Shite’n’Onions Podcast#27 – A tribute to The Tossers

The Tossers – Good Mornin’ Da – Gloatin’ and Showboatin’ Live On St. Patrick’s Day

The Tossers – First League Out From Land – Purgatory

Meisce – When the guns have all been fired -Mutiny

The Fisticuffs – Johnny O’Reilly – Neatly Stumblin’

Mutiny – Police Strike Riot – Mutiny

Hugh Morrison – Ye Jacobites By Name – Robert Burns Rocks

The Tossers – Seven Curses – The First League Out From Land

Pete Berwick – Roadkill Blues – Just Another Day In Hell

Pól Mac Adaim – Trip To Jerusalem – Forsaken Land

The Swaggerin’ Growlers – Keep Your Head Held High – Keep Your Head Held High

The Tossers – Mad Riot – Long Dim Road

2008 Top 10 CDs

2008 Top 10 CDs

1. The Pogues – Just Look ‘em Straight in the Eye and Say “Pogue Mahone!” (Joint)

Sure it’s a comp., but it’s 5 feckin disks of stuff you’ve never heard – well worth the high sticker price.

1. The Go Set – The Rising (Joint)

The perfect combination of the rawness of the 1st CD and the maturity of 2 & 3.

2. The Tossers – On A Fine Spring Evening

More genius from The Tossers. The most consistant band in the scene.

3. JD and the Longfellows – Happy Hour Again

Offbeat greatness from the thinking mans drinking band.

4. The Wages Of Sin – Gringo Mariachi

The S’n’O message board popular choice.

5. Irish Stew of Sindidun – Dare to Dream

Professor Gommels #1 choice.

6. The Mighty Regis – Another Nickel for the Pope

Best new band of 2008.

7. The Dreadnoughts – Legends Never Die

Siobhan is dead, long live The Dreadnoughts.

8. Black 47 – Iraq

The best B47 release since “Green Suade Shoes” in 1996

9. Meisce – Shipwrecked in a Bottle

10. The Fisticuffs – Neatly Stumblin’ (Joint)

10. The Pubcrawlers – One Too Many Again (Joint)

10. The Porters – Anywhere but home (Joint)

Single of the Year

1. The Currency – 888

Honourable Mentions

In Search of a Rose – Kind Of Green
Corrigan Fest – La Victoire en Chantant
Boiled in Lead – Silver (Led Zeppelin meets Celtic rock)
Mr. Irish Bastard – The Bastard Brotherhood
Dirges – When Laughing got you Killed
The Righs – The Rivers Run Deep
Zydepunks – Finisterre
The Cherry Coke$ – Sail the Pint