Paddy Rock Volume 4

Our Chicago  bro DJ John Bowles has released the 4th Celtic-punk comp., in the Paddy Rock serious.

20 tracks from:

The Mahones (Canada), CRAIC (Ohio, USA), Bastards on Parade (Spain), The Ramshackle Army (Australia), Whiskey of the Damned (Wisconsin, USA), Wild Colonial Bhoys (Minnesota, USA), The Kilmaine Saints (Pennsylvania, USA), Brick Top Blaggers (California, USA), The Sandcarvers (Wisconsin, USA), Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers (Illinois, USA), Murder the Stout (Texas, USA), Charm City Saints (Maryland, USA), The Pubcrawlers (Maine, USA), The Larkin and Moran Brothers (Illinois, USA), The Mickey Finns (New York, USA), The Rumjacks (Australia), The Tossers (Illinois, USA), Sir Reg (Sweden), The Mighty Regis (California, USA), Circle J (Netherlands), and Drink Hunters (Spain).

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