The Go Set, Ramshackle Army at The Midway Cafe – 10/3/15


First up were Boston area based BarRoom Heros, a three piece power-punk trio consisting for the Rice brothers on guitar/bass and vocals and a wild, arms flailing, mass of dreadlocks on drums. Probably best known for opening for the Dropkick Murphys when they were something like 12 years old, I saw ‘em last year opening for Justin Keenan and it was great to see them again and without sounding like an old aunt they have really grown – musically and physically, in fact they could probably now get served in a bar if they had decent fake ids. Early Dropkick Murphys and Darkbuster are the obvious influences – Darkbusters Skinhead was covered and as was a great punked up version of The Dubliners Seven Drunk Nights.


Aussie band Ramshackle Army were up next. They are one of those bands that people speak highly about but I haven’t to date invested a lot of time in listening too ’em. Well I will after tonight, these guys and gal were a high intensity sweat drenched riot  – fiddle, banjo, punk rock and the rock star that is Gaz in full flight with shapes thrown and face contortions



Between each of the sets there was an acoustic set from Live Nude Girls (actually two girls and a guy who all kept their clothes on) –  fiddle, double bass and girl on guitar with a big voice. A nice touch that kept the momentum going as the bands changed over.


Its been about five years since I’ve seen Boston party punks the Beantown Boozehounds, good to say they are still slamming shots, guzzling PBR and playing hard. Lot’s of ragging on the touring “Austrians”. I do remember last time I saw ’em a lot more beer was spat in the air – maturity possibly? Nah, never.


Finally up were The Go Set who have been one of my favorite bands from when I heard them first over ten years ago. I got the taste of them live last year when I saw Justin Keenan on his solo tour so my expectations for the full band were high. The set started with bagpipes from the back of the venue and as the band were lead to stage the pipes turned into full force punk and pipes and occasional punk and double pipes with the addition of second piper Sean from Alternative Ulster. Expectations were met – the Go Set were as good live as so disk – great songs, tight and they had the crowd eating out of the palms of their hands. I’m not sure how may fans The Go Set had in the venue at the beginning of the set but by the end of the set I knew – everyone including the bartender. All the classics were done – 1788, Davey, Old Dark Brown, Sing Me a Song and a very special off the stage, in the middle of the floor, totally acoustic version of 5AM .I have to give a shout out to The Go Set drummer, Agostino Soldati – John Bonham raised from the dead with veins pumped full of redbull – I’ve never seen or heard drums hit so hard and so fast. The set ended with a cover of AC/DCs Long Way to the Top with help form  Gaz and the Boozehounds. The Go Set promise to be back next year for another tour of the US and they are not to be missed.








The Go Set – US Tour Dates

Catch the Go Set if you can on their debut US tour.

Sep 20 Le Bourgeois Rocheport, MO
Sep 23 Reggies Chicago, IL
Sep 24 The Demo St Louis, MO
Sep 25 Wildwood Festival Wildwood, MO
Sep 26 NuLu Festival Louisville, KY
Sep 27 The Basement East Nashville, TN
Sep 28 KungfuNecktie Philadelphia, PA
Sep 29 Arlene’s Grocery New York, NY
Sep 30 Cherry Street Station Wallingford, CT
Oct 01 Firehouse 13 Providence, RI
Oct 02 The Midway Jamaica Plain, MA

The Go Set: Boston

Stuff the turkey, Christmas is coming early this year.

THE GO SET, Beantown Boozehounds, The Pourmen, BarRoom Heroes PLUS Live Nude Girls*** between sets!!!

***sorry to disappoint but Live Nude Girls are an acoustic punk outfit

The Go Set: NYC

According to long time Shite’n’Onions favs are playing NYCs Arlene’s Grocery on September 29th. I’m so there.


THE GO SET: “These are the days” – Documentary film

Melbourne band The Go Set are soon to release a full length documentary film titled “These are the days”.

Captured over ten years of touring, more than a thousand live shows, six albums, and a vast array of characters, tales, and chaos. Interviews with bands and punters, festivals, and life on the road, the film depicts an independent band following it’s dream all over the world, and the adversity and struggle in remaining uncompromising and truly independent.

