Blood or Whiskey: Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil

Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil is Blood or Whiskey’s first full length album in eight years. The band have been though a hell of a time over the last few years with the tragic deaths of tin whistle player Alan Confrey and former banjo player Paul Walshe  as well  is the serious illness (though now thankfully in remission) of vocalist Duggs and some record label shit if that was not enough. Lesser bands would have folded but not Blood or Whiskey.

Honestly if BorW made a crap album I’d be happy ‘cos they were just still around. Fortunately not only am I happy they made another album they made another great album. Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil follows in the vein of the last Blood or Whiskey album Cashed Out On Culture with the much harder, punkier sound then their legendary debut and it’s follow-up No Time To Explain. These bhoys are pissed off and they are not taking any shite, but if that was not enough the band have incorporated their love of Ska which they hinted at in Rudy but now have gone the whole hog with added horns and the like – Celtic-punk with a big P meets The Specials or even The Mighty Might Paddy-Tones.

Pissed and angry but still a party. Its great to have’em back.