Meisce: Spirits and Spectres

Seattle’s Meisce may have called it a day as of May but they have left us their swansong in the form of their 17 track final release “Spirits and Spectres” a collection of previously unreleased tracks and two tracks from the “Bored of the Dance “single from a while ago. Meisce play crusty folk punk mixing Celtic, Gypsy, and Klezmer and they do (did) it very well as evidenced on “Spirits and Spectres”. That said if the band had sent me a blank mangled c-60 cassette I’d still have given “Spirits and Spectres” high marks just for having a song titled “The Death of Michael Flatley” – feckin classic!

We’ll hang him from the highest tree
And break both of his fucking knees!
Drag the bastard through the rain
And kick him in the face again!

Great stuff indeed and a band that will be missed.

Meisce 2012-2013 RIP

Seattle’s Meisce are calling it quits. Two final shows have been announced:
5.10 – PDX @ Backspace with Mischief Brew, Dirty Kid Discount, Rum Rebellion – all ages/21+
5.11 – Seattle @ Highline Bar with Mischief Brew, Murmurs, tba – 21+

Thanks for the music guys.


2008 Top 10 CDs

2008 Top 10 CDs

1. The Pogues – Just Look ‘em Straight in the Eye and Say “Pogue Mahone!” (Joint)

Sure it’s a comp., but it’s 5 feckin disks of stuff you’ve never heard – well worth the high sticker price.

1. The Go Set – The Rising (Joint)

The perfect combination of the rawness of the 1st CD and the maturity of 2 & 3.

2. The Tossers – On A Fine Spring Evening

More genius from The Tossers. The most consistant band in the scene.

3. JD and the Longfellows – Happy Hour Again

Offbeat greatness from the thinking mans drinking band.

4. The Wages Of Sin – Gringo Mariachi

The S’n’O message board popular choice.

5. Irish Stew of Sindidun – Dare to Dream

Professor Gommels #1 choice.

6. The Mighty Regis – Another Nickel for the Pope

Best new band of 2008.

7. The Dreadnoughts – Legends Never Die

Siobhan is dead, long live The Dreadnoughts.

8. Black 47 – Iraq

The best B47 release since “Green Suade Shoes” in 1996

9. Meisce – Shipwrecked in a Bottle

10. The Fisticuffs – Neatly Stumblin’ (Joint)

10. The Pubcrawlers – One Too Many Again (Joint)

10. The Porters – Anywhere but home (Joint)

Single of the Year

1. The Currency – 888

Honourable Mentions

In Search of a Rose – Kind Of Green
Corrigan Fest – La Victoire en Chantant
Boiled in Lead – Silver (Led Zeppelin meets Celtic rock)
Mr. Irish Bastard – The Bastard Brotherhood
Dirges – When Laughing got you Killed
The Righs – The Rivers Run Deep
Zydepunks – Finisterre
The Cherry Coke$ – Sail the Pint