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NECK: Here's Mud In Yer Eye!NECK: Here's Mud In Yer Eye!

Loud-n-proud-n-bold, Celtic punk from the same streets of North London that produced the Pogues and the Sex Pistols. For fans of Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys....

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Accross the Border 
German Folk-Punk 
Afro Celt Sound System   
An Cat Dubh    
Attila the Stockbroker  
Barley Juice    
Barry McCabe   Celtic Blues
Bates Motel    
Belfast Food   Croatian folk-rock w/strong Pogues influence
Belfast Punk    
Big Bad Bollocks   
Black 47  
Black Friday   
Bleeding Hearts    
Blood or Whiskey   The Barney Murray era
Blood or Whiskey The "New" band
Blyth Power    
Bogside Rogues Kick-Ass Irish Rock with Attitude 
Bower Brigade   Swedish Street Punk with a touch of Irish
Boys From The County Hell   Pogues Tribute Band
Brennan's Revenge  
Captain Tractor    
Casey Neill   
Catgut Mary   Traditional Australian Music with 10,000 Volts up its rear end.
Ceann Yankee Irish Drinking Music 
Celtic Legacy Celtic Metal - new web page
Charm City Saints Baltimore Irish Hooligans
Comiskey Players    
CON Political Rock music with Irish roots;
Cruachan   Celtic Metal
Culanns Hounds  
Danny McLaughlin  Uillean Pipes Master
Darkbuster  Boston Drunk Punk
Davy Spillane    
Dicey Reily   
Donnie Munro   Runrig 
Dropkick Murphys  
Eileen Q   German Celt-rock
Emerald    Celtic Punk'n'Rock'n'Hip Hip from Poland
Enter the Haggis  
Famous in 9 Years    
Fiddler's Green German alt Celt-rock w/ska and punk
Filthy Nelly Durty folkband from Europe
Filthy Thieving Bastards  
Finnegans Lads Dutch Irish-Folk-Punk 
Finns Fury ex Gale Force NYC
Flatfoot 56  
Flogging Molly     
Gaelic Storm  
Glengarry Bhoys    
Great Big Sea    
Greenland Whalefishers  
Hadrians Wall    
Hair of the Dog    
Hamell on Trial   
Hayseed Dixie    
Henry Marten's Ghost    
Hudson Falcons Jersey Punk'n'Roll
I Can Lick Any Son Of A Bitch In The House  
I Know Kung Fu  
Icewagon Flu    
In Search of a Rose   German equivalent of Oysterband 
Indian The Band   Features the great Pat McManus
Irish Rockers Irish Rock Database    
Jacky Tar    
Jake Burns    
Jamie Clarke & Perfect  
Jason Bennett & The Resistance  
JD and the Longfellows    
Jem Finer    
Joe Strummer    
Johnny Fean and Steve Travers   
Josh Lederman y Los Diablos
Junkman's Choir Scottish Semtexmex-Stompabilly-Shanty-Punk
Kings'of Nuthin  
K-Passa   British folk-rock along the lines of Whisky Priests
Lady Godiva    
Lancaster County Prison    
Larkin Brigade  
Los Langeros   Country'n'Trash from Co. Cork
Mael Mordha Gaelic Doom Metal
Mama's Boys Irish 80's Power Metal 
Marc O'Porter and the Folkabilly Bastards   Ex-Porters lead signer 
Mark Gilligan    
McDermott's Two Hours  
McGnarley's Rant    
Mick Thomas    
Mischief Brew   
Mobtown Hooligans   
Motel Blond ex-GC5 now done
Mutiny Gone Overboard    
Ned Ludd    
Needfire Celtic Rock from Dallas 
Nut Houseflowers    
Oi! N'ast  
Orthodox Celts    
Oysterband   UK Folk-Rock Vets
Paddy Goes To Holyhead    
Paddy Sweeney   Dublin City Ramblers
Paddy Wack    
Pádraig Mór   Irish Rebel Music
Pat McManus The great Pat McManus
Pater Moeskroen    
Pig Meat    
Polkaholix   German speed polka
Rick Barton and the Shadow Blasters   ex-Dropkick Murphys
Roaring Jack  
Rogue's March    
Rory Gallagher Irish Blues/Rock Master
Rum Rebellion Irish, Oi!, & Pirate/Sea Shanty
Runnin Riot   Belfast Oi
Saint Bushmill's Choir  
Salsa Celtica  
Seanchai Irish American Hip-Hop
Shane MacGowan   Official web page
Shane   Excellent German fan page (in English)
Shanes   German folk-punk with polka and gypsy stylings
Sharky Doyles  
Shenanigans!!!    More great music from Norway
Shilelagh Law  
Shooglenifty   Progressive Celtic music from Scotland
Skyclad Folk/Trash Metal
Spider Stacy and the Vendettas   A Pogue
Steve Earle  
Stiff Little Fingers  
Stout Fellows   Kiwi Celtic Rock
Suspect Device Boston Steet Punk
Swingin Utters    
T. Duggins THE TOSSERS frontman stripped down and undone
Tears for Beers    
That Petrol Emotion    
The American Wake    
The Barley Boys    Irish American Folk
The BibleCode Sundays  UK based trad. rock with some serious Rock genes 
The Bloody Irish Boys  
The Bourbon Knights Pirate Swing
The Brogues   Scottish Pogues Tribute Band 
The Buccaneers    
The Causeway Giants  
The Cray And Dempsey Experience  
The Crofters    
The Cropdusters    
The Dead Rabits   Pogues tribute from the U.K.
The Dolomites    
The Donegal X-Press    
The Druids    a Dutch Irish folk-band 
The Dubliners  
The Ducky Boys   Boston Street Punk
The Electrics  
The Fenians Southern California's finest Irish Rock Band
The GC5   Late great OH Punk Bank
The GO SET  PunkRock'n'BagPipes
The Hit The Bottle Boys  
The Hooligans    
The Indulgers  
The Kildares  
The Killigans  Irish/Punk/Folk/Country out of Lincoln NE
The Kissers  
The Lash   Poguesish folk-rock
The Levellers  
The Mahones  Canadian Legends 
The McCabes    
The Men They Couldn't Hang   London based peers of The Pogues
The Molly Maguires    
The Moondogs 70' Irish Pop-Punk
The Napper Tandies  
The Nips    
The Paddies    
The Pat McGuire Band  
The Peelers  
The Pogues   WHO?
The Pogues   Press Ganged: A history of the Pogues
The Popes   Shanes Backing Band
The Porters  
The Prodigals  
The Pubcrawlers New England Celtic Punk
The Radiators from Space  
The Real McKenzies Canadian-Scottish Punk Kings
The Rogues    
The Ruffians  
The Shantys    
The Skels  
The Sods  
The Steam Pig    
The Street Dogs Mike McColgans new band
The Surfin Turnips Cider Fuelled Pirate Folk Punk Westcountry Style 
The Swaggerin Growlers New England Irish Folk Punk 
The Tim Malloys   Bloody Irish Music
The Tossers Chicago's Kings of Irish-Punk
The Town Pants  
The Ukrainians     
The Undertones  
The USM  
The Wages of Sin  
The Zydepunks  Bayou Gypsy Punk 
Thin Lizzy    
Three Day Threshold  
Tommy and the Terrors    
Tower Struck Down    
Tricks Upon Travellers    
TUT2   Folk, jazz, rock, celtic
Wes Davey    
Wicked Tinkers  


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