Various ‎– Raise Your Pints Vol.2 (MacSlon’s Irish Pub Radio)

Tracks on compilation albums are like friends. You can find good friends like Sir Reg, Greenland Whalefishers and The Go Set. There are friends you have lost touch with and need to reconnect with – The Porters, The Killigans and Kilkenny Knights. Friends that you need to get to know better – Mickey Rickshaw and Hoist the Colors and of course friends that you haven’t met until now. Raise Your Pints – Vol.2 is a very good compilation and if you want to know what is going on in the European scene the MacSlon is the man.

Tracks list:

1 The Rogues from County Hell – MacSlon’s
2 The Cloves and the Tobacco – Too Much Trouble
3 Kilkenny Knights – Mick Watson
4 Irish Stew Of Sindidun – One Way Ticket
5 The Killigans – From The Underground
6 The Mullins – 9 To 5
7 The Go Set – Holdfast
8 The O’Reillys & The Paddyhats – Sign Of The Fighter
9 Billy Treacy – Temple Bar
10 Sir Reg – All Saints’ Day
11 Hoist The Colours – Mourners
12 Mickey Rickshaw – Nonprofit Warfare
13 Uncle Bard & The Dirty Bastards – I Only Got One Pint
14 Paddy and the Rats – Lonely Hearts’ Boulevard
15 BalticSeaChild – Fool In The Rain
16 Drink Hunters – Celtic Punks
17 Airs & Graces – 4 Corners
18 The Moorings – Drink Up Fast
19 The Porters – Son Of This Town
20 The Clan – Horns Up And Fight
21 Greenland Whalefishers – The Letter

Best of 2015: Podcast

Here’s the podcast of our best of 2015 list.

Celkilt: On The Table

On the Table

The Tosspints: The Privateer

Marching On

Circle J: Year of the Goat

The ones we left behind

Larkin: A Toast to St. Jude

Wages of Sin

Continental: Millionaires

Fun Fun Fun

Trouble Pilgrims

Instant Polaroid

Ferocious Dog: From Without


Gallows Justice

Slow Motion Suicide

Pete Berwick: The Legend of Tyler Doohan


The Legend of Tyler Doohan

Keep your socks on and don’t look down

Greenland Whalefishers: The Thirsty Cave


20 Years of Waiting


The Rumjacks: Sober and Godless


Blows & Unkind Words

Sober & Godless

The Mahones: The Hunger & The Fight (part two)


Riot Tonight

Punk Rock Saved My Life

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The Best of 2015

And now for the only list that matters….

The Top Five:

#1 The Mahones: The Hunger & The Fight (part two)


#2 The Rumjacks: Sober and Godless


#3 Greenland Whalefishers: The Thirsty Cave


#4 Pete Berwick: The Legend of Tyler Doohan


#5 Ferocious Dog: From Without


The Best of the Rest (in no particular order):

Celkilt: On The Table


Larkin: A Toast to St. Jude

St. Jude

 The Tosspints: The Privateer


Circle J: Year of the Goat


Continental: Millionaires


Special Shout Out to:

Trouble Pilgrims: Instant Polaroid (The Man On The Bridge)

Trouble Pilgrims - Instant Polaroid -The Single- - cover

Greenland Whalefishers: The Thirsty Cave

Hail, hail the might Whalefishers. Twenty one years on the go and Arvid Grov and his band of merry Vikings are still pouring out the finest Celtic-punk this side of the Pogues from the darkest Thirsty Cave that Bergen has to offer. One thing that has always struck me about the Greenland Whalefishers is their incredible sense of Celtic melody, a Celtic orchestration in the vein of Sean O’Riada, that blends in so well with their Ramones influenced punk. If your new to the Celtic punk then I urge you to check out Thirsty Cave and if you’ve been knocking around awhile you know what to do.








Greenland Whalefishers – 20 Years Of Waiting

Good news for anyone who wasn’t able to get their paws on Greenland Whalefishers – 20 Years Of Waiting DVD. Greenland Whalefishers have now made the full 90 minute documentary available on youtube.

The best of 2014


Running a little late with the list but whatever, great music doesn’t go stale. So without further adieu.

The top five:

#1 The Mahones: The Hunger & The Fight (Part 1)


Twenty five years on and more tour miles driven then the rest of the entire Celtic-punk scene combined, The Mahones on The Hunger & The Fight still have the enthusiasm of a band in the studio for the first time (but thankfully the 25 years and many albums under their belt studio experience).

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#2 Whiskey of the Damned: Monsters are Real whiskey of the damned  

I’ll go out on a limb and say McCarthy has the finest voice in Celtic-punk (and that includes Dave King), maybe Van the Moan threw in a few vocal lessons to boot. Of course a good voice won’t do it alone, the band are tight as f#*k, loud and fast and the songs first class and while still fast and trashy


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#3 Blood or Whiskey: Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil bow

Pissed and angry but still a party. Its great to have’em back.








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#3 Kilkenny Knights: Brady’s Pub Tales download

Honestly not a bad song over the entire almost hour of music and more then a few that could wake the dead and induce them into jig.






