The Fatty Farmers: Refarmatory

Ireland and Spain have long interconnected history’s going back tens of thousands of years. The Iberian peninsula was the staging ground for various waves of early settlers to Ireland through the Celts and onto the middle ages when trade ties were very strong with the West of Ireland – where do you think the “Black Irish” come from? In later years the Kings of Spain supported the Irish cause and the Earls took flight to Spain and even in the 20th Century the Spanish civil war attracted Irish volunteers on both sides.

So its not that strange to be listening to a Celtic punk outfit from Toledo, Spain. Refarmatory is the second full length for The Fatty Farmers and its good and sometimes its very good. The two bands that come to mind listening to Refarmatory are Flogging Molly and especially Norway’s Greenland WhaleFishers. Loads of strong Celtic instrumentation and melodies played at full throttle but never losing the essence of the sound to the speed and energy of the playing. Check out Next Sunday We´ll Be Back Again…….