The Pourmen: Too Old to Die Young

The Pourmen as displayed on their debut full-length CD are best described as the musical equivalent of a bunch of hedonistic, lapsed-Catholic, Dorchester-Irish cowboys and whalefisher men, pissed on cheap whiskey and hired as the house band for the baddest dive bar in New Bedford. Punk, Irish, Sea-shanties, outlaw country and Americana – the sound track to that nights barroom brawl. Highlights include pretty much everything on the CD but especially Whaling City, What Did I Drink Last Night? and a really great cover Jackdaw’s Molly

Track listing:
1. Hellbound
2. Too Old to Die Young
3. What Did I Drink Last Night?
4. Ain’t All Irish
5. Free Born Man
6. Whiskey
7. Irish Girl
8. Waiting on a Train
9. Love Song
10. Cabin Fever Time
11. Whaling City
12. Molly
13. I’ll Fly Away