Sharks Come Cruising: Providence Sea Shanty Punk

(Shite’n’Onions)  So who are Sharks Come Cruising?
Sharks Come Cruisin formed in 2002 in Providence RI. The current lineup is Mark Lambert – Vocals, guitar, Erik Wohlgemuth – Banjo, vocals , Michael Bilodeau – Bass, vocals, Erica Sachs Lambert – Melodica, vocals and James Toomey – Drums, vocals.

(Shite’n’Onions) What inspired the formation of the band?
The shark hunter Quint’s rendition of the sea shanty Spanish Ladies in the film Jaws

(Shite’n’Onions) Describe your sound (and influences)?
Energetic mix of original and traditional sing-along songs, keeping the themes of audience participation and celebration at the center of the music and live performances. We’ve been compared to Flogging Molly, The Pogues, and Great Big Sea and we have been described as sea shanty punk, Irish punk, and folk punk.

(Shite’n’Onions) What going on with the band right now?
Just released the Hardtack EP (issues with limited edition authentic sailor hardtack). For the remainder of 2012, we’re performing throughout New England in support of the EP. Dates include monthly summer concerts on the Schooner Quinnipiack in New Haven, CT, and September festival appearances at Prescott Park (Portsmouth, NH) and the Working Waterfront Festival in New Bedford, MA.

We hope to record new material 2012/2013. We’re also working on a live DVD of footage from our St. Pats 2012 show in Providence.

(Shite’n’Onions) What song in you catalog best defines your sound (and why)?
Probably Bully in the Alley. It’s got a lot of energy, it’s a great sing-along and I never get tired of playing it.

(Shite’n’Onions) Soapbox – anything you’d like to say?
Sea Shanties are a New England folk tradition; they are songs of work and celebration. I’m happy that SCC has had the opportunity to play these songs to people who would have not normally had the opportunity to hear them.