McDermott’s 2 Hours: Anticlockwise – A Compilation wonderful McDermott’s 2 Hours have a “Best of” album out this week. I could say lot’s of great things ’bout this band but I’ll leave that to their press guy.

Anticlockwise – A Compilation (Digital release, 20th October 2013 on OTF Recordings)

Nick Burbridge, the mastermind behind legendary Brighton-based folk-punk-poetry pioneers McDermott’s 2 Hours has announced an extensive partnership with the Levellers’ On The Fiddle Recordings. In celebration, the McDermott’s back catalogue will be released digitally via iTunes and Spotify for the first time, alongside new material.

Nick has also signed past and future songwriting to Levellers’ On The Fiddle Publishing.

This marks the climax to a long and fruitful association between Nick, McDermott’s, and The Levellers dating back over twenty years, from the time the latter put out a CD version of the original 1989 vinyl classic, The Enemy Within – through several collaborations and other recordings – to Besieged, an album former Levellers and June Tabor/Oysterband producer, Al Scott, is busy arranging and producing, which will emerge early in 2014.

Their pre-existing two decade old musical relationship has previously seen Nick’s songs covered by The Levellers themselves, notably ‘Dirty Davey’ and ‘Prisoner’, as well as All Kinds of Disorder, a highly original set of compositions that Levellers fiddle player Jon Sevink came up with to accompany Nick’s reading of his own poetry.

Anticlockwise, a fourteen-track compilation that charts McDermott’s long musical history from The Enemy Within to the forthcoming Besieged, will be released on 20th October 2013. It includes tracks from their three collaborative albums alongside other previously unreleased works.

The selection was made to highlight McDermotts’ dynamism as a full band, while featuring acoustic tracks, to give the first-time listener a powerful and lasting impression of their versatility, and the seasoned enthusiast a single recording that best exemplifies the endeavors of the many different musicians involved over the years.

All those tempted to explore or rediscover the source albums will then be able to find them in digital form, along with the highly acclaimed 2012 acoustic album, Gathered, made with multi-instrumentalist and producer Tim Cotterell.

As the 2013 Spiral Earth Awards Best Songwriter – an award Nick won convincingly, despite obstinately remaining on the fringe of the music industry and, for the most part, eschewing live performances through a combination of ongoing mental disorder and unceasing work in other forms (he has been published or produced as a novelist, playwright, poet, short story writer and journalist) – he continues to compose songs prolifically, and these will now be part of the ongoing On The Fiddle publishing deal.

After so many years crossing paths, this seems a fitting trail to take now, on both sides.