The Gobshites: Songs Me Da’ Got Pissed To

This might be the fasted turn around for writing a review in the history of Shite’n’Onions – 24 hours – sorry all you bands that it took me months or even years to get around to writing your review. Picked up my copy of,  Songs…., last night at The Gobshites’ CD release party at Boston’s Four Green Fields and while I didn’t manage to be able to stick around long enough to hear the songs live, I did get to have a good listen over the 4GFs fancy assed sound system and boy did the Gobshites sound good and after a few spins of the CD today, The Gobshites still sound great over much smaller and less fancy assed speakers. Songs…. is a collection of Irish folk standard done in The Gobshites unique style – folkie, punky and spunky with a ton of irrelevant humor and sure you’ve heard everything here before (Wild Rover, Whiskey In The Jar and so on and so fort) but that doesn’t matter. Pick it up….it will be perfect for your Paddy’s day party.

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