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Beltaine's Fire - Celtic Hip-hop
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The Weapon of the Future

There is a place where protest ballads of the Celtic bards and conscious hip-hop music intersect. Beltaine's Fire taps that fusion in a way that is deeply rooted in tradition and history while being completely original. Beltaine's Fire has emerged from the fertile San Francisco progressive music scene. Drawing comparisons to groups as diverse as Michael Franti,  the Wolfe Tones, and Rage Against the Machine, the group recorded their first demo in 2006 with some help from Michael Mullen of Tempest.

During the summer of 2007, the band hit the road performing 19 shows in 9 cities in five months, and has averaged 2-3 shows a month in the year since; performing all over northern and central California at everything from underground rock and hip hop shows to anti-war rallies and a benefit for Iraqi refugees to a spot at the 2007 Livermore Scottish Highland Games.  In August 2008 they will be heading to New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia for their first East Coast tour and sharing the stage with progressing celtic acts like Seanchai & the Unity Squad, Finn's Fury, and Jameson's Revenge, followed by an appearance at the KVMR Celtic Festival in September alongside artists Celtic heavyweights like Solas, Molly's Revenge, and Enter the Haggis.

Their first album, The Weapon of the Future, was released Dec. 10, 2007 to critical acclaim. Albums Galore described it thus:  "Immensely listenable and always thought provoking, Weapon of The Future is highly recommended."

Their second album, Liberty, will be released in mid-august, 2008. 

August 21st - Thursday - 8 pm PUCK - Celtic Night Printers Alley Doylestown, PA 18901

August 23rd - Saturday - 9 pm - Celtic Collision - Galapagos Art Space - 70 N. 6th street  Brooklyn,NY Williamsburg  

August 29th - Friday - 8 pm - The Loft @ Taylors at the Olde Mille - 200 W. Marshall Street Norristown, PA 19401        

August 30th - Saturday - 8 pm - Barrington Coffee House and Café - 131 Clements Bridge Rd. Barrington, NJ  08007

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From Fat Wreck Chords:

The Real McKenzies are true gadabouts at heart. Fueled by an insatiable appetite for filthy punk shows, Scotch whisky, and all out mayhem, these kilt-clad punks continue on their quest to bring their patented brand of music to the masses.  The record will feature 13 brand new tracks, available on CD and LP.  In the meantime, listen to the first MP3 "The Lads Who Fought & Won".

The Tossers - New Recordings
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According to The Tossers myspace blog the band will be entering the studio shorty to start recording their next album.

13 tracks have been written so far, with more expected. No title has been announced.

The Kissers: Call it quits
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Long time Madison, WI based Celtic-rockers The Kissers are calling it quits after 10 hard years touring the highways and toilets of the USA. A farwell show is planned for June 9th at the High Noon Saloon in Madison.

A full explanation of the split was recently published in local Madison rag The Daily Page via an open letter from band founder Ken Fitzsimmons. It's intresting reading on the work and difficulty involved in trying to ""make it"" as a touring band.

Follow this link to read.

All at Shite'n'Onions wish the member of The Kissers the best in future endevers. They were a fine band and great people.

Just Look Them Straight in the Eye & Say...Pogue Mahone
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The Pogues long awaited 5CD box set will be released May 27th in the UK through Rhino.

Press Release - Rhino UK is pleased to announce a remarkable 5CD Box Set by The Pogues, at least three quarters of which comprises previously unreleased material while the remainder is made up of decidedly hard-to-find Pogues' rarities. Compiled by The Pogues with track by track annotations from Phil Chevron, there are a bountiful 111 tracks from 1983 demos (pre-dating their first recordings for Stiff Records) through to live recordings from 2001 Just Look Them Straight In The Eye is an absolute treasure trove of unreleased recordings for all Pogues' fans, spanning their entire career and featuring rehearsal recordings, b-sides, out-takes, rare mixes, BBC sessions plus recordings with Steve Earle, Joe Strummer and, of course, Kirsty MacColl. Alongside these are unreleased soundtrack recordings from Sid and Nancy, Garbo and Straight To Hell, alternate versions of Pogues' classics like "Fairy Tale Of New York" and "Rainy Night In Soho" and a generous selection of live recordings The box set rounds off with live tracks from The Pogues' triumphant reunion shows at Brixton running up to Christmas 2001. The Pogues are already scheduled to play a number of major festivals this summer including Ireland's Oxygen Festival and T In the Park in July and the V Festivals in August.

The CD is availiable in the States at heafty import prices from Amazon (Phil how about shipping a copy to s'n'o for review?)

Track listing (thanks to NJPADDY) is:

1 Kerry Polka
2 Rocky Road To Dublin
3 Boys From The County Hell (radio edit)
4 NW3
5 Donegal Express/The Hen And The Cock Go To Carrickmacross (rehearsal)
6 Do You Believe In Magic (outtake/rough mix)
7 Hot Asphalt
8 Danny Boy (Peel session 4 Dec 1984)
9 Maggie May
10 Haunted (Sid And Nancy)
11 Travelling People (rehearsal)
12 Eve Of Destruction (outtake)
13 My Baby's Gone (demo)
14 North Sea Holes
15 Garbo (aka In And Out)
16 Last Of McGee (outtake)
17 Afro Cuban Bebop (alt. mix/I Hired A Contract Killer) - Strummer, Joe & The Astro-Physicians
18 Young Ned Of The Hill (dub)
19 Pinned Down/I'm Alone In The Wilderness (outtake)
20 When The Ship Comes In (demo)
21 Waxie's Dargle (live in Sweden 1985)

1 Repeal Of The Licensing Laws (demo)
2 Dark Streets Of London (demo)
3 Greenland Whale Fisheries (demo)
4 Streams Of Whiskey (demo)
5 Auld Triangle (Peel session 10 Apr 1984)
6 Poor Paddy On The Railway (Kid Jensen session 21 Jun 1984)
7 Sea Shanty (demo)
8 Transmetropolitan (demo)
9 Kitty (demo)
10 Boys From The County Hell (Kid Jensen session 21 Jun 1984)
11 Connemara Let's Go (aka Down In The Ground Where The Dead Men Go/demo)
12 Billy's Bones (Janice Long session 3 Jul 1985)
13 Old Main Drag (Janice Long session 3 Jul 1985)
14 Sally MacLennane (Peel session 4 Dec 1984)
15 Town That Never Sleeps
16 Something Wild
17 Driving Through The City
18 Rainy Night In Soho (oboe version)
19 Fairytale Of New York (extract from 1st demo)
20 Fairytale Of New York (extract from 2nd demo)
21 Fairytale Of New York (extract from 3rd demo)
22 Navigator (live in Sweden 1985)

1 Aria
2 Good The Bad And The Ugly (Straight To Hell)
3 Haunted (demo)
4 Love Theme (outtake/Sid And Nancy)
5 Junk Theme (Sid And Nancy)
6 Glued Up And Speeding (Sid And Nancy)
7 Paris (Sid And Nancy)
8 Needle For Paddy Garcia (Sid And Nancy)
9 JB 57 (outtake/Sid And Nancy)
10 Bowery Snax/Spiked (Sid And Nancy)
11 Hot Dogs With Everything (Sid And Nancy)
12 Rince Del Emplacada
13 Rake At The Gates Of Hell (Janice Long session 10 Oct 1986)
14 Turkish Song Of The Damned (Janice Long session 10 Oct 1986)
15 If I Should Fall From Grace With God (Janice Long session 10 Oct 1986)
16 Battle March (demo)
17 Lullaby Of London (demo)
18 Shanne Bradley (demo)
19 Streets Of Sorrow (demo)
20 Thousands Are Sailing (backing track with guide vocal/extract)
21 Balinalee (outtake)
22 Nicaragua Libre (outtake)
23 Japan (live in Tokyo 1988)

