The Pokes: Mayday

Mayday is the fourth album by Berlin based Pokes as they continue on in their quest to be the worlds greatest Polka-punk band. Loads of growling vocals and heavy on the accordion (polka style). Mayday is a nice balance of attitude, humor and strong German beer. Bitch-Cow-Darling must be a contender for love song of the year. In all a very enjoyable album. God Save the Pokes, Indeed!

1. God Save The Pokes
2. Bottoms Up
3. Mayday
4. Get Me Out Of This
5. Countryside
6. Bitch-Cow-Darling
7. I Wish
8. Yesterdayman
9. Skip This Song
10. What I Don’t Know
11. Touch Me
12. Brooding
13. Neverending
14. Yesterdayman Koma