Best of 2015: Podcast

Here’s the podcast of our best of 2015 list.

Celkilt: On The Table

On the Table

The Tosspints: The Privateer

Marching On

Circle J: Year of the Goat

The ones we left behind

Larkin: A Toast to St. Jude

Wages of Sin

Continental: Millionaires

Fun Fun Fun

Trouble Pilgrims

Instant Polaroid

Ferocious Dog: From Without


Gallows Justice

Slow Motion Suicide

Pete Berwick: The Legend of Tyler Doohan


The Legend of Tyler Doohan

Keep your socks on and don’t look down

Greenland Whalefishers: The Thirsty Cave


20 Years of Waiting


The Rumjacks: Sober and Godless


Blows & Unkind Words

Sober & Godless

The Mahones: The Hunger & The Fight (part two)


Riot Tonight

Punk Rock Saved My Life

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The Best of 2015

And now for the only list that matters….

The Top Five:

#1 The Mahones: The Hunger & The Fight (part two)


#2 The Rumjacks: Sober and Godless


#3 Greenland Whalefishers: The Thirsty Cave


#4 Pete Berwick: The Legend of Tyler Doohan


#5 Ferocious Dog: From Without


The Best of the Rest (in no particular order):

Celkilt: On The Table


Larkin: A Toast to St. Jude

St. Jude

 The Tosspints: The Privateer


Circle J: Year of the Goat


Continental: Millionaires


Special Shout Out to:

Trouble Pilgrims: Instant Polaroid (The Man On The Bridge)

Trouble Pilgrims - Instant Polaroid -The Single- - cover

The Mahones: The Hunger & The Fight (part two)

The idea of a concept album always scares me, seventeen minute tracks of acid induced musical wanking is not my thing.  Well, happy to say the Mahones avoid any temptation of prog rock glory. The Hunger & The Fight part two leaves the old world and takes on the Irish experience in the new world.

Reamhra, an Uileann pipe air introduces part two and and at the same time bids farewell to the old world. Punk Rock Saved My Life, sets the tone of Hunger & The Fight 2 sounding like the Clash / Husker Du at full speed. Sea of Skeletons slows down the pace and is classic Mahones, the song is a reflection back on the coffin ship journey of the famine emigrants and future struggles to overcome.  The Irish Brigade ramps up the tempo and is in tribute to the legendary original fighting Irish. Turn This Town is the albums love song an ode to the Lower East Side but may just a bit more punkie then previous Finny McConnell ballads. JFK is haunting and of course pays tribute to the Irish in America’s greatest triumph and tragedy. An instrumental The Hunger & The Fight Overture is a melody of the tracks from disk one and again links the two albums together.  Riot Tonight, is another Clash inspired punk rocker bringing the theme of know your rights into the 21st century.  Fuck You is pure hardcore, I never imagined Katie could vocally spit nails they way she does on FU – I’m sure it will be a hit at Irish festivals from Toronto to Tijuana. The final 3 tracks, all covers, fall out side the concept (Yes would never do that) but are all damn fine – SLFs Alternative Ulster,  the traditional Parting Glass done more Mahones then Clancy Brothers and Thin Lizzy’s Dancing in the Moonlight, a tribute to fallen brother Cuzo.

The Hunger & The Fight two continues on the masterpiece of part one and while harder and much more punk then the first, both need to exist side by side and played together.











01. Reamhra
02. Punk Rock Saved My Life
03. Sea of Skeletons
04. The Irish Brigade (The Fighting 69th)
05. Turn This Town (New York City)
06. JFK
07. The Hunger & The Fight Overture
08. Riot Tonight
09. Fuck You
10. Alternative Ulster
11. The Parting Glass

Bonus Track
12. Dancing in the Moonlight

Horslips tribute update

Our long on-going (5 years in the making) tribute to Celtic-rock originators Horslips is moving forward. All tracks are in and mastering is about to take place in Montreal under the expert supervision of Mr. Finny McConnell of The Mahones.


The final track list is:

Side 1

01 – Langers Ball / Sword of Light

02 – Bill Grogan’s Goat / Dearg Doom

03 – The Mahones / Shamrock Shore

04 – Jake Burns (Stiff Little Fingers) / Warm Sweet Breath

05 – Mark Cunningham / My Lagan Love

06 – The Gobshites with Richie Ramone / The Man Who Built America

07 – The Indulgers / Trouble

08 – Larkin Brigade / NY Wakes

09 – Radiators From Space / Lady wrestler

10 – Dun Ringles / Speed the Plough

11 – The Teraways / Come Back Beatles

12 – Gerard Smith / Ferdia’s song


The Mahones: European Tour

The Mahones are hauling ass over to Europe again for the August/September festival circuit. Catch’em if you can.