1 Sally MacLennane (live at the Barrowlands, Glasgow 17 or 19 Dec 1987)
2 Pair Of Brown Eyes (live at the Barrowlands, Glasgow 17 or 19 Dec 1987)
3 Kitty (live at the Barrowlands, Glasgow 17 or 19 Dec 1987)
4 Maggie May (live at the Barrowlands, Glasgow 17 or 19 Dec 1987)
5 Dirty Old Town (live at the Barrowlands, Glasgow 17 or 19 Dec 1987)
6 Sickbed Of Cuchulainn (live at the Barrowlands, Glasgow 17 or 19 Dec 1987)
7 Fiesta (7" remix)
8 If I Should Fall From Grace With God (12" remix)
9 Johnny Come Lately Steve Earle
10 Boat Train (demo)
11 Night Train To Lorca (demo)
12 Mistle Thrush (outtake)
13 Got A Lot Of Livin' To Do
14 Victoria
15 Murder (version 1)
16 Lust For Vomit
17 Wake Of The Medusa (demo)
18 Black Dogs Ditch (outtake)
19 Aisling (outtake)
20 Murder (version 2/outtake)
21 Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah (12" remix)
22 Maidrin Rua (outtake)
23 Johnny Come Lately (live 1989)

1 Johnny Was (Sexy Bongo)
2 Miss Otis Regrets/Just One Of Those Things - Pogues & Kirsty MacColl
3 All The Tears That I Cried - MacColl, Kirsty
4 One And Only - MacColl, Kirsty
5 Biddy Mulligan The Pride Of The Coombe (live at Brixton Academy 15 Jul 1991) - Pogues & Chieftains
6 Lillibulero/The White Cockade (live at Brixton Academy 15 Jul 1991) - Pogues & Chieftains
7 Afro Cuban Bebop (single version)
8 Turkish Song Of The Damned (live at The Forum, London 12 Dec 1991) - Pogues & Joe Strummer
9 London Calling (live at The Forum, London 12 Dec 1991) - Pogues & Joe Strummer
10 I Fought The Law (live at The Forum, London 12 Dec 1991) - Pogues & Joe Strummer
11 Girl From The Wadi Hammamat (demo)
12 Moving To Moldova (demo)
13 Call My Name (outtake)
14 Sun And The Moon (demo)
15 Living In A World Without Her (demo)
16 Who Said Romance Is Dead (demo)
17 Sound Of The City Night (demo)
18 Four O'Clock In The Morning (demo)
19 Star Of The County Down (live at Brixton Academy 21 or 22 Dec 2001)
20 White City (live at Brixton Academy 21 or 22 Dec 2001)
21 Recruiting Sergeant/The Rocky Road To Dublin/The Galway Race (live at Brixton Academy 21 or 22 Dec 2001)
22 Parting Glass/Lord Santry's Fairest Daughter (live at Brixton Academy 21 or 22 Dec 2001)

News from Phil Chevron - The Pogues
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from Philip Chevron

to the many anonymous members of the Church of the Blind Carbon Copy

Friends -

Many of you - most of you - will have received the whingeing mass mailouts I sent out twice last year to y'all, when I was struck down with Cancer of the Throat and Neck and in no position to keep in touch with you all individually. As I made no bones about the fact then that the treatment - 7 doses of Chemotherapy and 35 of Radiotherapy - was a living hell of sorts, I will not attempt to disguise my joy that I have recently been declared "disease-free". There are follow-up biopsies in progress to assess risks in other parts of my body, and I have yet to fully reclaim the art of swallowing and eating, and I do still get tired easily but, in the overall context, this has to be considered very good news.

I never did actually make it to the full Seven Chemos. After the Sixth, I lost 90% of hearing in my left ear (the right ear is already, of course, deaf, as most of you know), at which point, the Chemo was abruptly withdrawn. "New thinking in the USA", my oncologist's registrar explained, " indicates that Five Chemo sessions are sufficient for your condition." Gee, thanks, Doc! Deafen me first, why dontcha? About the worst thing that can happen to a Musician is to lose his or her hearing and this development was devastating. Nobody offered me any hope whatsoever that my hearing would return, least of all the Oncology Team and its attendant Eye Nose Ear Throat specialists. I underwent intensive audiology tests in both Dublin and Nottingham and in both cases was told to put recovery out of my mind. And so it was, after a month of exceptional unhappiness, I spent 4000 Euros (£3000/$6000) on a state-of-the-art Digital Hearing Aid and embarked upon a period in which I struggled to lead as regular a life as the twin handicaps of deafness and the after-effects of Chemo and Radio therapies allowed.

But one day, about three months in, just as I was beginning to accept that the rest of my life as a musician, as a man, would be compromised by this, and started in on the inspirational Evelyn Glennie autobiography, the hearing just returned. Gradually at first, and then almost fully, which is where it has stayed ever since. None of my doctors sought the reason for this reversal and neither, to be honest, did I. We were all so relieved that we just didn't bother looking the gift horse in the mouth.

And so, thanks in great part to the TLC ministrations of my dear mother, who is still supervising my convalescence back home in Dublin, I have been slowly but certainly coming out of the fog. Although I have not worked with either The Pogues or The Radiators From Space since March 2007, I did actually manage to put together a 5-CD Pogues box set (rarities, demos, outtakes, that kinda thing) which will be released in April and which, I am convinced, is the hardest work I ever did with The Pogues; and I also oversaw the release in Europe/UK of the Radiators' third album Trouble Pilgrim which, I now realise, I had somehow managed to make (in 2006) when I was already sick. Now, as 2008 kicks off, I am determined to work again with both bands this year. In addition, I have had at least two serious theatrical/musical commissions which I am very much looking forward to.

You folks have been universally kind and helpful and understanding all this time and I love you for it. I will always remember the support, moral and practical, I received from so many of you.


Lots of love

Philip C

Black 47: Iraq
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Black 47's new CD, IRAQ, will be released nationally March 4th on United for Opportunity Music.

Premier Irish-American rock group campaigns for Iraq on latest album.

IRAQ is Black 47’s twelfth CD release and first for United For Opportunity Music. The band has been steadfast in its opposition to the war, singing about and speaking out on the issue at every gig since before the invasion.

IRAQ includes a batch of new songs written and recorded in the summer of ’07 along with several composed by leader, Larry Kirwan, over the course of the war. Inspiration for the characters often came from the point-of-view of fans that served in Iraq and shared their experiences. Earlier versions of “Downtown Baghdad Blues” and “Southside Chicago Waltz” have already made their way to Iraq and Afghanistan and are firm favorites with the troops in those theaters.

The band employs an ever-broadening mélange of New York styles: rock, reggae, hip-hop, folk, Irish traditional, downtown noise and jazz and blues. The new songs range from the driving rock and pop of “Stars and Stripes” and “Sunrise Over Brooklyn” through the black humored blues of “Sadr City” to the gentler and folksier “Ballad of Cindy Sheehan” and “Ramadi.”

Set for release March 4, 2008, Larry Kirwan explains the mission statement of IRAQ:

One of the saddest periods of my life was between 2003 and 2005 while Black 47 was opposing the war in Iraq. Oddly enough, the invasion was set in motion on St. Patrick’s Day 2003. And on that night at the Knitting Factory in NYC, we became a lightning rod in the resistance to the war: scuffles erupted, people walked out, CDs were smashed. Forget about green beer, what a way to celebrate St. Patrick!

However, one could argue that we had the pedigree for the occasion. Since November 1989, Black 47 has worked to change the political and economic system in the North of Ireland and we’re well used to controversy. Indeed, it wasn’t the vilification from barstool patriots that was troubling; rather, it was the number of grateful emails that we received from people who felt that they themselves could not speak out publicly for fear of losing jobs or prestige in their communities. What kind of republic had we become when our citizens were afraid to voice their views?

Black 47 rarely plays to the converted. Because of our background, we’ve always had as strong a right wing of cops, firemen and conservatives as a left of students, radicals, and the working disaffected - with neither side afraid to vent its views. We also take pride in keeping in touch with our fans, many of whom traditionally join the Service as a way to fund their college education or mortgage. Add to those the many who enlisted in response to 9/11 and it’s easy to see why we have had no shortage of information from those actually doing the fighting in Iraq.

Hence our latest CD, IRAQ – an attempt to portray in song what’s actually going on over there. A warped ideology caused this war and, even though we’re against it, the last thing the country needs right now is more didactic posturing.

