The Galway Hooker Band: Hooker Style

Not to be confused with New Hampshire’s The Galway Hook or a type of boat once common on the west coast of Ireland is The Galway Hooker Band. Only formed just over a year ago, “Hooker Style” is their 1st release from the Southern California based band. Most of songs presented here are interpretations of stuff by either Flogging Molly or The Pogues or older traditional. So what do these interpretations sound like? Imagine Paul Sr. from Orange County Choppers was fronting The Pogues – like that! Loud, aggressive and growling. And I bet they all own big bikes (especially the drummer Jacifer who must own a shit assed huge hog.)

One thought on “The Galway Hooker Band: Hooker Style

  1. I think they really bring something fresh to Irish rock. There show are high energy and the crowd has a good time. I got the CD there is an orig tune and they play a few of there own at shows. I give um an 8 Dick…

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