Tom McSod: Caution Wet Floor

Tom McSod is better known as front man for Indianan’s The Staggerers who put out the excellent Year of The Bastard a few years back (and some of you may remember Tom from the near legendary The Sods from the early days of the scene). Caution Wet Floor is described by Tom as “Janitor punk” which to me sounds like a lo-fi, growling Johnny Cash or Hank Williams gargling nails or even Tom Waits at his junk best – acoustic Americana. Its rawness drips of authenticity.

Workin’ Class Squatter
Gunfire Last
Dead & Gone
Dirty Ol’ Randall
Wearin’ Rags
How You Look (When You Lie)
Wealthy Man’s God
Homeward Bound (Again)
Throwin’ Rocks
I’ll Love You ‘Til I Don’t
Caution Wet Floor