However, there is a special tribute to a special American in the “Ballad of Cindy Sheehan;” for her protest in September 2005 over the death of her son, I feel, led to a turning in the tide of public opinion. Coincidence or not, from that month on the level of hostility at our shows lessened. After almost five years, I have been warned that the public is “numb” from this war. Numb my arse! As a young marine states in the “Battle of Fallujah,” “and if there’s a draft you know damn well yourself this war would be over by dawn…” Likewise, if the “numb” had a relative or loved one serving in Baghdad they might feel a little less disassociated from a conflict that is bleeding us morally, financially and physically.

IRAQ is Black 47’s small contribution to raising the consciousness of this country so that we bring our people home in an orderly manner, treat them with care and dignity when they get here, and never again have them fight an unnecessary war.

Larry Kirwan

Black 47

The Tossers - new CD/DVD
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The Tossers are putting a live CD/DVD out on March 4th, '08. The CD will feature their set from St. Patrick's Day 2006 and the DVD will feature the same show with extras. The band are still working the details out but it looks and sounds great.

ShamrockFest '08
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Shamrock Fest '07 will be held on March 15th at RFK Stadium, Washington DC this year. The fest can quite easily claim to be the biggest Celtic Rock/Punk event in the world with 15,000 attending last year.

This years line up includes:
Street Dogs
The Tossers
Carbon Leaf
Great Big Sea
Charm City Saints
The PubCrawlers
Icewagon Flu

Dropkick Murphys - St. Patricks Shows announced
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02/28 Seattle, WA Showbox SoDo
02/29 Portland, OR Roseland Theater
03/01 Reno, NV New Oasis
03/02 Anaheim, CA The Grove
03/03 Phoenix, AZ Marquee Theatre
03/04 Albuquerque, NM Midnight Rodeo/Gotham
03/05 Denver, CO Filllmore Auditorium
03/06 Oklahoma City, OK Diamond Ballroom
03/07 Austin, TX Stubb's
03/08 Dallas, TX House of Blues
03/10 St Louis, MO Pageant Theater
03/11 Indianapolis, IN Murat Egyptian Room
03/12 Chicago, IL Congress Theatre
03/14 Dorchester, MA Local 103 IBEW Hall Doors 1 PM
03/15 Lowell, MA Tsongas Arena Doors 1 PM
03/16 Boston, MA The Paradise 18+ show - tickets on sale January 12th
03/17 Boston, MA The Paradise 18+ show - tickets on sale January 12th

The Ruffians - New CD in the works
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NYCs The Ruffians are hard at work on their new CD with their new bass player/producer Andrew Goodsight (Black47,Jeff Buckley,Love spit love).

The band will be shooting a few videos to help promote the record. Anyone interested in being in any of the live show scenes should email the band at [email protected] for more detail.

The Popes - OUTLAW HEAVEN - New CD
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The Shaneless Popes plan to release their new CD "OUTLAW HEAVEN" in Spring '08. Chris Brown of Radiohead production fame is mixing.
Tracks include Outlaw Heaven, Back In Your Heart, Shine, Slip Away (One Grain At The Time), Crucifed, Raw, Angels, Boys Don't Cry, Don't Let The Bastards Gring You Down amongst others.

Flogging Molly - Float & Green 17
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Flogging Mollys new CD, Float is due out March 4, 2008, through SideOneDummy. Float was recorded at Grouse Lodge Studios in Westmeath, Ireland. FM worked with co-producer/engineer/mixer extraordinaire Ryan Hewitt, whose credits include Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Frusciante, Alkaline Trio, Cat Power and RHCP.

Interpunk has posted a full track listing for Float:

1 Requiem For A Dying Song
2 Paddy's Lament
3 Float
4 You Won't Make A Fool Out Of Me
5 Lightning Storm
6 Punk Drunk Grinning Soul
7 Us Of Lesser Gods
8 Between A Man And A Woman
9 On The Back Of A Broken Dream
10 Man With No Country
11 The Story So Far

FM have also announced their annual Green 17, St. Patricks tour

February 2008
1 - Austin, TX - Stubb's Bar-B-Q
2 - Tulsa, OK - Cain's Ballroom
3 - Dallas, TX - House of Blues
5 - Kansas City, MO - The Beaumont Club
6 - Sauget, IL - Pop's
8 - Columbus, OH - Lifestyles Community Pavilion
9 - Detroit, MI - The Fillmore
10 - Indianapolis, IN - The Vogue
12-13 - Cleveland, OH - House of Blues
14 - Covington, KY - Madison Theatre
15-16 - Chicago, IL - House of Blues
18 - Toronto, Ontario - Kool Haus
19 - Montreal, Quebec - Metropolis
20 - Worcester, MA - The Palladium
21 - Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance
22 - Buffalo, NY - Town Ballroom
23 - Rochester, NY - Water Street Music Hall
27-28 - New York, NY - The Fillmore at Irving Plaza
29 - Atlantic City, NJ - House of Blues

March 2008
1 - Baltimore, MD - Rams Head Live!
2 - Richmond, VA - The National
3 - Norfolk, VA - NorVa
5 - Charlotte, NC - Tremont Music Hall
6 - Atlanta, GA - Tabernacle
7 - Lake Buena Vista, FL - House of Blues
8 - St. Petersburg, FL - Jannus Landing
9 - New Orleans, LA - House of Blues
11 - Houston, TX - Warehouse Live
14-15 - Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues
17 - Mesa, AZ - Mesa Amphitheatre

Pogues US Tour 2008
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The Pogues have announced East Coast shows in March 2008.

March 5 & 6: Chicago, IL Riviera Theatre
March 9: Washington, DC 9:30 Club
March 12: Baltimore, MD Rams Head
March 15 & 16: New York NY Roseland Ballroom
March 19: Boston, MA Orpheum

MacGowan/Winehouse Duet?
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According to THe Daily Star, Pogues front man, Shane MacGowan and front page drunk chick, Amy Winehouse are working on a duet that’s been dubbed “the new Fairytale Of New York”.
A sorce close to shane was quoted as saying “It’s called Love Hurts and is a reply song to the Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons classic.”. Here to hoping Amy doesn't OD before the song is done.

Larry Kirwan - The Heart has a Mind of Its Own
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Black 47's Larry Kirwan has a new play opening off-off-Broadway this coming Wednesday (Sept. 12th)

Lieutenant Brian Murphy, NYPD, died when the Towers fell that morning. Three years later truth and memory blur as his family continues to struggle with their grief and rage. Though their hero's shadow still looms large, it cannot obscure certain inconsistencies that force the family to come to terms with the enigma of Brian.

If your in NYC and want to pretend your just a little cultured then go down to:
48 W 21st Street, 4th floor NYC
212-501-4069 for reservations/information

September 2007
all shows at 8PM unless noted
12th (Wednesday)
13th (Thursday)
14th (Friday)
16th (Sunday)
22nd (Saturday)
23rd (Sunday) at 2:30pm
25th (Tuesday)
28th (Friday)
29th (Saturday)
30th (Sunday) at 2:30pm

Paddy Rock Vol. 3 - Out on September 15, 2007
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Our friends over a release Paddy Rock Vol. 3 on September 15th.

Artists include:
The Elders
The Sandcarvers
Fiddle's Green
Brendan Loughrey
Mr. Irish Bastard
Catgut Mary
The American Wake
Wild Colonial Bhoys
Finn's Fury
The Pubcrawlers
The Ceili Family

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Cherry Red Records have released a new The Men They Couldn’t Hang DVD ‘Never Born to Follow’ – A gig filmed at the Newcastle Live Theatre in1998. The Men They Couldn’t Hang had been evading the noose for 14 years when they played this show on 16th May 1998. At that time this venue was one of the guys' favourites and, this night, Johnny Parker (buddy, van driver and general all rounder) had brought along a couple of video cameras and with the help of his sister and some friends put together what was to become the main feature of this DVD. The set is a perfect snapshot of the band at that time. The core is made up of ‘classic’ TMTCH songs combined with ‘The Eye’, ‘Our Day’ and ‘Never Born To Follow’ from the album of the same name released 1 ½ years previously on Demon Records. 1997 was to see Demon release TMTCH’s ‘Six Pack’ EP and from that ‘Nightbird’ and an exceptionally rare performance of ‘The Wonder of it All’ make an appearance

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With Proclaimers, Travis, Eddi Reader, John Mayall, Oysterband, Tunng, Bruce Cockburn, Po' Girl, Steve Ashley, Michael Weston King, Damien Barber, Folk Rock In The Theatre plus free cover mounted CD featuring tracks from Runrig, Ron Sexsmith, Brian Houston,Homespun (featuring Mary Coughlan),The Waterboys, Helen J. Hicks, Winter, Hummingbird,Big Country, Joe Brown, Rob McCulloch, Blair Harvey, Showstar and Pete Shelley.
Plus over 150 reviews, letters, news etc.
You can still claim 5 free CDs by subscribing or it's still only £4.25 from any WH Smiths, Borders, HMV, Virgin, Fopp or independent newsagents and book and record stores. If you don't see it they can order it. We're distributed by Comag. We’re also available at Borders, Barnes & Noble and many other shops in the States.

