Muirsheen Durkin and Friends: 11 Pints & 3 Shots

Muirsheen Durkin and Friends might be the biggest band in the whole Celtic-punk universe! The Arnsberg, Germany based outfit list an incredible 10 members including two frigging pipers!!! I’ve really enjoyed listening to Muirsheen’s latest full length offering, 11 Pints & 3 Shots, straight ahead, high energy, rowdy Celtic-punk’n’roll with a nice mix of original and traditional – Wild Mountain Thyme and Donald Where’s Your Troosers? from the Scottish traditional, Old Maui, the sea song some of you will know through the Dreadnoughts and the bagpipers favorite, Itchy Fingers. Nice to see a band list the Skels as a influence as well as the more obvious Pogues and The Rumjacks (Botany Bay Reggae is a major nod towards our Aussie friends). Check this out (or oot as they say in Glasga).

Muirsheen Durkin and Friends: Drink With The Irish

Despite the somewhat doggy looking Leprechaun cover and the title of this the latest five track EP from Germany’s  Muirsheen Durkin and Friends, Drink with the Irish is a very, very good release. The first three tracks are dueling bagpipe’n’punk rock originals and as good as anything coming out of the big boys of the scene. I must give a special mention to “The Pogues and Whiskey”, a stunningly great homage to Kings Cross finest. The two covers are Danny Boy and Loch Lomond, both given the Celtic-punk treatment. A great release and well worth tracking down.