The Bloody Irish Boys: Auld St. Partick

Remember the Bloody Irish Boys? Its been a long time between releases – 6 years in fact since their somewhat controversial debut came out. Way back when myspace was king, the BIBs were kings of myspace with something like 50,000 friends – though there were a few voices raised that the BIBs were not a real band more a one man bedroom band that sounded way too close to Flogging Molly for comfort. Despite the criticism Drunk Rock was a very fine album.

So, 6 years and lots of things have changes – myspace is essentially dead, the Bloody Irish Boys are a real touring band (SXSW this year) and they don’t sound that much like Flogging Molly anymore – but that’s cos’ based on what we’ve heard of the new Flogging Molly album, Flogging Molly don’t sound like Flogging Molly anymore. So, if you’re looking for fast, guitar and fiddle driven, old fashioned Celtic punk Auld St. Patrick won’t disappoint.