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The Pogues Roll Into Town For The First Randall Rootz Festival

ORGANISERS of the inaugural Randall Rootz Festival have revealed that members of world famous punk-folk band, The Pogues, will take centre stage at the three day event.
Drummer Andrew Ranken and whistle player Spider Stacy have confirmed that they will play on the opening night of the festival at The Brewery Tap, in Westgate, Peterborough, on Friday, August 17.
The two will play with Pogues tribute band, The Dead Rabbits, who are headlining on the night.
The Randall Rootz Festival has been organised in memory of talented city percussionist Mark Randall, who sadly died from cancer in February. Mark (34) played drums with The Dead Rabbits, which inspired the festival committee to ask Andrew Ranken to play the festival in tribute to Mark. Mr Ranken said: "“We would love to be Dead Rabbits for the day and can’t wait to play Peterborough for the first time.”
Spider Stacy's decision to join in the festivities was an added boost for organisers.
Mark’s partner, Pat Murphy, said, “This is a great coup for the Randall Rootz Festival and gives us enormous credibility to be able to bring such big names to the city at our first attempt at putting on a festival in Mark’s memory. He would be so proud.”
The Dead Rabbits will be supported by Angry Man on the Friday, and proceeds from the festival will go to Sue Ryder Care at Thorpe Hall, where Mark was cared for in his final weeks.
Meanwhile, on Saturday, August 18, the festival continues in the Charters' beer garden, next to Town Bridge, with music starting at midday and running until the early hours.
The family-friendly day is free and open to all, with face-painting and story-telling for the kids, and live music from many of the acts that Mark was involved with.
The acts confirmed to play include Groove Cartel (soul/funk), King Kool (garage/rock), Flaming June (folk), Chris Watson (jazz/rock), One Eyed Cats (rock ‘n roll), Pooks Hill (alternative folk), The Surgens (twisted country blues), Holyman Jones (soulful blues) and The Gansters (ska & reggae). The festival will wind down on Sunday, August 19, with an Irish folk jam held at Charters throughout the afternoon.
Festival committee chairman Andrew Whittaker said a special Randall Rootz Beer will be provided by Oakham Ales especially for the festival, which will also feature a mini beer festival at Charters. He added: "We wanted to create an event that everyone will remember. We aim to start this new festival for Peterborough as we mean to go on, with lots of talent on offer and money raised for a very good cause." Tickets for the Friday night entertainment will go on sale in July and cost £10 - all of which will go to Thorpe Hall Hospice.
All acts taking part in the festival are performing free of charge. For more details about the festival, visit on line. To buy tickets, call into The Brewery Tap, Charters, Hereward Radio or call Andrew Whittaker on 07860 770005.

Philip Chevron takes medical leave from The Pogues
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Philip Chevron takes medical leave from The Pogues For the first time since they reunited in December 2001, the Pogues are one man down. Guitarist Philip Chevron, who wrote the band’s emigration classic “Thousands Are Sailing”, will not be present for the band’s shows in summer and fall, 2007. At the beginning of June Philip was unexpectedly diagnosed with a strand of “locally advanced” throat cancer which requires immediate medical attention. This decision to suspend his live work has the complete support of the other Pogues who wish him a good and complete recovery. Though it is not yet known when Chevron will return to live work, it is hoped that he will again be available towards the end of this year.
Taken from........

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The band returns to Ireland in November 2007 and once again they're looking for new recruits to join the tour. Hammond Tours is providing the travel package that gets you on the road with Black 47. Check out the tour itinerary to see the many destinations. Read the forum to talk to veterans of our past Ireland tours. It's the only way to see Ireland, so call 866-486-8772 to book your trip now.

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The Pogues have announced that there are likely to be 11 shows on the West Coast of the USA between October 17 and November 2 . The shows are most likely going to be in Seattle, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Anaheim and San Diego.

Other Pogues shows announced
August 10 - Way Out West festival in Gothenburg, Sweden
August 12 - Lokersen Festival 2007, Belgium
SEPTMBER 9 - Celtic Roots 2007 Festival , Beacon Park, Lichfield, UK

Zydepunks: New Album
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Look for a new Zydepunks album in mid-July. We will have an official release on August 25th in New Orleans at a venue to be announed, along with a CD release in Lafayette on August 31st.

THE MAHONES: The Irish Punk Collection 2007
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The Mahones from Toronto are planning to release a complete career retrospective for all the new Paddy Punk Fans that are trying to find out about their music. The Mahones are the longest running Celtic Punk band in North America going back as far as 1990.

1. Queen and Tequila
2. Drunken Lazy Bastard
3. Paint The Town Red
4. Whiskey Devils
5. Drunken Night In Dublin
6. Streets Of New York
7. Across The USA
8. Shake Hands For The Devil
9. Amsterdam Song
10. Celtic Pride
11. Irish Rover
12. Going Back To Dublin
13. Down The Boozer
14. London
15. Whiskey In The Jar
16. Is This Bar Open Til’ Tomorrow
17. Drunken Lazy Bastard (Live)

NECK: Sign with GOLF Records in the UK
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Megaloud London-Irish Celtic Rockers have signed to Golf Records in the UK. Golf will be re-releasing both previousl full lenght releases'Here's mud in yer eye!' and 'Sod 'em & begorrah!' and the new album, 'Plastic 'n' Proud'

You luck sods in the UK can check the band out at various UK festivals this summer:

June 15th: Glastonwick Festival, Coobes, West Sussex
June 16th: Thimbleferry Music Festival, Stanhope, County Durham
June 21st & 24th: Glastonbury Festival, (our fifth year) , Left Field Stage (+ more TBA) Pilton, Somerset
June 29th: Anarchist Undertones, Punx of the Jungle Stage @ Javez Clegg, Manchester
July 7th: Caistor Celtic Festival, Caistor, Lincolnshire
July 12th: Guildford City Social Club, Guildford
July 20th: Wickerman Festival, East Kirkcarswell, Scotland
July 21st: Cockermouth Rock Festival, Cockermouth, Cumbria
July 22nd: The Underworld, Camden, London
July 27th: Maker Sunshine Festival, Mt. Edgecumbe, Cornwall
July 28th: Music on the Hill Festival, Watlington, Oxfordshire
July 29th: The Acoustic Festival of Britain, Nantwich, Cheshire
August 5th: Wickham Festival, Wickham, Hampshire
August 9th: Rebellion Festival (also our fifth year), Blackpool, Lancashire
August 10th: Endorse-it-in-Dorset Festival, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset
August 25th: Solfest Festival, Silloth, Cumbria
August 31st: Trillians, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
September 2nd: Kilburn Irish Festival, Roundwood Park, London

+ more to be announced, & we'll also have a UK Tour in September & a European one later in the year....

Updated NECK bio:

"A riproaring, irrepressible ‘PsychoCeilídh’ sound matured over six years of furious global gigging!" Known as 'The Heavy Artillery of Irish Music', the LondonIrish band juxtaposes, perfectly, the swirling, spiritual abandon of authentic Traditional Irish music: (fiddle, tinwhistle, banjo and Uilleann bagpipes) ; with the riproaring, electric energy of a fullon Punk band! This is all toppedoff with the raucous, passionate vocals of songsmith Leeson O'Keeffe… a man with the undeniable pedigree of having stood beside Shane MacGowan in his band The Popes, as well as having guested on banjo with The Alabama 3, of TV’s “The Soprano’s” fame.

