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Shite’n’Onions Podcast#31 feat. The Rumjacks, Gangs of New Holland

Featured CD – “Gangs of New Holland” by the The Rumjacks.

The Rumjacks – Uncle Tommy – Gangs of New Holland

The Rumjacks – Spit In The Street – Gangs of New Holland

Pete Berwick – Is that what you’re telling me – Give it Time

Bastards on Parade – Captains Dargle – Death Shore Pirates

The Rumjacks – Jolly Executioner – Gangs of New Holland

Circle J – Weekend Warriors – Weekend Warriors

Flatfoot 56 – Born For This – Blackthorn

The Go Set – New Race – Rising

Neck – Blue Skies Over Nenagh – Sod ’em & Begorrah

Bat Kinane – The Intrepid Fox – A lifetime to kill

The Rumjacks – Green Ginger Wine – Gangs of New Holland

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The Scallywag Show With Barnacle Brian Shitecast #31

New Shit from:

Sydney City Trash

The Deadnoughts

The Street Dogs

Greenland Whalefishers


Old shit from:

Toad In The Hole

The Dolomites (rare)

The Tossers

Mischief Brew

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Shite’n’Onions Podcast#31 – Traditional’s given a Paddy Punk ass kicking

Thanks to Brandon Lee for the suggestion for the theme of Podcast#31. Here we have traditional Irish folk ballads made famous by The Clancy’s and The Dubliners given a Celtic Punk ass kicking.

Larkin – A Nation Once Again – The Curse Of Our Fathers

Hit The Bottle Boys – O’Sullivan’s John

The Mahones – Wiskey In The Jar – Irish Punk Collection

Jackdaw – Black And Tans – Armed & Legged

Finn’s Fury – Auld Triangle – Paddy Rock V2

Saint Bushmill’s Choir – Sam Hall – Give Em Enough Booze [EP]

Neck – McAlpines Fusileers – Here’s Mud In Your Eye

Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers – The Minstrel Boy – The Murderer The Thief The Minstrels & The Rest

Fiddler’s Green – Mrs McGrath – Sports Day At Killaloe

Bill Grogan’s Goat – The Wild Rover – Bill Grogan’s Goat

Kilmaine Saints – Whiskey in the Jar – The Good The Plaid and The Ugly

Barleyjuice – Nancy Whiskey – Bonny Prince Barley

Devil’s Advocates – Kelly, the Boy from Killane – Snipers in Derelect Houses

Birmingham Six – Foggy Dew – Iron Rations

The Langer’s Ball – Patriot Game – Ships Are Sailing

The Fisticuffs – Finnegan’s Wake – Neatly Stumblin’

The Rumjacks – I’ll Tell Me Ma! – Hung Drawn & Potered

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The Scallywag Show With Barnacle Brian Presents: Shitecast #30

After his long summer vacation Shite’n’Onion star DJ, Barnacle Brian, is back with a new podcast. Check it out on iTunes, on the Shite’n’Onions player over there on the right or direct down load from the following:

Welcome back Brian, your sun tan looks great.

Shite’n’Onions Podcast#21 – Euro Paddy Punk

Podcast 21 is dedicated to Celtic-Punk from Continental Europe (plus one UK based band)- Thanks to Waldo from the excellent and expert on all things Celtic-punk for pulling the playlist together and providing the tracks. The featured CD is Weekend Warriors from Circle J

Circle J – One Day – Weekend Warriors (Netherlands)

Circle J – Roadtrip Astuzias – Weekend Warriors (Netherlands)

Sir Reg – Drink up ya sinners – This is Sir Reg (Sweden)

Paddy and the Rats – The Six Rats Rovers – Rats on Board (Hungary)

Black Tartan Clan – Beer and Women – Boots, Kilts’n’Pipes (Belgium)

Benjaming Band – Americke Popelniky – Americke Popelniky (Czech Republic)

Calico Street Riots – A Pint and a Fight Demo (England)

Drink Hunters – Drinking Song – I Love Whiskey, I Love Beer Demo (Spain)

Brutus Daughters – Empire of Crime – When the Pubs Are Dying (pain)

