Neck: Come Out Fighting

Anyone who’s been a long time reader of S’n’O will know that we here at Shite’n’Onions towers have been long time fans of the London based underdogs. In fact we nicked our bloody name from a Neck instrumental. So it’s with confidence we can say that not only is “Come Out Fighting” Neck’s best to date but it’s also one of the best Celtic-punk releases ever! In fact I could argue that both the band Neck and release “Come Out Fighting” defines what Celtic-punk is. Neck are rooted with one foot in Celtic music and one foot in punk unlike any other group. The attitude is punk, the guitars are strung with razor wire and so feckin incredibly loud!!!!!!!!! the band is steeped at the same time in traditional music – this isn’t a case of a band looking up the Clancy Brother on iTunes for material – this stuff is in their blood. If you’ve never heard Celtic Punk before and wonder what the fuss is about then there isn’t a better introduction then  “Come Out Fighting” (and oh yeah Pat Collier did an amazing job on the production)

One thought on “Neck: Come Out Fighting

  1. I agree.This is a great album.Got it a few weeks ago through a seller in the USA on Amazon(I didn’t want to wait till it’s US release in March).I have all their other CD’s which I downloaded from Amazon.Everyone should check these guys out.And Leeson is a cool guy.I’ve sent them messages on myspace and he’s answered me every time himself.

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