SIR REG: 21st Century Loser

21st Century Loser is the 3rd full length release from Swedish-Irish Celtic-punk band SIR REG. And as with the prior two releases from Sir Reg, 21st Century Loser is 12 tracks of first class, balls to the wall Celtic-punk. Dublin born Brendan Sheehy fronts the band and his singing voice is more than a little similar to fellow Dub, Dave King of Flogging Molly. What sets SIR REG apart from the Celtpunk masses is the authenticity of the subject matter of the bands lyrics that deal with the current state of the Irish economy and the greed of the Celtic Tiger era that caused the implosion of the country and the band don’t pull any punches as to who’ fault it is for the whole bag’o’shite.

01. Emigrate
02. Raise your Hand
03. ‘Til the Dead Come Alive
04. At the End of the World
05. Walking into Doors
06. Banquet for Dreamers
07. 21st Century Loser
08. Live for Today
09. City of Tragedy
10. All that Remains
11. We’ll Rise Again
12. 21st Century Loser pt. 2