Shite’n’Onions Podcast #82 – Pirates, Highwaymen and Gangsters

Thought we’d do a podcast dedicated to the proud musical tradition of the Irish and Irish-American outlaw.

Brennan on the Moore: Pat Chessell

Brennan was an highwayman from Cork who was hung around 1812. Sold out by a lady friend. The Clancy Brothers made Brennan on the Moore famous and ironically Bob Dylan stole it an turned it it into “Ramblin’ Gamblin Willie”









Whiskey in the Jar: The Bearded Bastard Irishmen

Maybe the most famous Irish ballad ever with roots going back to the 1600s. The Dubliners brought it in to the modern era but it is most associated with Thin Lizzy (despite the fact some Metallica fans think it was written by Lars). Like Brennan the unnamed highwayman was sold out by a scorned woman. So beware, if you plan to make a career robbing stage coaches, don’t trust the molls.












Grace O’Malley: The Dreadnoughts

Despite sounding like the name of a SNL catholic school girl, Grace was the most fearsome pirate of the 1500s. So ferocious the even Queen Elizabeth paid tribute to her.













Newry Highwayman: The Kissers

A highwayman looks back on his life with out remorse before he has his neck stretched on Stephens Green.


Five Points: Black 47

Seen The Gangs of New York? That was the FIve Points.

The Five Points










The Legend Of Money Malone: Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers

5-12 Marovitz 26.jpg





Gangster and politicians in the Windy City are often one and the same.

Legs Diamond: The Great Western Squares

NYC gangster, bootlegger and inspiration for the name of a doggy metal band.









Animal Gang Blues: Trouble Pilgrims

Dublin street gang of the 1930s.The picture is of the infamous Lugs Brannigan of the Garda riot squad who dealt out street justice.










RTE documentary on the Animal Gang

Honour of the Gael: The BibleCodeSundays

Written by BCS for a movie about the Irish-American gangsters of Charlestown, MA. The movie was never made but there are more then a couple of movies floating around about the townies.

__480_322_MDC Police 5









Robin Hood of Collinwood: Mary’s Lane

Danny Greene, the Irish man the mod could not kill (until they killed him). In death he lives on as a beer and an old skool hardcore band.















Whitey: The BibleCodeSundays

No introduction needed here. The bio-picture coming soon to a movie theater near you (though I doubt the will be a Whitey beer anytime soon)












Sawney Bean: Junkman’s Choir

A clan of Scottish cannibals. The story of ’em scared the shite out of me as a child.