August 06 – Sion – Guinness Festival (Switzerland)
August 07 – Mannheim – 7er Club (Germany)
August 08 – Baudour – Parkrock (Belgium)
August 09 – Blackpool – Rebellion Punk Rock Festival (Great Britain)
August 10 – Nottingham – Doghouse (Great Britain)
August 11 – Huddersfield – Parish (Great Britain)
August 12 – London – New Cross Inn (Great Britain)
August 13 – Norwich – Owl Sanctuary (Great Britain)
August 14 – Winchester – Boomtown Festival (Great Britain)
August 16 – Düsseldorf – Pitcher (Germany)
August 18 – Copenhagen – Loppen (Denmark)
August 19 – Karlskrona – Greven (Sweden)
August 20 – Hamburg – Headcrash (Germany)
August 21 – Alsfeld – Ehrlich & Laut Open Air (Germany)
August 24 – Wien – Viper Room (Austria)
August 25 – Stuttgart – Kellerclub (Germany)
August 27 – Nantes – Scene Michelet (France)
August 28 – Brest – West Fest (France)
August 29 – Breal Sous Montfort – Festival du Roi Arthur (France)
August 30 – Valstagna – Brintaal Celtic Rock Fest (Italy)
September 01 – Caramagna – Spazio Polivalente (Italy)
September 02 – Milano – Lo Fi (Italy)
September 04 – Saint die les Vosges – Entracte (France)
September 05 – Montbeliard – Atelier des Môles (France)
September 09 – Aarburg – Musigburg (Switzerland)
September 10 – Wermelskirchen – AJZ Bahndamm (Germany)
September 11 – Landgraaf – Oefenbunker (Netherlands)

MAhones - Europe

THE MAHONES – The Hunger & The Fight

New video from The Mahones – The Hunger & The Fight

Whiskey Devils – A Tribute to The Mahones

Not a new release by any shot, but I just got my hands on Whiskey Devils – A Tribute to The Mahones (cheers Finny for passing on). The tribute was put together to celebrate The Mahones 20th anniversary (they just hit 25 years last Paddy’s day). Obviously with a such a strong back catalog there were plenty of classic and seminal Celtic punk songs to choose from and 19 of The Mahones most legendary track are presented here with not a duff version amongst them. I have to call out a few of the tracks as must hears; Drunk Lazy Bastard as interpreted by The Popes (its all bad attitude), Shake Hands With The Devil a frigging incredible almost industrial/metal version by the Bloody Irish Boys, the down and out London by Paul-Ronney Angel and Aaron Chapman‘s lounge lizard sleaze of Cocktail Blue.

The Popes (England) – Drunken Lazy Bastard
The Peelers (Canada) – Rise Again
Brutus’ Daughters (Spain) – Take Me Back
Paul-Ronney Angel (England) – London
Roughneck Riot (England) – Across The USA
Drink Hunters (Spain) – Take No Prisoners
The Vandon Arms (U.S.A.) – Down The Boozer
The Ryan Brothers (Canada) – Streets Of New York
Bastards On Parade (Spain) – Paint The Town Red
The Bloody Irish Boys (U.S.A.) – Shake Hands With The Devil
Aaron Chapman (Canada) – Cocktail Blue
Drunken Dru (Canada) – Is This Bar Open Til’ Tomorrow?
Pladdohg (U.S.A.) – Whiskey Devils
Black Friday (England) – There She Goes
The Gobshites (U.S.A.) – A Drunken Night In Dublin
Hit The Bottle Boys (U.S.A.) – Queen & Tequila
Paddy McCallion (Ireland) – Back Home
Cabor Toss (Canada) – Drunken Lazy Bastard (Live)
Mark Gilligan (Ireland) – Girl With Galway Eyes

Mahones trib




The best of 2014


Running a little late with the list but whatever, great music doesn’t go stale. So without further adieu.

The top five:

#1 The Mahones: The Hunger & The Fight (Part 1)


Twenty five years on and more tour miles driven then the rest of the entire Celtic-punk scene combined, The Mahones on The Hunger & The Fight still have the enthusiasm of a band in the studio for the first time (but thankfully the 25 years and many albums under their belt studio experience).

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#2 Whiskey of the Damned: Monsters are Real whiskey of the damned  

I’ll go out on a limb and say McCarthy has the finest voice in Celtic-punk (and that includes Dave King), maybe Van the Moan threw in a few vocal lessons to boot. Of course a good voice won’t do it alone, the band are tight as f#*k, loud and fast and the songs first class and while still fast and trashy


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#3 Blood or Whiskey: Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil bow

Pissed and angry but still a party. Its great to have’em back.








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#3 Kilkenny Knights: Brady’s Pub Tales download

Honestly not a bad song over the entire almost hour of music and more then a few that could wake the dead and induce them into jig.






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#5 (joint) Black 47: Last Call

#5 (joint) Black 47: Rise Up – The Political Songs B4716CD_lg                   Black 47 Last Call

Black 47 hung up their green suede shoes in November, 2014 after 25 years of hard jigging and gigging. Two albums were released in 2014; Last Call, their final original album, full of fresh and originals ideas and, Rise Up – The Political Songs, a collection of, well, political songs as a reminder of how good this band was.










