Shite’n’Onions Podcast #107

01 Hit The Bottle Boys – Bottle of Smoke

02 The Tossers – Katie At The Races

03 Kilmaine Saints – Long Shot Nag

04 Fiddler’s Green – Sporting Day

05 Kilmaine Saints – Ride Like Hell

06 Bill Grogan’s Goat – The Galway Races

07 The Mickey Finn – A Jig For Sporting Paddy

08 The Tossers – Leopardstown Races

09 Shambolics – Riot on Race Day

10 The Mickey Finn – Ride On

11 Jug’o’punch – A Fiver On The Horses

12 The Wild Irish Roses – Galway Races

Shambolics: Pogue Mahone

The back and front cover of this six track mini-album probably gives a better impression of of what Shambolics sound like then any review I could write. The front cover is a cartoon pirate – kilted, ginger hair, teeth that would make MacGowan proud, accordion in one hand and banjo in the other. The back cover is the tattooed, mooning arse of said pirate – Pogue Mahone indeed!

Four track of fu#k you, Celtic punk’n’roll attitude (Pogue Mahone, Seven Seas, Halfway Inn and Filfee Feeving Bastards) with some familiar melodies (hey they guys are pirates so they probably looted the tunes). Why Try to Change Me is a more mushy ballad. Only You is the strange one, maybe the pirate was trying to woo a fair maiden from the islands with some reggae.