Their rowdy, uplifting live show's now established them as International Festival favourites from Moscow (in front of 7,000) to Texas: they had an antiracist single 'Everybody's welcome to The Hooley!' in the UK Top 100 & Indie charts in March 2006 while the band were at SXSW in Austin. They've done six U.S. Tours & countless European, UK & Irish ones hitting audiences square between the ears and raising new fans with every gig they've played; including with their U.S. contemporaries (& mates) The Dropkick Murphys & Flogging Molly. They headline small festivals in Europe & 2nd stages of larger ones (i.e. Paas Pop, Holland). And, amongst others, it's their fifth year at Glasonbury & Rebellion / Wasted in the UK this year. + They got encores at The Levellers' Beautiful Days & Solfest Festivals last year.

Added to that, Boston’s 'Irish Punk' radio station/ webzine/ compilation album that revels in all things Emerald and Loud is named for the Neck tune, ‘Shite & Onions’ and their "PsychoCeilídh" e.p. featured strongly in a New York's Irish Voice Top Ten releases chart, which included U2 and Sinéad O'Connor!
Make no mistake with their roots, understanding & command of the music, NECK are most certainly the real deal when it comes to proper Irish Folkfuelled Punk! Bring The Hooley!

McDermott’s 2 Hours go "Back to the Mad House
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Goodbye To The Madhouse by McDermott’s 2 Hours is the first non-Levellers release from Otf recordings. It sees the band return to the form of their highly acclaimed first studio album, The Enemy Within, combining the song-writing genius of Nick Burbridge with traditional-type tune arrangements, augmented by bass and kit drums. Core members, singer and guitarist Burbridge, fiddler Ben Paley, and bass player Matt Goorney, are joined by multi-instrumentalist Tim Cotterell, and many others, including The Levellers’ Charlie Heather, to produce a record set to be a milestone in contemporary folk-rock. Produced by Tim Cotterell and Jeremy Cunningham, and mastered by Jon Sevink, the album continues their close association with The Levellers while restoring McDermotts to their own unique place in the scheme of things.

Join the Celtic Lounge
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Celtic Lounge is a new social networking site - a sort of myspace for Paddys, Jocks and other assorted Celts. The site is being run by friends of Shite'n'Onions - Mike Farragher and Larry Kirwin (Black 47 fame). As to be expected with these two guys involved there is a strong Celtic Rock component - with a really great online station streaming Celtic Rock 7/24. Check it out, give 'em your support and add me as a friend.

Celtic Lounge
Press Release an online community/webzine that will serve a worldwide audience of 80 million Celts

Black 47’s Larry Kirwan and Irish Voice columnist Mike Farragher are launching a unique international online community for all Celts and those who admire Celtic Culture. will also offer a webzine devoted to the music, art and literature of the Celtic people. In a very user-friendly site members will build their own profiles, share ideas, pictures, favorite songs and writings, all the while making friends as they listen to Celtic Lounge Radio play the music of member artists. will be a place to relax, create, see and be seen.

“In my ten years writing for the Irish Voice, I have seen Celtic musicians reach across the globe and collaborate with players from other civilizations to create thrilling sounds that redefine our culture,” says Farragher. “That vibrant spirit has little to do with green beer, shamrocks and drunken leprechauns. will be an online community for original thinkers and those who would like to interact with them.”

The need for such a site struck co-founder Larry Kirwan while on the road promoting his autobiography, Green Suede Shoes. “I was driving back to Manhattan from Cleveland and dozing off at the wheel with still over 400 miles to go. I knew there had to be an easier way to reach an audience.” As the leader of one of the most influential bands in Irish Americana, Kirwan, like many others, has experienced first hand the difficulty in breaking through tight radio formats. “There is a massive international audience for Celtic music, very little of which gets on radio or TV. intends to provide such a forum for artists as diverse as Flogging Molly and Enya, Alan Stivell and The Peatbog Fairies. We wish to create a social space where people who love things Celtic can gather, hear the music, read the books, create their own individual pages and meet other people of like minds.” will be a space where all Celtic artists can share their craft with over 60 million people claiming Celtic ancestry in the United States and millions more living in the nations of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, The Isle of Man, Cornwall, Brittany, Asturias, Galicia, and other Celtic oriented countries such as Australia and Canada. “Musicians and writers are not our only interest,” says Farragher. “If you have an organization, are a travel agent, pub owner or businessperson who in some way caters to things Celtic, will help you expand your community.”

“Our goal in launching this space is nothing short of redefining what it is to be a Celt by changing the way Celtic artists deliver their work to a people deeply in love with their roots,” says Kirwan.

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The Pogues will be performing shows in March, 2007 in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Boston.

Dates and venues are:

March 5 & 6 - Congress Theatre / Chicago, IL
March 10 - Avalon / Boston, MA
March 11 - Orpheum / Boston, MA
March 14 - Roseland Ballroom / New York, NY
March 16 - Electric Factory / Philadelphia, PA

General availability of tickets through the usual outlets will begin on Jan 20.

Hensley leaves Flogging Molly - Offical
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Flogging Molly press release

Hello FM Faithful.

We are saddened to announce that Matt Hensley will no longer be touring with Flogging Molly. We fully support Matt and his decision and wish him nothing but the best in all of his future endeavors. Matt has written a letter to you, the fans, as he wanted to share his very personal reasons for his departure and to let you know how grateful he is for your years of support.

First let me say that it has been an honor to play with Flogging Molly for the last 10 years. I would have never thought that playing the accordion, an instrument that almost got me shot when I first was learning, would have led me down a road to Molly Malone's, Dave King, and an extended family called Flogging Molly. I have been blessed to be so lucky. I am writing this to tell you that I am leaving the band. This decision was not easy for me. I have an eight year old son Oliver who is becoming a little man, and the feeling that he needs his old man around is becoming too strong for me to ignore. The older my son gets the harder it is for me to leave him behind to go out on tour. Flogging Molly, as you know, is a hard working band that tours most of the year; I would never try to change that. I must follow my guts and step down. I'm departing the band but I will never leave what Flogging Molly has meant to the fans and myself. I look forward to playing on some songs when the band is in San Diego.

I would like to thank all the loyal Flogging Molly fans for the support that you have given throughout the years. It has been a privilege to play music for you. I would also like to thank all the service men and women who have supported the band, may you keep out of harms way. I would like to thank all the bands that let Flogging Molly open for them and all the bands that opened for Flogging Molly. I'd like to thank all the friends and families who have lost someone and feel a little closer to them during IF I EVER LEAVE THIS WORLD ALIVE - I know how you feel, my mom would get nearer every time I played it.

Keep the faith

Matt Hensley

Tom "McAnimal" McManamon (The Popes) dies
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On December 15, 2006 Tom McManamon passed away after a long battle with illness. Tom played in Shane MacGowan's band The Popes, with James McNally as half of Storm, and has guested with The Pogues, Depeche Mode, Joe Strummer, U2, Sinead O'Connor, and many more. He had his banjo in his hands and was surrounded by friends when he died.

Pogues Mahone: Kiss My Arse: The Story of The Pogues
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Carol Clerk, former News Editor of Melody Maker, has turned her attention to The Pogues. She’s interviewed Shane MacGowan, Spider Stacy, Jem Finer, Philip Chevron, Darryl Hunt, Andrew Ranken, James Fearnley, Terry Woods, and various colleagues, friends and fans.

This intimate look behind the music describes their arguments, drunken spats, love affairs, the marriage of Cait and Elvis Costello, the death of Kirsty MacColl, the illnesses, the drugs, the sackings, the legal actions and through it all their passion for music.

Matt Hensley leaves Flogging Molly
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According to the Flogging Molly Wikipedia entry and messages on the Flogging Molly yahoo group, Matt Hensley has left the group. Not official though on the FM webpage.

Rock’n’Reel is back!
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Rock'n'Reel magazine has been relaunched in the UK.

Press release

Rock’n’Reel….a music magazine covering the very best in roots, rock, blues and beyond.

The new publisher of Rock’n’Reel is Richard Ellin who was the commercial publisher of ‘CD Review’ and advertisement director…’Forte’ (Trust House Fortes magazine). Ellin was consultant to Mercedes on the re-launch of their consumer publication. He was involved in the launch of the Today newspaper and has also worked for the BBC on ‘The Radio Times’.

