Across The Border: Folkpunk Airraid

Across The Border, from the Karlsruhe area of Germany are one of Celtic-punks longest running groups releasing at least seven albums and E.P.s. I believe the band’s history goes back to 1991 which puts them into the same vintage bracket as The Mahones and Black 47 though unlike these two acts, FOLKPUNK AIRRAID, is the first album I’ve really heard from this band. What I’m hearing is energetic Celtic-folk-punk reminiscent of fellow Germans, FIDDLERS GREEN, and strong influences by THE POGUES and THE CLASH (obviously). Every track on FOLKPUNK AIRRAID is a winner but I need to highlight, AWAY, a tribute to THE CLASH, the full throttle, MARRY ME OR BURY ME and the BLACK 47 sounding, WHAT IF MEN. My big reservation is the vocals that just don’t do it for me – I can’t put my finger on it, maybe the accent but then again after 20 years together I’m sure they don’t give a shite if I like the vocals or not.