Three Day Threshold – Good Country Gone Terribly, Terribly Bad

(S’n’O) So who are Three Day Threshold?

Kier Byrnes Three Day Threshold was formed in 1996 when I moved down from New Hampshire to the city. Over the years, we’ve gone through some lineup changes as well as musical changes. We wobble back and forth between Celtic, Country, Americana, Gypsy and Punk, depending on who’s playing and how we are feeling that day. We have been gigging 50-100 gigs a year since then. Last month, The Noise Magazine (New England’s oldest running music magazine) called us the longest running active local band. We plan to drop down to about 30 shows this year though.

(S’n’O) What inspired the formation of the band?

Kier Byrnes I just saw a need for it, for myself creatively to get out the songs I had stuck in my head and because at the time I didn’t see a whole lot of people out there doing what I wanted to do.

(S’n’O) Describe your sound (and influences)?

Kier Byrnes I’m heavily influenced by my travels. I’ve been lucky enough to make it to 48 of the 50 states and about 19 countries internationally. Everywhere I go I’d like to think I pick something up.

(S’n’O) What going on with the band right now (recording, touring etc)?

Kier Byrnes Ha, that’s tough to say. It’s a rebuilding year for the band; we are writing new tunes and exploring different musical collaborations. I got a lot of stuff going on outside of music, like a wife and a baby on the way too. That one is a biggie. Totally changes the way you think.

(S’n’O) What song in you catalog best defines your sound (and why)?
“My Favorite Titty Bar” is a new one we really like a lot reflecting some of the new styles of the band.

Kier Byrnes “Pub with No Beer” is a great blend of high energy Celtic rock and it’s a song we like to end our sets with; especially at last call.

(S’n’O) Soapbox – anything you’d like to say?
Nah, short and sweet, today. Thanks for thinking of us and good luck!