A fan and subscriber to the original Rock’n’Reel first published in 1998, Richard Ellin is committed to the magazine’s long term future as a serious music journal. Rock’n’Reel started life as a fanzine with modest ambitions and grew into a fully fledged magazine; this development will now continue with the relaunch in December 2006. The new version of Rock’n’Reel will appear nationally as a one hundred and forty page glossy bi monthly with its own distinctive cover mount CD entitled ‘UN-HERD’

Un-Herd Volume 1 includes music by Canned Heat, Ani DiFranco, Steve Hackett, Eleanor McEvoy, Paul Lamb and The King Snakes, Colin Scot, Heartless Bastards, Die Hunns, Luke Doucet, Denison Witmer and more. There will be a further free CD in the Un-herd series affixed to the cover of each subsequent issue of Rock’n’Reel.

Never a magazine to cow-tow to the vagaries of musical fashion, Rock’n’Reel has attracted some of the best music writers in the British Isles. Editor Sean McGhee returns with most of the original writing team who are equally delighted and excited to be working again on the magazine promising lots of exclusive interviews and interesting music features and off the wall photography.

Rock’n’Reel has been completely redesigned in full colour with reader friendly layouts. The review section will be divided into categories of styles allowing readers to locate their favourite music in a more satisfying and absorbing way.

The first issue of the relaunched Rock’n’Reel includes interviews with Shane MacGowan, Donovan, Paul Rodgers, Flogging Molly, Christy Moore, Jacqui McShee, Arlo Guthrie, Andy Roberts, Dick Gaughan, Legendary Shack Shakers, James Yorkston, Spiers & Boden, Joe Brown, and features on Bob Dylan, Marc Bolan, Nick Drake, Arthur Lee and Syd Barrett … plus all the usual CD, live, DVD, book reviews and news.

A one year subscription to the magazine includes a five CD offer. The collection courtesy of Terra Nova and Osmosys Records gives the listener almost five hours of hard core folk, world music and comedy as well as left field contemporary sounds. The offer earns the subscriber seventy one tracks which include some very rare pieces by well known performers as well as gems from up and coming artists. Potential subscribers can take up the offer by either visiting the web-site or by purchasing the first edition which includes full subscription details and an application form. Alternatively Rock’n’Reel is available nationally from WH Smiths and all good newsagents plus Virgin, HMV, Our Price and Borders stores. Distribution nationally is by Comag.

The Pubcrawlers: need YOU!
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Established, Maine- and NH-based Celtic punk band The Pubcrawlers are looking to replace exiting members and possibly add one or two more. If you fit any of the following bills, we might just be looking for you:

-accoustic guitar**
-possibly bass
-tin whistle

...or any combination of the above. Potential members will ideally be well-versed in both traditional and modern celtic music as well as punk styles, but energy, enthusiasm and stage presence are most important. Additionally, potentials must be willing to travel occasionally (possibly internationally, as well as around the US, although we mostly play in the New England area) and devote the required time and effort to the band. Tryouts will be held at our practice space in Biddeford, Maine. Feel free to check us out on MySpace (, our site ( or our EPK (

If interested, please contact Andy ([email protected], cell .. available upon request) or Seth ([email protected]).

The Pogues: Reissues & Remasters - US Release
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Rhino Press Release


Rhino Remasters All Five Studio Albums by Celtic Punk Collective Featuring Shane MacGowan and Expands Each with Bonus Tracks

All Five Reissues Available September 19 From Rhino

Soulful and soused, usually in equal parts, The Pogues’ music combined the youthful spirit of punk with ancient Celtic melodies to create a sublime racket that’s been described as the Sex Pistols setting fire to The Chieftains. Rhino Records raises a pint in one hand and a fistful of Pogues in the other with remastered and expanded versions of the band’s first five studio albums — RED ROSES FOR ME, RUM, SODOMY & THE LASH, IF I SHOULD FALL FROM GRACE WITH GOD, PEACE & LOVE, and HELL’S DITCH.

The Pogues — vocalist Shane MacGowan, Spider Stacy on tin whistle, accordion player James Fearnley, Jeremy Jem Finer on banjo, drummer Andrew David Ranken, and bassist Cait O’Riordan — made their debut in 1984 with RED ROSES FOR ME. The album’s 13 songs established the band’s unique sound as it mixed MacGowan originals — Transmetropolitan and Dark Streets Of London — with traditional Irish tunes — The Auld Triangle and Poor Paddy. The expanded edition’s six bonus tracks include Whiskey You’re The Devil, Muirshin Duirkin’ and a foot-stomping version of the traditional Irish song Wild Rover.

Produced by Elvis Costello, The Pogues’ sophomore release, 1985’s RUM, SODOMY & THE LASH, brought the band’s talents into sharp relief with 12 tracks. Featuring new guitarist Philip Chevron, the album included some of the band’s best work — A Pair Of Brown Eyes, Navigator, and the righteous anger of The Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn. The expanded edition includes four bonus songs from the 1986 EP, Poguetry In Motion — London Girl, Rainy Night In Soho, Body Of An American, and the traditional Planxty Noel Hill — along with A Pistol For Paddy Garcia and The Parting Glass.

Steve Lillywhite produced back-to-back classics for The Pogues, starting with 1988’s IF I SHOULD FALL FROM GRACE WITH GOD. The album peaked at #3 in the U.K. and featuring three new members — multi-instrumentalist Terry Woods, bassist Darryl Hunt, who replaced O’Riordan (who married Costello), and guitarist Philip Chevron. The album’s 13 songs represent a high water mark in the band’s career and capture The Pogues at the peak of their powers on Streets of Sorrow/Birmingham Six, a withering political track that got the band blacklisted by the British Independent Broadcasting Authority, along with MacGowan’s duet with Kirsty MacColl on Fairytale Of New York, a massive hit in the U.K. and U.S. The expanded edition’s six bonus tracks include the traditional Irish song Mountain Dew, arranged by The Pogues and The Dubliners, The Battle March (Medley), penned by Woods, and MacGowan’s own Shanne Bradley.

The second Lillywhite production — PEACE & LOVE — was released in 1989 and reached #5 on the U.K. Album chart. Its 14 tracks include MacGowan originals — White City and London You’re A Lady — augmented with remarkable contributions by other members including Finer’s Misty Morning, Albert Bridge, Chevron’s Lorelei, and Woods’ Gartloney Rats. The expanded edition features six bonus tracks, including the title track from 1990’s EP, Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah, a Top 20 Modern Rock hit in the U.S., Star Of The County Down, and a cover of the Rolling Stones’ Honky Tonk Women.

Produced by Joe Strummer of The Clash, The Pogues’ final studio album with MacGowan — HELL’S DITCH — was released in 1990. The 13-song collection includes the dreamy blues waltz of Summer In Siam, as well as a pair of songs inspired by literary legends Jean Genet and Federico Garcia Lorca — the title track and Lorca’s Novena, respectively. The expanded edition includes seven bonus tracks, featuring Jack’s Heroes and Whiskey In The Jar’ from the Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah EP, plus Bastard Landlord, an alternate version of Rainy Night In Soho from RUM, SODOMY & THE LASH.