Firkin – Firkinful Of Beer  – Firkinful of Beer (Hungary)

Pilsner Oiquell – Prava lask – Na zapadni fronte klid (Czech Republic)

BlackPint – Brucia – BlackPint EP, 2009 (Switzerland)

Circle J – Fairytale At Sea – Weekend Warriors (Netherlands)

Shite’n’Onions #14 – Pipes and Pints

01 – Pipes and Pints – Intro – Until We Die
02 – Pipes and Pints – Where the Pipers Play – Until We Die
03 – Pipes and Pints – Braveheart – Until We Die
04 – The Skels – Pot To Piss In – Stoney Road
05 – The larkin Brigade – Tim Phoolan And The Worst Campaign For City Council Ever – Paddy Keys For Mayor
06 – Stuart Martz – Danny Boy – The Hungry Streets of Home
07 – The Kissers – Mountain Dew – Live Candy Ratz
08 – The Wakes – Drinkin’ Song – No Irish Need Apply
09 – The Gartloney Rats – Plastic Jesus – The Gartloney Rats
10 – Bang on The Ear – Glengarry County – Green Grass and Gravel Roads
11 – Pól Mac Adaim – Trip To Jerusalem – Forsaken Land
12 – Pipes and Pints – Where Is My America – Until We Die
Direct download: podcast14.mp3

Celtic Music Podcasts Playlists

Though I’d pass a long a nice little directory of Celtic/Celtic Rock/Celtic Punk podcasts.

Thanks to Steven Conroy for compiling.

Shite’n’Onions Podcast#10 – Charm City Saints – Hooligans and Saints

Featured CD – Charm City Saints – Hooligans and Saints

01- Egan’s polka – Charm City Saints – Hooligans and Saints
02- Night Pat Murphy Died – Charm City Saints – Hooligans and Saints
03- Roddy McCorley, Whiskey in the Jar, Finnegans Wake – Charm City Saints – Hooligans and Saints
04- Pipes and Pints – Pipes and Pints – EP
05- Amazing Grace – Flatfoot 56 – Knuckles Up
06- This Town – Flatfoot 56 – Knuckles Up
07- New Race – The Go Set –  – The Rising
08 -Tae the Battle – The Real McKenzies – Clash of the Tartans
09 -Bars and Scars – Charm City Saints – Hooligans and Saints
10- Maries Wedding – The Rumjacks – Sound as a Pound
11 – Drunken Piper- Cork Hill- Jackdaw  – Armed & Legged
12 – Stairway To Scotland – Prydein – Loud Pipes (Saves Lives)
13- Tying My Own Noose – Charm City Saints – Hooligans and Saints
14- Sally MacLennane (high) – The Pubcrawlers – One Too Many Again
15 – Steve O’Donnell’s Wake – Rusty Nail – Ounce and A Half or Whiskey

Paddy Rock Podcast #8

New from DJ John Bowles



Dropkick Murphys – The Worker’s Song

Off the album “Blackout”

Wild Colonial Bhoys – Hair Of The Dog

Off the album “Irish In America”

The Sandcarvers – Truth Be Told

Off the album “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”

The Popes – Raw

Off the album “Outlaw Heaven”

The Mahones – Celtic Pride

Off the album “The Irish Punk Collection”

Darby O’Gill & The Little People – Tell Me Ma

Off The Album “Live”

The Porters – Weila Waila

Off the compilation “Shite’n’Onions Vol. 2″

The Dreadnoughts – Grace O’Malley

Off the album “Victory Square”

Enter The Haggis – Cynical

Off the album “Gutter Anthems”

The Go Set – Davey

Off the album “Hungry Mile”

The Rumjacks – Kirkintolloch

Off the EP “Sound As A Pound”

The Dirges – Whisky

Off the album “Widows Walk”

As heard in the movie “Boondock Saints 2 : All Saints Day”

Smokey Bastard – Steve The Twat

Off the album “Propping Up The Floor”

The Tossers – Whiskey Makes Me Crazy

Off the album “On a Fine Spring Morning”

The Galway Hooker Band – Bugger Off

Off the album “Hooker Style”