Celtic de mayo celebration 2


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Shite’n’Onions Podcast #60

Shite’n’Onions Podcast#60 feature the new album from Vermont based Bagpipes’n’Roll PRYDEIN

Artist – Song – Album

The Mahones – Shakespeare Road – Angels & Devils
Prydein – Devil’s In the Kitchen – Heads Up
Prydein – Centerfold – Heads Up
The Mickey Finn – McGuinness’ Mass – Prayers and Idle Chatter
In Search Of A Rose – Shamrocknroll – Reels & Roses Live
Jackdaw – Hogjaw (Live) – Brilliant, Sad, And Guilty
Auld Corn Brigade – Our Flag – Our Flag
Bodh’aktan – Les 3 capitaines – Bodh’aktan
The Krusty Moores – Face Like Death – A Stumbel In The Right Direction
Doug Folkins – King Henry’s Good Times – Another Last Call
Sir Reg – Bolloxology – A Sign of the Times
Rusty Nail – Damned Violent Things – Boozers, Bastards and Bards
The Go Set – Macpherson’s Rant – Another Round In Melbourne Town (Live)
Prydein – Whisky You’re the Devil – Heads Up
Prydein – Stairway To Scotland – Loud Pipes ( Saves Lives)

Shite’n’Onions interviews The Skels

New podcast with a very special (well at least a first) interview with The Skels.

The Skels – American Men

Interview with The Skels

The Skels – I’ll Tell Me Ma


The Radiators From Space – Joe Strummer(OUT NOW FROM WWW.SHITENONIONS.COM)

The Langer’s Ball – The Real Old Mountain Dew

The Go Set – The Old Dark Brown

Wild Colonial Bhoys – Rock On Rockall

Across The Border – Irish Airraid Over Germany

The Yorkshire Rats – Yorkshire Bastard

The Go Set: Another Round in Melbourne Town

For wee awhile The Go Set were a band that would annually put out a full length studio album and invariably that years release would land within the top 3 of Shite’n’Onions best of year list. The Rising making the cherished #1 spot in 2008. Then things went quite, very quite. So quite that I thought that the band may have departed this mortal world – it didn’t help that the web site was hijacked by a brand of designer jeans (weird eh?). Well, 2011 sees the band back and doing what they do best – playing really frigging raw and loud. Another Round In Melbourne Town is a 19 track, no frills, live album of punk-rock-n-bagpipes, distinctly Australian – old AC/DC, Weddings, Presents, Anything – that will smack you hard about the head and then stomp on your fingers when you try and pick up your teeth from the ground. The best way to hear the Go Set is LOUD and LIVE and since most of us are not in Ozz, this is the next best thing to experiencing ’em in the flesh. Mores the pity.

1. Intro
2. MacPherson’s Rant (from Sing a Song of Revolution)
3. North of the 23 (from Rising)
4. Fortune and Gold (from A Journey for a Nation)
5. Bordeaux (from The Hungry Mile)
6. The Miner’s Son (from Rising)
7. The Rising Tide (from A Journey for a Nation)
8. Portland 3:15 (from Rising)
9. 1788 (from Sing a Song of Revolution)
10. The Old Dark Brown (from Sing a Song of Revolution)
11. 5am (from Sing a Song of Revolution)
12. Mainland (The Real McKenzies cover)
13. Fifty Four (from Rising)
14. Away Away (Weddings Parties Anything cover from Sing a Song of Revolution)
15. Union Man (from The Hungry Mile)
16. Power of Youth (from The Hungry Mile)
17. Eastside Burning (from Rising)
18. Roaring Forties (from Rising)
19. Davey (from The Hungry Mile)
20. Wide Open Road (The Triffids cover)

The Go Set: Fallen Fortune EP

One of my fav. Aussie bands the The Go Set have a new EP coming out in December. The EP will be launched at the Hi Fi Bar, Swanston St Melbourne on Friday the 10th December with very special guests The Resignators, Earl & The Ramsackle Army.

The Go Set also release a live CD – Another Round in Melbourne Town – back in May of 2010 and I need to get my grubby hands on both (thanks Justin).

Nov. 19 Cooly Ht, G/Coast QLD
Nov. 20 Jubilee, Brisbane QLD
Nov. 211 Gt Northern, Byron NSW
Nov. 27 Queenscliff Festival VIC
Dec. 10 HiFi Bar, Melbourne VIC