Smokey Bastard: Tales From The Wasteland

Smokey Bastard are a frantic, banjo centric, folk-punk outfit outta London with their second album, TALES FROM THE WASTELAND, a strong follow-up to their strong debut, CRASHING THROUGH FLOORS. To my ears Smokey Bastard occupy the middle ground somewhere between The Pogues and Dropkick Murphys with a nod of the head towards Springsteen and his Seeger Sessions Band- Mrs McGRATH/My SON JOHN get’s a good kicking here, and ASPIRATIONS, I HAVE SOME name checks Springsteen himself. My guilty pleasure though? MAMMA MIA the old ABBA chestnut, Celtic-punk hasn’t been so much fun since Mr. Irish Bastard went Living La Viva Loco.

Shite’n’Onions Podcast#52 – St. Patrick’s Day #1

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from us here at Shite’n’Onions. On podcast #52 we got plenty of standards both old and new.

Neck – Every Day’s St Patrick’s Day
Big Bad Bollocks – Guinness
The Gobshites – I Only Drink Stout
Blaggard – Bog Songs
Blood Or Whiskey – Follow Me up to Carlow-Holt’s Way
Lexington Field – Galway Bay
Circle J – Marry Mcqueen
The Rumjacks – I’ll Tell Me Ma!
Black 47 – Vinegar Hill
The Skels – Young Roddy McCorley -Kelly the Boy from Killan
The Porters – The Rising Of The Moon
Auld Corn Brigade – Sean South from Garryowen
Smokey Bastards – My Son John
The Mahones – Give It All Ya Got (Or Forget About It)
Fiddler’s Green – Highland Road
Nogoodnix – Muirsheen Durkin
The Mighty Regis – Paddy Don’t Live In Hollywood
Devil’s Advocates – The Ones Behind the Wire
Luke Kelly – A Nation Once Again

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