Ceann: Almost Irish (review from the archives)

Ceann : Almost IrishSomewhere high in the Himalayas sits a a might mountain peak capped in empty Guinness cans and bottles of Paddy and on top (stay with me I was just watching Batman Begins) sits the great sage, CEANN. Despensing wisdom through song to all those who seek it.

Seeker: Oh might CEANN what will happen if I drink green beer?

CEANN: Green beer makes your weiner shrink and your poop turn green.

Seeker: Is Bud a great beer?

CEANN: That shit ain’t no good. Pabst Blue Ribbon is the beer.

Seeker: What can I do to get a girl?

CEANN: Tighter pants and stronger beer.

Seeker: Why do Americans play Irish Music? What do you think of Colin Farrell? What will my butt tattoo like when I’m 80?

And so on……..funny shit

I could go on but the bands lawyer treatened to sue me if I published anymore of their material.

Oh, and the music? Strong contempary Irish-American folk. Black 47’s/Seanchai’s Chris Byrne guests of Uilleann pipes.