Rise Up – Read the full review here

Last Call – Read the full review here


The best of the rest (in no particular order):


The Pourmen: Too Old to Die Young









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Finnegan’s Hell: Drunk, Sick And Blue









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Craic: Amongst the Mischief and Malarkey


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Wages of Sin: Queensbury Rules









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Bastard Bearded Irishmen: Rise of the Bastard









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The Biblecode Sundays: Live Near Abbey Road (Park Royal)









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Bodh’aktan: Against Winds and Tides









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Best of ballads and folk:


Irish Whispa: Irish Whispa









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The Canny Brothers Band: The Guinness Situation









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Hugh Morrison: Scotland is Free










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The Fenian Sons: 617

FSons_Front Cover









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Punk rock shout out

The Hex Bombs: Everything Earned










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Greenland Whalefishers: 20 Years Of Waiting (DVD)












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And a very special shout out.

Radiators from Space: Sound City Beat


UPDATE – Mahones: Hunger & The Fight

The US release of the new Mahones album Hunger & The Fight on East Grand Record Co. has been canceled. EGRC is refunding any pre release orders. Anyone who has pre-ordered the the LP from EGRC can contact the label at [email protected] with questions. The Mahones label Whiskey Devil Records have asked those who had ordered from EGRC to contact the Mahones at [email protected] and the band will make it up to you with a *signed* CD, poster and two tickets to any Mahones concert for free.

Personally I’m bummed not to be be able to get my hands on the tri-colored vinyl copy of The Hunger & The Fight. Wolverine Records ( in Germany has released a vinyl version of the album for those who mush have on wax.



The Mahones: The Hunger & The Fight (Part 1)

The Mahones are one of my favorite bands of all time. I’ve been following them since the mid-Nineties, I’ve put them on live in Boston a couple of times and wrote the sleeve notes for their tribute album. All this means that I can’t really do an unbiased review of The Hunger & The Fight. So take it from me with my totally biased opinion, The Hunger & The Fight is pure classics Mahones. The album is the first half of a double concept album (please don’t stop reading now! they have not turned in Pink Floyd or Yes or some other prog rock horror) and deals with the Irish experience – part 1 is mostly Irish / Dublin themed songs (knacker drinking, stealing piebald ponies, joyriding and rugger buggers – I jest) and part 2, due for release next year focuses on the Irish in exile. The Hunger and The Fight (part 1) in ways reminds me more of early Mahones albums, a little bit more paced then the full force albums of recent, more acoustic with touches of punk. The love of The Replacements that the Mahones collectively have really stands out on The Hunger and The Fight.


So without any further ado I give you song-by-song the The Hunger & The Fight:

Brian Boru’s Battle March is the Mahones interpretation of the battle march of Brian Boru, Ireland greatest high king. Horslips meets the Chieftains to open up the hardest Celtic arse kicking delivered since 1014

The title track, The Hunger & The Fight has that laid back Replacements meets Celtic feel, featuring a duet with Tara Slone of Canadian alt heros Joydrop

Paddy On The Railway is fast and furious with The Tossers’ Tony Duggins going to head to head with Finny

Stars (Oscar Wilde), the ballad Stars, a biographical ode to Dublin legendary writer Oscar Wilde, highlights the fact that Finny McConnell is a top notch songwriter bar-none. Simon Townshend (The Who) joins on harmony vocals and acoustic. Finny must have been beside himself to have Simon on the album

Prisoner 1082 is a fast paced punk rocker in classic Mahones style. A true story of Finny’s uncle, Donal ‘Danny’ Donnelly and his escape from Belfast’s infamous Crumlin Road jail

Pint of Plain is an Irish jig on steroids a “drinking song for those who can’t drink”.

Someone Saved Me slows down the pace just a wee bit. A classic ballad that would not be out of place on Digging The Days

The Auld Triangle is the ol’ Brendan Behan classic done in Luke Kelly style. This song never gets old.

Blood On the Streets of Dublin continues in the more laid back vain taking the listener back to Dublin 1916 and the Easter Rising.

St. Patrick’s Day Irish Punk Song is loud and ruckus and classic Mahones. In fact its the bastard offspring of Drunken Lazy Bastard.

The album also included a couple of bonus covers. Of the two I f*ckin’ love the cover of Van The Moans I Can Give You Everything, pure garage rock, true to the original 60s R’n’B sound and as powerful as the day it was written. The other track, Last One To Die, is a great Rancid cover from the forthcoming tribute album.

Twenty five years on and more tour miles driven then the rest of the entire Celtic-punk scene combined, The Mahones on The Hunger & The Fight still have the enthusiasm of a band in the studio for the first time (but thankfully the 25 years and many albums under their belt studio experience).