Men They Couldn’t Hang – ‘Devil On The Wind’

‘Devil On The Wind’ is now finished and will shortly be winging its way to the factory. The track listing is as follows:

  • Devil on the Wind
  • The Ragged Shoreline
  • Beast of Brechfa
  • Mrs Avery
  • Reservoir
  • Overseas
  • Heartbreak Park
  • Aquamarine
  • Real Rain
  • Hard To Find
  • The Lost World

The Album is released to UK retailers on June 1st on Irregular Records and distributed by Proper Music Distribution .

One thought on “Men They Couldn’t Hang – ‘Devil On The Wind’

  1. If you want to be sure to recive a copy as soon as it\’s available you should pre-order from your local record store now(just state that Label is Irregular Records, Catalogue number is IRR 069, distributed by Proper). Pre-ordering the album is the best thing for everyone and really helps to convince the record stores to stock great CD\’s like this.

    If you want to order with just a few mouse clicks, the CD is available to purchase in advance from at least 6 online retailers so far. Again, the more pre-orders they recieve the more likely they are to stock CD\’s that kick-back against the mainstream so, what are you waiting for? Get clicking…

    Townsend Records

    System Records



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