The Battle Of Brisbane
The Auld Triangle
Waxie’s Dargle
Boys From The County Hell
Sea Shanty
Dark Streets Of London
Streams Of Whiskey
Poor Paddy
Dingle Regetta
Greenland Whale Fisheries
Down In The Ground Where The Dead Men Go

Bonus Tracks
The Leaving Of Liverpool
Muirshin Durkin
Repeal Of The Licensing Laws
And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
Whiskey You’re The Devil
The Wild Rover

The Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn
The Old Main Drag
Wild Cats Of Kilkenny
I’m A Man You Don’t Meet Every Day
A Pair Of Brown Eyes
Sally MacLennane
Dirty Old Town
Jesse James
Billy’s Bones
The Gentleman Soldier
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

Bonus Tracks
A Pistol For Paddy Garcia
London Girl
Rainy Night In Soho
Body Of An American
Planxty Noel Hill
The Parting Glass

If I Should Fall From Grace With God
Turkish Song Of The Damned
Bottle Of Smoke
Fairytale Of New York
Thousands Are Sailing
Medley: The Recruiting Sergeant/The Rocky Road To Dublin/The Galway Races
Streets Of Sorrow/Birmingham Six
Lullaby Of London
Sit Down By The Fire
The Broad Majestic Shannon

Bonus Tracks
The Battle March (Medley)
The Irish Rover
Mountain Dew
Shanne Bradley
Sketches Of Spain
South Australia

White City
Young Ned Of The Hill
Misty Morning, Albert Bridge
Cotton Fields
Blue Heaven
Down All The Days
Gartloney Rats
Boat Train
Night Train To Lorca
London You’re A Lady

Bonus Tracks
Star Of The County Down
The Limerick Rake
Train Of Love
Everyman Is A King
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Honky Tonk Women

The Sunnyside Of The Street
The Ghost Of A Smile
Hell’s Ditch
Lorca’s Novena
Summer In Siam
Rain Street
Rainbow Man
The Wake Of The Mudusa
House Of The Gods
5 Green Queens & Jean
Maidrin Rua
Six To Go

Bonus Tracks
Whiskey In The Jar
Bastard Landlord
Curse Of Love
Squid Out Of Water
Jack’s Heroes
Rainy Night In Soho

Seanchai And The Unity Squad: Irish Catholic Boy
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'Irish Catholic Boy' the new CD from NYC Celtic Hip-Hop merchants Seanchai And The Unity Squad is scheduled for a August release. A preview mp3 is available at and it's definitely one of the most punky, guitar oriented, least hip-hip things they've done to date.

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LABOR DAY WEEKEND - September 1st through September 3rd.
Spend Labor Day weekend with Black 47 and  The Gobshites (and more lots more bands to be confirmed) at the Blackthorne Resort in East Durham, NY. The Gobshites are running a bus from Boston - email Pete (
[email protected]) for more details.

Neck: Plastic'n'Proud
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London based Paddy Punk's NECK are hard at work recording their new CD "Plastic'n'Proud". The band are also in the final stages of negotiations with a legendary music manager and finalizing a US record deal - like I said hard at work. No release date is yet scheduled.

The Pogues: Japan, U.S.A. and U.K. & Ireland
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From 0 The Pogues will be performing in Japan, U.S.A. and U.K. & Ireland in late 2006.

Monday, October 2, Osaka, Nanba Hatch
Tuesday, October 3, Nagoya, Diamond Hall
Thursday, October 5, Tokyo, Shibuya AX

Monday, October 9, San Francisco, The Fillmore
Tuesday, October 10, San Francisco, The Fillmore
Sunday, October 15, Las Vegas, The House of Blues
Tuesday, October 17, Los Angeles, The Wiltern
Wednesday, October 18, Los Angeles, The Wiltern
Thursday, October 19, Los Angeles, The Wiltern

U.K. & Ireland
Mid-December. Dates are not yet announced. Venues will be Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Dublin, and Nottingham.

Jake Burns (SLF): Solo Release
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Jake Burns' (of Stiff Little Fingers fame) first solo album "Drinkin' Again" was released in the UK on EMI. It is a combination of Burns originals, traditional Irish songs and a few modern covers, Jake describes the resulting album as a "Irish / Hillbilly / Country/ Punk hybrid."

From the liner notes:

"I've been playing some of these songs with 3 Men & Black, which is an acoustic project involving myself, Pauline Black (of The Selecter) and various other musicians at differing times. Mainly because the story of an album that had been written over ten years ago and never been released due to one mishap or another was a pretty funny tale. (If you like laughing at other people's misfortune, which I guess is the basis of a lot of comedy !) So; this marks the end of the funny story as, thanks to Alan Parker's commitment (No, it's a different Alan Parker !), the record has finally come squinting and blinking into daylight."

"It was originally conceived as an "Irish punk" album, but in the interim a million albums like that had come out, so that put the kibosh on that approach. So, I decided to take it a bit further down the acoustic path. All fine and dandy in itself. However, in the meantime I had re-located to Chicago and that meant recruiting local musicians. Some of these guys were veteran Irish (or Irish-style) musicians and some were not. And so, we ended up with this Irish /Hillbilly /Country/Punk hybrid. So much for: "File under: POP"!"

"I never thought I'd hear these tunes beyond the original demos I made all those years ago, so I'm really excited to finally get the damn thing made. I do know I had a great time working with all these great players and certainly ended up laughing much more than I should have done for someone who was supposedly "working" ! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did."

The Mahones: Take No Prisoners - August 15th
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The Mahones finally locked in a release date for their new CD "Take No Prisoners"! ...August 15th!, on Stumble Records in Canada.
The track listing is as follows:

1. Take No Prisoners
2. The Amsterdam Song
3. Out Of Control
4. Nancy Whiskey
5. A Little Bit Of Love (featuring Dahnait Doyle)
6. Night Train To Paris
7. Whiskey In The Jar
8. The Weight Of The World
9. Market Song (Devil You Know)
10.Too Late To Turn Back Now

The Mahones had lots of their friends join them on the recording sessions. The CD was recorded in Toronto (between tours) at Telejet Studio on Queen Street West by Gene Hughes. It was produced by Finny McConnell and Gene Hughes. Guests included Scruffy Wallace (Dropkick Murphys), Ian D'Sa (Billy Talent), Kevin Hearn (Barenaked Ladies), Psycho Dave (Brass Knuckle Therapy), Kai (Universal Love Attack) and Kevin Quain (The Mad Bastards). The bonus track is from the Mark Gilligan solo CD, Bang The Drum which is only available in Europe.

As far as The Mahones go, they have past and present members of the band on the recording including Finny McConnell, Dominic "The Bomb" Whelan, Sean Winter, Gene Hughes, Miranda Mulholland, Jonathan Moorman and Andrew Brown.

The Mahones have the new single from Take No Prisoners ready for you to sample over at their page on

Flogging Molly: Whiskey on a Sunday
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Flogging Molly release a double CD/DVD package on July 25th. The first disk will be a full-Length CD with 10 new Flogging Molly Recordings (note 'recordings' as opposed to new songs). The 10 songs includes "5 fan favorites" recorded live, 4 acoustic songs, and a brand new(ish) studio track.

1. Laura
2. Drunken Lullabies (Acoustic)
3. The Wanderlust (Acoustic)
4. Another Bag of Bricks (Acoustic)
5. Tomorrow Comes a Day Too Soon (Acoustic)
6. The Likes of You Again (Live)
7. Swagger (Live)
8. Black Friday Rule (Live)
9. Within a Mile Of Home (Live)
10. What's Left of the Flag (Live)

The DVD is 106 minute feature-length documentary DVD w/bonus footage. "Shot over two years and in seven countries, the feature-length documentary Whiskey on a Sunday is an intimate portrait of Flogging Molly. The film tracks the group of musicians from their bar-band roots to their current success, including footage of the band in the studio, on tour, at home and at their sold-out homecoming performance at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles."

"Whiskey on a Sunday is an "in-the-pocket" experience with the candid and charismatic Flogging Molly family, set to the driving beat of their thunderous live performances. Brought together through unlikely happenstance and bound by an intense passion and heartfelt belief in what they do, the seven members and their associates provide a good look at how things can be done against the grain. Bucking tradition, industry naysayers and inflexible business models, front man Dave King and crew illustrate their own formula for success: believing in oneself, refusing to be pigeonholed, and rising from humble beginnings to fulfill a dream." (- Jeeze don't these record company marketing people write some real flowery shite.)

Additional Bonus Features: Include a return to Molly Malone's, extended interviews, outtakes and live performances

Rumor has it the band will have a proper CD out by years-end.

