Shite’n’Onions podcast#40: Featuring the new album from The Bloody Irish Boys, Auld St Patrick.

The Bloody Irish Boys – Back Where We Belong – Auld St Patrick
The Bloody Irish Boys – Going Back To Ireland – Auld St Patrick
Farley’s Fury – Common Ground – Purgatory, Quebec
Drunken Dru – The Road – Saint Henri
The Bloody Irish Boys – The Pirate Song – Auld St Patrick
The Fisticuffs – Paddys NNA – You’ll Not Take Us Alive
The Radiators – Million Dollar Hero – Alive, Alive 0
The Bloody Irish Boys – Auld St Patrick – Auld St Patrick
Bastards on Parade – 3,300 Miles Of Cider – Tales From The Death Shore
The Canny Brothers Band – Óró Sé Do Bheatha ‘Bhaile – One Drop of Whiskey

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Drunken Dru: Saint Henri

Drunken Dru are a maritime/punk/Celtic/metal and folk outfit outta of Montreal Quebec and are part of the extended Mahones / Peelers family. Sean “Riot” Ryan of the Mahones plays guitar here.

“Saint Henri”, Drunken Dru’s third full length – and first as a non one-man band – is a proudly DIY affair – trashy, fast folk-punk, with more of a punkie emphasis. The band that comes to mind for the “sounds like” comparison is The Filthy Thieving Bastards (or even the $wingin’ Utter$….you get me drift)

Highlights include the Irish/maritime “Heading for a Halifax” and the neck breaking “The way you ride”

A nice find. Recommended.