New studio album from Rory Gallagher released.

The above headline either means nothing to you as you’ve never heard of Rory Gallagher (shame on you, now feck off back to kindergarten) or your totally scratching your head ‘cos well isn’t Rory dead and hasn’t he been dead for 15 years?

“Notes From San Francisco” was recorded back in 77/78 in San Francisco with famed producer Elliot Mazer (Neil Young’s Harvest). Rory a perfectionist, became dissatisfied with the mixing of the album – “too complicated” – and shelved the whole album and broke up his band of 5 years. One of the reason for his dissatisfied with the mix and the direction the album was taking him was that Rory had saw the Sex Pistols play at SFs Winterland during the final mixes of the album and was totally blow away by the Pistol’s primitive energy. Rory then wanted to get back to “meat’n’potato rock’n’roll”.

The 2nd disk on the release is a live show from Rory’s subsequent new stripped down power trio as Rory gets back to the basic raw power rock’n’roll of his early days in Taste.

Rory was quoted in 1992 saying he did not mind the album being released as long as it was remixed. And to Rory’s wished it has been remixed under the supervision of his brother and manager Donal by Donal’s son Daniel and Rory’s engineer – so you know its being done for the right reasons.

CD1 1. Rue The Day 2. Persuasion 3. B Girl 4. Mississippi Sheiks 5. Wheels Within Wheels 6. Overnight Bag 7. Cruise On Out 8. Brute Force & Ignorance 9. Fuel To The Fire
BONUS TRACKS 10. Wheels Within Wheels (Alt version) 11. Cut A Dash 12. Out On The Tiles

CD2 1. Follow Me 2. Shinkicker 3. Off The Handle 4. Bought And Sold 5. I’m Leavin’ 6. Tattoo’d Lady 7. Do You Read Me 8. Country Mile 10. Shadow Play 11. Bullfrog Blues 12. Sea Cruise

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Been on a Rory Gallagher kick recently. If you haven’t heard of him check out this video from 1980 – it will rip your face off. Jimi who?