Album release announcement:

Howyiz everyone!

Well, at long fe*kin’ last! – We here at Neck Towers are chuffed to announce the final, h-official release date for our début album on Golf Records ‘Come out Fighting!’ (& pretty apt a title it is) & it’s…  –  drum roll, gasps of incredulity & an involuntary orgasm by a far-too over excitable young fella from Sidcup!  –  …  OCTOBER 26th 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are 14 tracks on ‘Come out Fighting!’ – all recorded with legendary Producer, Pat Collier (originally in ’76 Punk Rock legends The Vibrators, Pat made his name producing The Wonderstuff & has since worked with virtually everyone in your record collection – including Lars Friedrikson!).

Pat’s definitely brought out the best in us: it is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best sounding, most powerful album we’ve ever made! He’s given us a new, more focussed, lean & muscular sound – & in depth: There’s the usual range of ‘Up & at ’em’ Impassioned hIrish Punk Rock Polemic, replete with Pop-tastic Harmonies & the fave Neck ‘Now-you’re-moshing-now-you’re-Riverdancing-now-you’re-moshing-again!’ trick; ‘Necked-up’ Traditional Irish rousers, ballads & Jigs; (& even a sh*ggin’ Irish Power Ballad fer Chrissakes!) – just all louder, clearer, more powerful and more ‘swirlier’!

So – on the back of growing live successes over the last few years
(we’re getting approached by more festivals in the USA, Europe & the UK than ever before – resulting in 2 U.S. trips last year; our 6th Glastonbury and Rebellion; & headlining or closing stages at festivals in the UK & Europe now!)
– we’re in the process of putting some dates together to promote the album in the UK, Europe &, if we’re lucky, even the USA again – I’ll defo be after prayin’ to St. Meiriceá – the patron saint of gettin’ our sorry arses back over Stateside!

So stand-by for more announcements! And if you want us to come play in your town – drop us a line…

AND – we’ll be putting some free Download bundles together, prior to the album release – AND this yokes gettin’ a complete re-vamp for it too, so watch this (My)space!

Here are a couple of reviews of the album we’ve already had:

“Come out Fighting!’ – a full-on and in your face aural assault. A record that combines the pathos of The Pogues, the folk lilt of The Levellers and the punchiness of Stiff Little Fingers to mesmerising effect.” –  Big Cheese Magazine, UK

“…easily as good as The Pogues ever got…they go to all the places Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys do but with  more first hand closer to the bone reality. Neck’s finest moment yet and another fine hooley of an album by the best Irish Punk band in the world!”
–  Organ magazine, UK

“…it’s a muscular, lean, musical hay-maker that can stand it’s ground & slug it out with the best of ’em!”

Golf Records [UK & Europe] (CAT #CDHole179) – release date 26/10/09
Abstract Records [USA] (CAT #tba ) – release date tba