The Tosspints give away track for St. Paddy’s Day

In celebration of St. Patricks day, The Tosspints are offering their new track “Pirates Life” for free via stream or download. This exclusive and previously unreleased track is an original song from the Michigan based Celtic-Punk trio, and is a sneak preview of their upcoming follow up record to last year’s “Have You Been Drinking?”. “It’s a really fun track, with a great little nautical story about two different guys paths into piracy.” Don Zuzula, guitarist and singer of the band said “We had such a great year in 2013, we wanted to thank our fans and friends with some free music”.

Download available through March 17!

The Tosspints’ style of music has been influenced by 3 lifetimes of living through the school of hard knocks, brought to bear from war, loss, degradation, and hard drinking. A band created entirely by a family who has had to make it through life the hard way and use their experience to create songs about the more distressed side of being human.

Made up of brothers Don Zuzula (guitar, vocals), a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and younger brother and Zak Zuzula (bass, vocals), a history teacher, along with drummer John Johnson, they draw from their world experience and working class upbringing in the rust belt city of Saginaw Michigan for their poetically dark yet uptempo songs.