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#5 (joint) Black 47: Last Call

#5 (joint) Black 47: Rise Up – The Political Songs B4716CD_lg                   Black 47 Last Call

Black 47 hung up their green suede shoes in November, 2014 after 25 years of hard jigging and gigging. Two albums were released in 2014; Last Call, their final original album, full of fresh and originals ideas and, Rise Up – The Political Songs, a collection of, well, political songs as a reminder of how good this band was.










Rise Up – Read the full review here

Last Call – Read the full review here


The best of the rest (in no particular order):


The Pourmen: Too Old to Die Young









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Finnegan’s Hell: Drunk, Sick And Blue









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Craic: Amongst the Mischief and Malarkey


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Wages of Sin: Queensbury Rules









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Bastard Bearded Irishmen: Rise of the Bastard









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The Biblecode Sundays: Live Near Abbey Road (Park Royal)









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Bodh’aktan: Against Winds and Tides









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Best of ballads and folk:


Irish Whispa: Irish Whispa









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The Canny Brothers Band: The Guinness Situation









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Hugh Morrison: Scotland is Free










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The Fenian Sons: 617

FSons_Front Cover









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Punk rock shout out

The Hex Bombs: Everything Earned










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Greenland Whalefishers: 20 Years Of Waiting (DVD)












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And a very special shout out.

Radiators from Space: Sound City Beat


Greenland Whalefishers: 20 Years Of Waiting (DVD)

The is something very special about Greenland Whalefishers for me, it’s not just the great music, the great songs and the unbridled enthusiasm that is just as infectious in 2014 as it was in 2004 and 1994 but it that GWFs are the band that made me realize that this whole Celtic-punk thing was a real musical scene and not the product of our American and UK cousins getting musical revenge on their Irish parents for inflicting upon them The Dubliner and The Clancy Brothers in their formative years.

Here is a band from Bergen, Norway with a love of Thin Lizzy, The Waterboys and of course The Pogues (where main-man Arvid’s vocals sound more like the great man’s then the great man has sounded in years). GWF play great Celtic-folk-punk purely for the love of the music. I’m not sure how I first came to hear of GWF but I do remember downloading some tracks that were hosted on a free mp3 punksite and being so impressed that I wrote to them and duly received a copy of their debut Mainstreet Sword to impress me further. Lobville the next album was my album of the year in 2002(2) and still is one of my favorite Celtic-punk albums ever!

20 Year A Waiting is a DVD documentary of the band which combines the history of the band through interviews with various members, fan’s and friends of the band telling the story of how a Celtic-punk band from Norway went from playing small Irish bars in Bergen to becoming festival favorites in Eastern Europe and touring Japan and America. The DVD while a DIY effort (produced by bass player Atle-Hjørn) still has a high almost professional quality. The interviews are in-depth and there is a ton of great archive footage including lots of doggy material from pre GWF bands and a great shot of drummer Ørjan in his Black Metal days and of course the great music that flows through constantly. For the fan like me this is a wonderful viewing experience though as an introduction I’d say start with Loboville and Songs from the Bunker and Down & Out then do the DVD.

Greenland Whalefishers celebrate 20 years with a DVD

One of Celtic-punks best and longest running bands – GREENLAND WHALEFISHERS celebrates 20 years together as a band in 2014 and in honor of that fact they are producing a documentary DVD of the bands story “20 YEARS OF WAITING – maybe the first Celtic-punk documentary. The DVD is slated to be released in St. Patrick’s day (of course). We will have a copy here soon and will post a review pronto. Personally, I very excited to see this as I’ve been thinking a good Celtic-punk bio/documentary is long over due (then again I’ve always been a sucker for VH1s Behind The Music).

More details on the bands web page though in the mean time check out the sampler.

Displaying CoverFront.jpg

Greenland Whalefishers: Live At Farmer Phil’s Festival

Norway’s Greenland Whalefishers are one of Celtic-punks longest running and consistently great bands and while they are very much routed in the sounds of The Pogues (right down to Arvid’s out MacGowning MacGowan’s vocals) though with a nod to both ’77 and current punk influences.

Live At Farmer Phil’s Festival is a no frills, in the raw recording of the GWFs set at the quirky Farmer Phil’s Festival in the UK and it really capture the power of the GWFs live set that has bashed heads from Poland to California and Japan and is now bashing heads on vinyl. The vinyl package is classy, high quality, blue wax including tons of photos on the inner sleeve – buy it before its gone, it will be a collectors item shortly.

1. 4 Season Song
2. Hit the Ground
3. Waiting
4. I Just Saw You
5. I Am Roving
6. July Morning
7. Rich Holder At Thorp Arch
8. Backup Man
9. Limp Jos Story
10. Loboville
11. The Wild Rover

Greenland Whalefisher – Farmer Phil’s Festival 2010 – Live Album

The might Greenland Whalefishers have a new live album out on glorious blue vinyl (and as an iTunes download for you lesser cool kids) – “Live At Farmer Phil’s Festival” – recorded in 2010 at England’s quirky Farmer Phil’s Festival.

More details at: