Sharks Come Cruisin offers Digital Catalog to Benefit NYC’s South Street Seaport Museum

Sharks Come Cruisin offers digital catalog for $20 donation to NYC South Street Seaport Museum clean-up effort after Hurricane Sandy. To donate, please visit: store. Offer ends 11/30/12.

Message from the Sharks Come Cruisin website:

The area around NYC’s South Street Seaport has been hit particularly hard by the storm surge from Hurricane Sandy. Many of you have personal connections to The Seaport, as do we, and this news hurts our hearts. We want to help the Seaport and contribute to the clean-up and rebuilding effort.

For those who don’t know, Erica, our melodica player, began her tall ship sailing career as a volunteer on the Pioneer and then a deckhand on the Lettie G. Howard in 1997.

Erica’s message –
As a child growing up in NYC, South Street Seaport was a much loved destination and those experiences led directly to my desire to become a sailor as an adult. The connections I made at the Seaport have become life-long friendships, and many of those friends have since become an important part of the community of the band as well. This community, which is now spread all over the country, will always be family to me, and I will always be able to trace that network back to my seaport days.

We had already been planning to offer our entire digital catalog as a package to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of Sharks Come Cruisin. Now we’ve decided that all proceeds from this digital package will go to help rebuild the Seaport.

This package is only available for the month of November. For a suggested donation of $20, you will receive digital download codes for:
– Hardtack EP
– A Past We Forget That We Need To Know
– The Providence Piers Sessions
– Four Years before the Mast
– Live at Jakes

For those of you who prefer something more tangible than a download code, a $30 donation will get you a limited (updated) re-production of the first SCC T-Shirt design (the “We’ll Rant and Roar We’ll Roar” Shirt) updated for our South Street Friends