Various: Raise Your Pints

Making a mix tape or a comp CD is almost a lost art. Happy to say the art isn’t lost on Nico of MacSlons Irish Pub Radio. An amazing nineteen tracks in all and like all great comps it comes with old friends and a few friends you haven’t met before. Old friends include Kilkenny Knights, Flatfoot 56, The Real McKenzies and The Rumjacks. New friends include The Black Tartan Clan, Rovers Ahead and 1916. Check it out, you’ll too find some new friends.

Full tracklisting:
01. Kilkenny Knights – Raise your Pints
02. Rovers Ahead – Ghost Of Anne Reily
03. The Clan – Paddy‘s Day
04. The O`Reilys & The Paddyhats – Barrels of Whiskey
05. The Black Tartan Clan – Standing Strong
06. Scordisci – Birdie‘s Song
07. Airs & Graces – Troubles
08. The Ramshackle Army – The Fire is burning
09. The Real McKenzies – Catch me
10. Flatfoot 56 – Take Hold again
11. The Ceili Family – Alive
12. The Roughneck Riot – Parasites
13. The Rumjacks – No Pockets in a Shroud
14. Mr. Irish Bastard – Kingdom of the Sun
15. Creeds Cross – The Irish Band
16. In Search of a Rose – If You Got A Pint
17. Smokey Bastard – Archipelago
18. 1916 – For Whiskey
19. Bastards – Drink the City


Mr. Irish Bastard: The World, The Flesh & The Devil

Mr. Irish Bastard from Münster, Germany have the greatest name in all of Celtic-punk. If that name doesn’t get across what Celtic-punk is I don’t know what does. The World, The Flesh & The Devil, the Bastard’s latest full-length is a great example of the genre – fast, punkie and spitting attitude. Obviously Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys are big influences but I also hear the Levellers. Strangely enough I wouldn’t compare Mr. Irish Bastard directly to their German brethren (The Porters, Auld Corn Brigade or Muirsheen Durkin and Friends) but to their Scandinavian cousins such as Greenland Whalefishers, Finnegan’s Hell and especially Sir Reg.

The World, The Flesh & The Devil is a great album with lots of highlights but specifically;

I Hope They Sell Beer In Hell, which is straight outta the Bon Scott school of optimism

The charming Fuck You My Darling

and even a song about me, Ballad of a Work Shy Man




Shite’n’Onions Podcast#54 – Sláinte to Germany

A show dedicated to one of the most fertile countries for Celtic-Punk, Germany of course (and yes I know Jamie Clarke is English but he’s been in Germany so long it makes him German enough)

Fiddler’s Green – Bugger Off
The Porters – Too Many Pints Of Guinness
Jake & The Blades – Hell To Hell
Mr. Irish Bastard – Isn’t It Grand Boys
Jamie Clarke’s Perfect – Beatboys
The Porters – Weila Weila
The Ceili Family – Fall Face First
Auld Corn Brigade – Muirsheen Durkin
The Pokes – High Hopes
Fiddler’s Green – Sports Day Theme
Jamie Clarke`s Perfect – Tobi`s Fall (Orginal If I Should Fall From Grace With God)
Across The Border – Irish Airraid Over Germany

Mr. Irish Bastard is heading for a exclusive Swedish tour!!!

Showdown Booking & Management / K.O.K.S – Music Proudly Presents:

Mr. Irish Bastard – “Never Mind The Bastards – Here`s Mr. Irish Bollocks Tour 2012”

Mr. Irish Bastard is heading for a exclusive Swedish tour, the band will play in the following cities:

May 2012

05.08 Tuesday @ CC-Puben, Gävle

05.09 Wednesday @ Hijazz, Uppsala

05.10 Thursday @ Glada Ankan, Karlstad

05.11 Friday @ Fegens Festival, Göteborg

About the band:
MR. IRISH BASTARD was formed in 2006 by singer Mr. Irish Bastard Himself, bass player Boeuf Strongenuff, banjo player Gran E. Smith and tin whistler Lady Lily. The Levellers, heroes in the world of folk punk, invited the band to support them on their 2006 European tour when they had only recorded one song, “Stupid Bastards”. These days the band tours internationally, and has graced the stage at over 250 venues in 12 countries including China and Japan, performing alongside big-names like The Pogues, New Model Army, Danko Jones, Gaslight Anthem, Ignite and many, many more.