Shite’n’Onions interviews The Skels

New podcast with a very special (well at least a first) interview with The Skels.

The Skels – American Men

Interview with The Skels

The Skels – I’ll Tell Me Ma


The Radiators From Space – Joe Strummer(OUT NOW FROM WWW.SHITENONIONS.COM)

The Langer’s Ball – The Real Old Mountain Dew

The Go Set – The Old Dark Brown

Wild Colonial Bhoys – Rock On Rockall

Across The Border – Irish Airraid Over Germany

The Yorkshire Rats – Yorkshire Bastard

The Langer’s Ball: Ships Are Sailing

I used to have a roommate from Cork city at one point who’s favorite term of endearment/insult was to call a person a “Langer” – not being a Cork man, I’m still not exactly sure what a langer is, but I think it’s a guys third leg. That been said then “Langer’s Ball” is a really great name for a band! Our friends here on “Ships are Sailing” are a 2 piece – with some help from their friends – from deepest MN playing Irish folk standards with an growl, a scowl and tattoos to match. If you’re looking for straight ahead no frills Irish ballads with just a hint of razor blades and safety pins and American rock n roll this is for you.