Fiddler’s Green – new album out 01-09-2009

German/Irish Speed Folksters Fiddlers Green release their new CD – “SPORTS DAY AT KILLALOE” on January 9th.

Track Listing is as follows:
1. Bugger Off
2. Bottom Of Our Glass
3. Life Full Of Pein
4. Sports Day Theme
5. Sporting Day
6. Empty Pockets,Empty Fridge
7. Change
8. Down By The Hillside
9. Highland Road
10. Rose In The Heather

In addition to the standard version of SPORTS DAY AT KILLALOE, there will be the DELUXE edition, which includes a second CD with acoustic studio recordings of nine wellknown songs and popular classic tracks:

01. Folk’s Not Dead
02. Raggle Taggle Gipsy
03. Irish Air
04. Star Of The County Down
05. Captain Song
06. The Night Pat Murphy Died
07. Blarney Roses
08. Bugger Off
09. Rocky Road To Dublin
+ video clip Bugger Off

But furthermore, there’s even a third edition: Only at German, you’ll find a DELUXE FAN EDITION which includes an exclusive tie: