Shite’n’Onions Podcast #107

01 Hit The Bottle Boys – Bottle of Smoke

02 The Tossers – Katie At The Races

03 Kilmaine Saints – Long Shot Nag

04 Fiddler’s Green – Sporting Day

05 Kilmaine Saints – Ride Like Hell

06 Bill Grogan’s Goat – The Galway Races

07 The Mickey Finn – A Jig For Sporting Paddy

08 The Tossers – Leopardstown Races

09 Shambolics – Riot on Race Day

10 The Mickey Finn – Ride On

11 Jug’o’punch – A Fiver On The Horses

12 The Wild Irish Roses – Galway Races

Fiddler’s Green at PINKPOP Festival Netherlands 2015

Pretty cool…

Fiddler’s Green: Winners and Boozers

Winners and Boozers is the mighty new album from Fiddler’s Green. 16 tracks in all of party Celtic-punk spiced up with European polka and songs of the seas – Rum and Irish Whiskey and the finest German larger. Loads a energy here, mixed with the occasional downtime to nurse a massive hangover (the slow stuff). There’s not a bad tack on Winners and Boozers which is quite an achievement for any band 23 years on the go. If I have to mention any particular tracks for highlights it would be the Celtic punk-ish Old Dun Cow and A Night in Dublin and the sea-fairing Old Polina and Buccaneer (done in a style that reminds me of Canada’s The Town Pants) and the epic Into The Sunset Again.

Fiddlers Green: WINNERS & BOOZERS

Germany’s Fiddlers Green released their album WINNERS & BOOZERS on July 26th. We have the new video from the album and the studio video report. A review to follow.

Shite’n’Onions Podcast#52 – St. Patrick’s Day #1

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from us here at Shite’n’Onions. On podcast #52 we got plenty of standards both old and new.

Neck – Every Day’s St Patrick’s Day
Big Bad Bollocks – Guinness
The Gobshites – I Only Drink Stout
Blaggard – Bog Songs
Blood Or Whiskey – Follow Me up to Carlow-Holt’s Way
Lexington Field – Galway Bay
Circle J – Marry Mcqueen
The Rumjacks – I’ll Tell Me Ma!
Black 47 – Vinegar Hill
The Skels – Young Roddy McCorley -Kelly the Boy from Killan
The Porters – The Rising Of The Moon
Auld Corn Brigade – Sean South from Garryowen
Smokey Bastards – My Son John
The Mahones – Give It All Ya Got (Or Forget About It)
Fiddler’s Green – Highland Road
Nogoodnix – Muirsheen Durkin
The Mighty Regis – Paddy Don’t Live In Hollywood
Devil’s Advocates – The Ones Behind the Wire
Luke Kelly – A Nation Once Again

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Podcast #6

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Congratulations to Fiddlers Green

Congratulation to Fiddlers Green for breaking into the German album charts (an impressive 52). It only took ’em 19 years!

Fiddlers Green – New Video

German Irish Speedfolk Band FIDDLER’S GREEN have a new video for your viewing pleasure:

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