk pirates of the Caribbean

All Aboard, Flogging Molly Fans!!!

We have a very exciting proposition to make to all of you. For the first time ever, we are considering joining our fans on a very special Flogging Molly Caribbean Cruise!

The cruise would be in late January, 2011 and would travel from South Florida to the Caribbean and back, with port of calls in Belize, Cozumel, and Cancun. This is your chance to get up close and personal with the band as they take the stage on the high seas in this unusually intimate venue! Besides Flogging Molly, there will be several other musical guests hand-picked by the band to keep the excitement rolling during the trip.

In addition to musical performances, there will be many other special events with Flogging Molly such as exclusive ‘hangs’ with the band, photos sessions with Flogging Molly, Q&A with individual band members, special bar time with members of Flogging Molly tending bar – and many more events that we haven’t even thought of yet.

Our cruise will be comparably priced with other 5-7 day Caribbean cruises, and take place on one of the premier international cruise lines. Don’t for a minute think you’ll be slumming it! Here’s the big question…how many of you are interested? It really comes down to the number of fans that choose to join us to determine if and when we ‘go for it’. Are you interested in attending? If so, please write us at [email protected] right away. We have to get a fairly accurate gauge of interest prior to locking in our cruise ship.


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  1. is this really going to happen, if so, how do i get tix? someone please respond if this is for real

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