Professor Gommel’s 2011 Releases

Happy New Year all!

And speaking of the New Year…

Mr. Murphy mentioned on the S’n’O front page that The Mahones will have their much anticipated The Black Irish CD out in March, (January for you in Europe. Lucky!) and alluded to material from The BibleCode Sundays as well, (fingers crossed!)

So I started wondering what else to expect and I did a little digging, (mostly MySpace, facebook and band websites, which is not as easy as one may expect when you consider how many sites are written in a language that is not English, to which I owe an assist to for their free online translator,) and I came up with the following list:

– Flogging Molly anticipates a “spring 2011” release for their newest material,

– Chicago’s The Fisticuffs promise the release of “You’ll Not Take Us Alive” in “Early 2011,”

– The Porters, out of Germany are hitting the studio for an acoustic release, hopefully available this year,

– One of my favorite bands, Irish Stew of Sindidun, out of Serbia, are halfway through recording their newest release, so I hope to own that one some time during 2011,

– The Peelers are back! The band is going into the studio next month to record their 2011 follow-up to Liquordale, tentatively titled The Temples of Intemperance,

– Blood or Whiskey are in the studio, according to their MySpace page, working on album #4. Fingers crossed for an early 2011 release!

– Australia’s Jack Flash promise a new full-length release this coming year, with 3 tracks already available on a $5.00 E.P. (minus S&H, o’course!)

– Fiddler’s Green hit the studio back in November for a new album, so there is a good chance we can see that one this year!

– And finally, there are MySpace rumors of a long-awaited new release from The Skels!

This is not gospel, just what I could glean from various sources.
If anyone can confirm, correct, or contribute to this list, please do so!