Black 47: Last Call

As you know Black 47 plan to hang up their Green Suede show in November 2014, exactly 25 years after their first gig. But before then they are planning to record an new album – Last Call. The album is being funded via pledge music – see Larry’s note below on how to get involved.

Join us as we make our final album, Last Call! Get exclusive songs, videos, pictures + more Hi: As you probably know Black 47 will disband in November 2014 exactly 25 years after our first gig. What a long, strange and amazing trip – from the bars of the Bronx to Leno, Letterman and O’Brien. From Paddy Reilly’s Pub to Farm Aid with Neil Young and Johnny Cash.

But none of it would have been possible without you – our friends and fans who stuck with us through thick and thin. As you know, Black 47 has always been more than a band. We’ve fought to get political prisoners out of jail, keep immigrant churches open and be a voice for the voiceless – Irish and otherwise.

We could have run down the clock but instead we decided to record a new album, Last Call. It’s celebratory, full of passion, and audiences are already singing along. It’s got a whole new cast of Black 47 characters, including Salsa O’Keefe, Shotsie Murphy, Legsy Malone, Culchie Prince, Dublin Brasser, Filipino Sister along with a ballad for Brendan Behan and a song for the lost Irish sent as slaves to Jamaica by Oliver Cromwell.

As you can imagine, this will be a very meaningful album for us and we’d love for you to play a part in the making of it! We’ve teamed up with PledgeMusic to make this happen. You can pre-order a copy of Last Call and be well ahead of the general public. There are many more items and experiences listed on the other side of the page that you can pledge for, including an opportunity to sing with us on Shanty Irish Baby, or get a signed copy of the original lyrics. Our initial goal will cover recording costs. Anything raised after that will help with promotion and touring, with 10% going to National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. Note that everyone who pledges will get a digital download of the album once its ready to be released.

Everyone who gets involved will have their name permanently engraved on a Last Call Comrades page at You’ll also get access to a special ‘pledger only’ part of this site where we’ll share music, pictures and videos from the recording with you. We begin tracking on November 5th and hope to release the album in late January 2014.

Whatever way you care to get involved will be deeply appreciated – just as we’ve valued your support down all the crazy days since 1989. Thanks so much and take care of yourselves, okay? See you at a gig over the next year. All the best.

Larry Kirwan

Black 47