Shite’n’Onions presents………The Poxmen of The Horslypse…..a tribute to Horslips

As some wag pointed out The Poxmen of The Horslypse was longer in the can then Guns’n’Roses’ Chinese Democracy but unlike Chinese Democracy this was worth the wait.

For those unfamiliar with the saga, The Poxmen of The Horslypse is a vinyl only tribute to legendary velvet loon pants wearing original Celtic-rockers, Horslips, the first band to successfully merge traditional influences with rock.

Track listing / Contributions:

1. Sword of Light – The Langer’s Ball
2. Dearg Doom – Bill Grogan’s Goat
3. The Shamrock Shore – The Mahones
4. Warm Sweet Breath of Love – Jake Burns (Stiff Little Fingers)
5. Fantasia (My Lagan Love) – Mark Cunningham (The Marshmen)
6. The Lady Wrestler – The Radiators from Space (Phil Chevron / The Pogues)
7. Trouble (With a Capital T) – The Indulgers
8. Speed the Plough – Dun Ringles
9. Come Back Beatles – The Teraways
10. Ferdia’s Song – Gerard Smith
11. The Man Who Built America – The Gobshites (with Richie Ramone)
12. New York Wakes – The Larkin Brigade


The LP with bonus 7″ and download card is available from Bandcamp and CDbaby.



James Fearnley (The Pogues): Great Scott, Boston, 9-18-2016

JamesThe small but enthusiastic crowd at Boston’s Great Scott were treated to a great night of music and banter by Pogues legend James Fearnley and friends. With accordion strapped on and in fine voice (despite complaints of a sweaty, smelly hand from holding the accordion), James took us through almost two hours of his post-Pogues material which he described in finest Yorkshire English as either “fast as fuck or slow as shite”. The material was pulled from the 1996 release he did with the Low and Sweet Orchestra and (I’m guessing) new material from the upcoming Cranky George release and despite early on telling us he would not play any Pogues material no matter how hard we stared at him the band ended the night with Drunken Boat (or at least that’s what I remember – corrections welcome). Tonight was a ton of fun and the band (basically a pick-up band for 3 shows – Boston, NYC and the Murphy’s Irish fest) had a tonne of laughs with former Dropkick Murphys Marc Orrell cracking up though out the night – I wish I know who the rest of the band were but introductions only got as far as the bass players first name – George – before taking a detour to a story about James trying to join Boy George’s Culture Club.. Mark Lind of Ducky Boys fame open up with some great acoustic roots rock with a nod to Springsteen.

James Fearnley of The Pogues live in Boston

Pogues legend James Fearnley plays Great Scott in Boston on Sunday, September 18th.
James is joined by Marc Orrell (ex-Dropkick Murphys) and Ted Hutt (a founding member of Flogging Molly)


Trouble Pilgrims – Instant Polaroid (The Man On The Bridge)

Dublin’s newest punk band channel the spirit of their ’77 punk roots. Trouble Pilgrims were formally the seminal Radiators from Space, Ireland’s first punk band. Instant Polaroid (the bands second single) reminisces back at a Dublin long gone with a genuine hard edged sound and authenticity that wouldn’t be outta place on TV Tube Heart.

Trouble Pilgrims - Instant Polaroid -The Single- - cover

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Help us fund a KickStarter project.

We (Shite’n’Onions) are running a kickstarter project to raise the funding to press on vinyl the latest album from legendary Irish punk band THE RADIATORS FROM SPACE. We’re nearly there but the last stretch is always the most difficult so please help us if you can.

Guests on the album include Terry Woods of THE POGUES, Eamon Carr of HORSLIPS and Henry McCullough of Joe Cocker & Paul McCartney fame. Philip Chevron of The Pogues is if you didn’t know already is the guitarist and co-lead vocalist of The Radiators.

The Pogues: Summer 2012

The Pogues have confirmed the following summer shows:

August 4 – Stockton, Stockton Weekender
August 7 – Cologne, Tanzbrunnen
August 8 – Hamburg, Stadtpark
August 9 – Berlin, Zitadelle
August 11 – Budapest, Sziget
August 17-19 – Somerset, Strummer of Love
September 11 – Paris, Olympia






















The September 11th gig in Paris will be recorded and filimed for a DVD / Live album, so if you are in Paris get your uglu mugs down there.

