Podcast #77 – Best of 2013 (part 1) and more

Podcast#77 features in no particular order a selection of tracks from our 2013 best of list plus new music from The Mahones and Captain Jack´s Army

The Kidney Stones – Drunk N’ Hungry (Tales & Anecdotes)
Tin Can Hooley – Johnson’s Motorcar (Racket In The Parlor)
McDermotts 2 Hours – Dirty Davey (Anticlockwise)
The Kidney Stones – Zombie Love (Tales & Anecdotes)
McDermotts 2 Hours – Fox On The Run (Anticlockwise)
Bastards on Parade – Outcasts (Empty bottles & broken things)
The Tossers – Emerald City (Emerald City)
Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers – 5 Weeks 5 Days
Bastards on Parade – Shallow waters (Empty bottles & broken things)
Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers – Pope Of The Windy City
The Tossers – Johnny Mcguire’s Wake (Emerald City)
Tin Can Hooley – John Ryan’s Polka / The Wild Colonial Boy (Racket In The Parlor)
Fiddler’s Green – A Night In Dublin (Winners & Boozers)
Fiddler’s Green – Buccaneer (Winners & Boozers)
Captain Jack´s Army – Devil´s Eye (EP)
Captain Jack´s Army – Royal Arms (EP)
The Mahones – Shakespeare Road (A Great Night On The Lash (Live in Italy)!)
The Mahones – Celtic Pride / Drunken Lazy Bastard / Teenage Kicks (Live) (A Great Night On The Lash (Live in Italy)!)