Horslips: Tribute CD update

While The Pogues are credited as being the first band to fuse punk and traditional Irish music together and basically invented Celtic punk, the grand daddy’s of all things to do with Celtic rock, Horslips, paid tribute above to The Ramones and punk rock in general on this 1978 cover of The Blitzkreig Bop.

Wanted to give you all an update on the Horslips tribute CD I’ve been working on for the last year – was hoping that it would be long done by now but it ain’t, believe me it will be worth the wait when it’s finally done.

So far we have the following tracks recorded by/committed to:
The Radiators From Space (Phil Chevron of The Pogues punk band) – Lady Wrestler
The Mahones – Shamrock Shore
Mark Cunningham (ex-The Marshmen) – Fantasia – Lagan Love
The Gobshites – Dance to your Daddy
Larkin Brigade – New York Wakes
Black 47 – New York Wakes
Dun Ringles – Speed the Plough
Fair Haven – Sword of Light
The Peelers – Green Gravel
The Indulgers – Trouble with a Capital T
Boiled in Lead – King of the Fairies

There are couple more bands I’m chasing down at the moment and I’ve a couple of open spots for some songs I’d really like to hear being done – The Man That Built America, Power and the Glory, Guests of the Nation. Interesed? Can get into the studio soon? Let me know…….

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