Jamie Clarke’s Perfect: Beatboys

I’m guessing this is the 5th release by Jamie Clarke’s Perfect that we’ve reviewed here at Castle S’n’O, so you all know the story of Jamie and his membership of The Pogues, replacing the might Philip Chevron and playing on and writing material for the final Pogues studio album, 1986’s, POGUE MAHONE. All the prior Perfect releases have been consistently strong – mixing folk, polka and other Cental and Eastern Eurpean souunds with Irish, punk and Pogues. BEATBOYS, I’d argue is Perfects best release to date, a bigger band, a bigger sound – Punk’n’Irish meets Rock-a-billy and strong Tutonic influence (Jamie is based in German) Highlights include, a great version of THE SUN THE MOON from POGUE MAHONE and Johnny / June Carter Cash inspired JACKSON and folk-a-billyBEATBOYS and pretty much everything on the album.


The Scallywag Show w/Barnacle Brian – Shitecast #36

Shitecast #36
A specialty Shitecast featuring The Radiators From Space. Includes new tracks, old tracks, solo tracks, and interview with guitarist, Pete Holidai. Go Buy the ablum Trouble Pilgrim from right now!


Joe Strummer

Television Screen

Interview with Pete Holidai

Trouble Pilgrim

Enemies / Pshycotic Reaction

Song Of The Faithful Departed

They’re Looting The Town

Phil Chevron 1000’s Are Sailing (Live)

Pete Holidai – Fallen Angel (solo)

Pete Holidai – Famesville (solo)


Philip Chevron’s (THE POGUES) band The Radaitors from Space have just released Trouble Pilgrim in the US through our goodselves at Shite’n’Onions. It’s a limited edition release including 250 copies on color vinyl (with CD insert).

Important message from Phil Chevron (The Pogues) – he needs your help

Here is a message from Philip Chevron the muched love guitar player from The Pogues – Philip needs your help funding the 4th album by his legendary punk The Radiators from Space – a cover album of important but forgotten early Irish rock bands: Horslips, Thin Lizzy, Them, Skid Row, Taste and a whole lot of other bands you’ve never heard of but set the ground work for the entire Iirsh rock scene. A 10 euro (approx $14) will get you a download of the album and more gets you more.

So if you can, help, if you can’t really, still help and Bono, if your reading this and I know you are, get out the fuckin cheque book (and that goes for you to Ken and Dave)

From Philip:

The Radiators (from Space) album project

Hi people

Many of you have already contributed to the funding budget of our new album which pays tribute to the Irish beat groups of the 1960s, an underexplored and undervalued era in the story of Irish Rock. In the nature of the “fund it” scheme, we may not be in a position to thank you all personally, but please know how much we appreciate your support.

Among the 36 pledges received so far, we have been fortunate to receive some very generous pledges but it should be noted too that the life-blood of this system is the smaller amounts, the 10, 30, 50, 100 and 250 Euro contributions.

Right now, for all this support, we are still some distance short of the target figure, the €11500 recording budget. With just four (4) days to go before the end of the funding period, we have raised just 36% of this amount, or €4180. But I felt it might be pertinent to issue a reminder that if the full target amount is not reached, none of the money already pledged becomes payable to us. Not a cent. Not a bean. Zip. Nada.

If you were planning to pledge to this, but have not had a chance to focus on it, now really is the time to do so, as by Tuesday next, it will be too late.

If you follow the link below, it will give you all the information you need about the album itself and about the how your €10/€1000 attaches you permanently to the creation of this album. As you will see, some donors have chosen to remain anonymous and others are happy to be named.

The music business has changed so much in the recent past that bands like The Radiators can no longer depend on record company support to get their big musical ideas heard above the din of Idols and Factors and other get-rich-quick/disappear-even-quicker schemes. Whatever else one may say about The Radiators from Space, after 35 years we cannot be counted as less than persistent! But then, our output is also still valued, cherished even, after all this time.

So, patronage, altruism, philantrophy, call it what you will, have become our support system as a recording entity. But don’t worry, it’s not so revolutionary a system that Susan Boyle and Jedward and James Blunt won’t still be there in the morning. They will, we promise.

Thank you once again if you have already supported this and thank you in advance if you are just about to.

It’s a great album, honest. We’ve heard it. We just haven’t paid for it yet.


Philip x