Shite’n’Onions Podcast#49 Robbie Burns

In tribute to the great Scottish poet on his night and since I did buy a haggis off a man in a subway station once here is the Robbie Burns Podcast.

Where hae ye been sae braw, lad?
Whare hae ye been sae brankie, O?
Whare hae ye been sae braw, lad?
Cam ye by Killiecrankie, O?

Chorus.-An ye had been whare I hae been,
Ye wad na been sae cantie, O;
An ye had seen what I hae seen,
I’ the Braes o’ Killiecrankie, O.

I faught at land, I faught at sea,
At hame I faught my Auntie, O;
But I met the devil an’ Dundee,
On the Braes o’ Killiecrankie, O.
An ye had been, &c.

The bauld Pitcur fell in a furr,
An’ Clavers gat a clankie, O;
Or I had fed an Athole gled,
On the Braes o’ Killiecrankie, O.
An ye had been, &c.

The Real McKenzies – Auld lang sync – Clash of The Tartans

The Electrics – Killiecranked Up -SnO V1

The Real McKenzies – Scots Wha hae – Clash of The Tartans

Murder The Stout – Troosers – EP

Prydein – Stairway To Scotland – Loud Pipes

Roaring Jack – The Bonny Wee Well -Through The Smoke Of Innocence

The Electrics – Caledonia – Old New Borrowed & Green

Hugh Morrison – Ye Jacobites By Name – Robert Burns Rocks

Junkman’s Choir – Sawney Bean – The Junkmans Call

The Electrics – A Man’s A Man For A That – Old New Borrowed & Green

Hugh Morrison – Farewell To The Highlands – Robert Burns Rocks

The Crofters – Scotland The Brave – Hold My Beer While I Kiss Your Girlfriend

Hugh Morrison – Auld Lang Syne – Robert Burns Rocks

Shite’n’Onions Podcast#48 Murder The Stout

Podcast #48 features the new EP from Texas based, Scottish fronted and street dogs supported MURDER THE STOUT.

Murder The Stout – Troosers – 6 Track EP

Murder The Stout – Leaving Of Liverpool – 6 Track EP

The Wakes – St Patricks Battalion – No Irish Need Apply

Jack Flash – Shearers Strike – Jack Flash

Murder The Stout – The Foggy Dew – 6 Track EP

Roaring Jack – Lads Of The BLF – The Complete Works

Mutiny – Digging For Gold – Mutiny

The Gobshites- Shane’s Dentist – Poitin

The Wages of Sin – Jolly Roger – Custom of the Sea

Alistair Hulett – Tribute CD

Love Loss and Liberty is a new release of Alistair’s songs performed by artists who donated their performances to the project. All funds raised will go to the Alistair Hulett Memorial Fund.

Tracks / Artists include:
Sons Of Liberty – James Fagan and Nancy Kerr
He Fades Away – June Tabor
Don’t Sign Up For War – Rory McLeod
Behind Barbed Wire – David Roviks
No Half Measures – Niamh Parsons
When The Small Birds Start Leaving – Roy Bailey
Mrs Barbour’s Army – Sheena Wellington
The Dark Loch – Alasdair Roberts with Donald Linsey and Clutch Daisy
Among Proddy Dogs And Papes – Jason Wilson Band
Militant Red – ‘Sigaro’/Banda Basotti with Pierluigi ‘Piggio’ Placido
The Day That The Boys Came Down – Sydney City Trash With Alistair Hulett
The Swaggies Have All Waltzed Matilda Away – Handsome Young Strangers
Buy Us A Drink – The Irish Rovers
The Internationale – Alistair Hulett

Alistair Hulett – RIP

Sadly Alistair Hulett passed on yesterday. I had the pleasure of meeting Ali in person a few years back and he was a true gentleman. He will be missed.

Alistair Hulett’s serious illness

Ali Hulett of legendary Celt-rockers Roaring Jack has been taken seriously ill – I wanted to pass on a message from Fatima, Alistair’s partner – all here at Shite’n’Onions are rooting for him to pull through and any support and encouragement you can give to Ali will go a long way.

Dear Friends

You may not have heard the news, so I’d like to share with you that Alistair has been critically ill in hospital here in Glasgow for the last three weeks. He’s suffering from liver failure and is in urgent need of an organ transplant.

Until now he hasn’t wanted people to know but as the news has started to spread, already the messages of hope and encouragement are pouring in from friends and fans alike. This is proving to be really beneficial for Alistair’s spirits and we know that if he is to beat this dreadful illness he needs to be in as positive a frame of mind as possible. If you feel like sending him an email message, please write to [email protected], as I have access to his account and can print out the emails for him. If you prefer to send a card or letter, his address is:

Alistair Hulett

Ward 26a

Southern General Hospital

1345 Govan Road

Glasgow G51 4TF


Thank you for your support, prayers, love and warm wishes.