Shite’n’Onions Celtic Punk Podcast #106

Track Listing:
The Templers Of Doom – The Oliver Cromwell Twist (Bring Me The Head Of John The Baptist)
The Radiators From Space – Television Screen (TV Tube Heart – 40th Anniversary Edition)
Hudson Falcons – Monahan’s (Desperation and Revolution)
The Skels – Pot to Piss In (Stoney Road)
The Bloody Irish Boys – Shake Hands With the Devil (Whiskey Devils: A Tribute to the Mahones)
Kilkenny Knights – Mick Watson (Various – Raise Your Pints Vol.2)
Sir Reg – All Saints Day (Various – Raise Your Pints Vol.2)
Black Anemone – Freedom and for all (In It For Life)
Craic – 20 Years Later (Sound of Vandermark)
Real McKenzies – Scots Wha Ha’e (Two Devils Will Talk)

The Bloody Irish Boys: Auld St. Partick

Remember the Bloody Irish Boys? Its been a long time between releases – 6 years in fact since their somewhat controversial debut came out. Way back when myspace was king, the BIBs were kings of myspace with something like 50,000 friends – though there were a few voices raised that the BIBs were not a real band more a one man bedroom band that sounded way too close to Flogging Molly for comfort. Despite the criticism Drunk Rock was a very fine album.

So, 6 years and lots of things have changes – myspace is essentially dead, the Bloody Irish Boys are a real touring band (SXSW this year) and they don’t sound that much like Flogging Molly anymore – but that’s cos’ based on what we’ve heard of the new Flogging Molly album, Flogging Molly don’t sound like Flogging Molly anymore. So, if you’re looking for fast, guitar and fiddle driven, old fashioned Celtic punk Auld St. Patrick won’t disappoint.

Shite’n’Onions podcast#40: Featuring the new album from The Bloody Irish Boys, Auld St Patrick.

The Bloody Irish Boys – Back Where We Belong – Auld St Patrick
The Bloody Irish Boys – Going Back To Ireland – Auld St Patrick
Farley’s Fury – Common Ground – Purgatory, Quebec
Drunken Dru – The Road – Saint Henri
The Bloody Irish Boys – The Pirate Song – Auld St Patrick
The Fisticuffs – Paddys NNA – You’ll Not Take Us Alive
The Radiators – Million Dollar Hero – Alive, Alive 0
The Bloody Irish Boys – Auld St Patrick – Auld St Patrick
Bastards on Parade – 3,300 Miles Of Cider – Tales From The Death Shore
The Canny Brothers Band – Óró Sé Do Bheatha ‘Bhaile – One Drop of Whiskey

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The Bloody Irish Boys – Auld St. Patrick

Auld St. Patrick, the new release from The Bloody Irish Boys is released on St. Patrick’s Day (that’s March 17th) this the first full length follow-up the BIBs debut album released in 2005.

01. Back Where We Belong
02. Drink ‘er Up Boys
03. Dirty Little Town
04. Going Back to Ireland
05. An Ode to Columbus
06. Eileen Oge
07. Auld St. Patrick
08. Drunk to Drown
09. The Pirate Song
10. Catch Me if I Fall
11. The Leprechaun
12. I Just Want to Live
13. The Parting Glass

You can here/download tracks from both albums here:

Need a band for your Paddy’s Day celerbrations

If  your somewhere between Columbus, OH & TX and need a great Celtic punk band for your venue on the following dates:

March 14th, 15th, 18th and 19th

Then give Shayne Underwood a shout – [email protected]

The Bloody Irish Boys headline Shamrockfest Austin which is part of TX Rockfest SXSW on St. Patrick’s Day and March 16th at Delaney’s Irish Pub in Fort Worth, TX

The Bloody Irish Boys – New Single / DVD

The Bloody Irish Boys who have been quite for awhile have announced the release of their first single, Drunk Tonight, and their first DVD “Drunk Rock Videos”.

Tracklist – DVD
01. Beer Is Good, Beer is Great
02. Drunk Tonight
03. Rare Auld Extra Stout