Shite'n'Onions: Black T-Shirts
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After much demand (well one person asked) we now have black Shite'n'Onions T-Shirts for sale. The shirts are available through

Joe Hurley: New Single
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Joe Hurley has a new CD single on sale today "Bleeding Claret and Blue", in celebration of West Ham reaching the FA Cup Final in England . There will be a launch/listening party in London at Vic Naylor's this Thursday evening, May 11th from 6:30-9pm. (Limited CDs available)

The single is also available through the band's website in the MP3 format as of Wed, May 11th. Lyrics, UK press Release, West Ham related Photos, are also available there. The MP3 version nets you both the single and the 'extended' version! (more choruses, all the players names, and other great sounds-Listen closely and you'll hear the crowd from the Play-off Final 2005 in there)

The single was written and recorded in the last few days. Musical backing came from the NYC Hammers Association ... Steve Holley (Joe Cocker, Rod, Wings-Also a life-long West Ham fan) on Drums, James Mastro (Ian Hunter) on guitar, Dave DeCastro (Steve Wynn) on bass, Ken Margolis (NYC Hammers Pint Control) on piano/accordion and Joe Hurley (Owner of West Ham's Official 'Got loads of West Ham books here-you should really read them' Centre of NYC-established 1923) on acoustic Gtr and vocals. Backing vocals came from assorted NYC Hammers - Gentleman Jamie Noone, Duncan 'Disorderly' Davidson, Paul 'the original' Stanley, among many other gentlemanly types.

Bands, do you want your CD reviewed in the UK?
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My name is Sean McGhee you may remember me as editor and writer for the internationally renowned eclectic music magazine Rock'n'Reel. (1988-2003) These days I compile albums of 80s anarcho punk for Overground Records. including the acclaimed Anarcho Punk cd series. I also handle PR for venues and bands in the North West and am publicist for the Norths West of England's leading eclectic music festival Solfest

The main reason I'm contacting you is to let you know that I am now reviewing punk/hardcore stuff for the UK's most popular punk site (250.000+hits a month-and growing!) (check out the review section! ) and I am also writing for national glossy punk/core magazine Big Cheese.

I sang for the band Psycho Faction from 1979-84, and throughout that period and beyond have promoted gigs and worked with promoters on gigs by Crass, Flux Of Pink Indians, Conflict, The System, Discharge, The Damned, Chumbawamba, Buzzcocks, Stiff Little Fingers, Dead Kennedys, UK Subs etc. I have a pretty extensive knowledge of punk/hardcore stuff from 76 to the present and would love to get regular review material from you. In return for receiving your CDs/ LPs or singles I will keep you informed of where and when the reviews appear.

Any queries please give me a call 01946 812496 or drop me a mail.


Sean McGhee
[email protected]

ps Check out my interview in MRR 275!

Nick Burbridge: All Kinds Of Disorder
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All Kinds Of Disorder (Waterloo Press) is Nick Burbridge’s second collection of poetry, a pamphlet edition funded by the Arts Council Of England, complete with a five track sampler CD of readings arranged with music and effects by The Levellers’ Jon Sevink, for a commercial recording to be released in Spring 2006.

Nick Burbridge is an Anglo-Irish writer, who lives in Brighton. His first collection of poetry, On Call, was published by Envoi Poets in 1994. As a singer/songwriter he has made five albums with his band McDermott’s Two Hours, three in collaboration with The Levellers, who covered his song Dirty Davey on their eponymous number one selling album. He is currently at work on a new recording.

His plays include Dirty Tricks (Soho Theatre Company), Vermin (Finborough), and Cock Robin (Verity Bargate Award Runner-up). He runs his own fringe theatre company, and his work is broadcast regularly on BBC Radio 4. Nick has had one novel, Operation Emerald (Pluto), published under the pseudonym Dominic McCartan. He collaborated with Captain Fred Holroyd on War Without Honour (Medium), launched at the House of Commons. His short stories appear often in literary magazines, and Arts Council anthologies. He also performs live as a musician at major festivals and other venues.

All Kinds Of Disorder is a collection which probes eccentric and distorted experience, full of dark humour, but constantly illuminated by compassion and attachment, and a profound aesthetic faith. The writing is subtly measured, yet as one would expect from a seasoned songwriter, driven by internal rhythms and a deep musical sense.

‘Burbridge’s work allies imagistic skill with important social subjects. A good modern poet not afraid to be poetic.’ Alan Morrison

About On Call: ‘full of richness and variety - the poems are life-affirming and unafraid' Ore ‘strong and clipped verse with a striking undercurrent’ Weyfarers ‘frank and uncompromising’ Envoi

BLACK 47: Bittersweet Sixteen
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Press release from Gadfly Records (
Black 47's "Bittersweet Sixteen" The disc is a 16-track retrospective of Black 47’s recording career from early 1990 to the present and contains two new songs, “Southside Chicago Waltz” and “Joe Hill’s Last Will.”

Bittersweet Sixteen is packed with previously unavailable fan favorites including “Home of the Brave” and “Patriot Game,” unreleased tracks from their first recording session. Two of the highlights are the original mix of their hit “Funky Ceili” and a movie-commissioned version of Steven Stills’ “For What It’s Worth.”

Also featured are live versions of “Big Fellah” and “Bobby Sands MP,” classics of the biographical song form that leader Larry Kirwan has pioneered, now used in hundreds of high school and college political science courses nationally.

The centerpiece features a Vietnam/Iraq War trilogy, “My Love is in New York”/”Downtown Baghdad Blues”/”Southside Chicago Waltz” dedicated to the band’s many fans serving in Iraq and Afghanistan while also highlighting Black 47’s ongoing resistance to the Bush Administration’s foreign and domestic policies.

Bittersweet Sixteen is capped by six songs from the band’s no-longer-available major label albums. These were culled from a fabled, long lost live studio recording of the K-Rock’s Vin Scelsa Show much bootlegged over the years, but now re-mastered and restored to pristine condition.

Bittersweet Sixteen, with a song for every year of their career, is an excellent introduction for the newcomer but also a must-have for the avid Black 47 fan who has appreciated the band’s distinct originality and uncompromising political stance down through the last sixteen years.

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In a unique move, the trade union movement, charities, campaigns and the music industry have joined forces to release an Irish-themed single with a difference for this years St. Patrick's Day. The anti-racist anthem Everybody's Welcome to the Hooley! is by London-Irish Psycho-Ceilídh Rockers Neck and will be echoing around Austin Texas over the St. Patrick's weekend as the band make up part of the UK & Irish contingent at this year's SXSW music festival.

The single will be officially launched - both in the shops, and exclusively on-line via Napster – from Monday 6 th March. In the meantime there will be national publicity campaigns across the UK and Ireland, using trade union and campaign networks, aimed at driving the song into the charts.

Everybody's Welcome to the Hooley! is the first release on the Militant Entertainment label, which was set up by Geoff Martin, Director of the Left Field stage at Glastonbury; and Alan Miles, a firefighter and union activist, who was part of the first fire crew down the tunnels at Kings Cross after the 7/7 bombings.

Leeson O'Keeffe, lead singer & song-writer with Neck, said:

"I wrote Everybody's Welcome to the Hooley! in immediate response to Nazi skinheads disrupting one of the European festivals we played at. They were giving-out to one of the other bands about not bringing politics into a Punk gig & attacking people: I wrote it on the spot, we ran thru' it, went on, told the Nazis what was what (that they'd kinda missed the point about Punk , & , being an Irish Punk band from London, politics is part of both our legacies & plays a part in what we are) , & played it at them! AND I got the whole crowd shouting "Joe Strummer" at the eejits: Being London-Irish, our legacy isn't just the obvious one of Shane & The Pogues, but also Joe & The Clash. And that includes carrying the Rock against Racism baton on.

It's fantastic that we've got all of this support for the release in the run-up to this year's St Patrick's Day. The music industry, the Irish community, the trade unions and campaign groups who are making this possible need to be applauded for helping to get across our message that, although we're proud to be defined by our nationality & culture, our music is not just for White, straight, Christians (or nihilists!) ,& that nobody should be excluded just because of who or what they are - particularly in the context that immigration from Ireland has been so massive: let's face it - virtually anywhere you go, you'll find an Irishman!

We're also grateful to the Archive of The Irish in Britain, for being given the use of the iconic image of the sign from a B&B window from London in the 50's saying "No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs" - the likes of which my own family encountered: It's a reminder to the Irish community, both here and back at home, that we've been the victims of racism down the years and that we should, therefore, be in the forefront of the on-going campaign against racism and intolerance today."

The single will be released on Monday March 6th: in the shops through Plastic Head distribution; exclusively on-line via Napster;& will also be available from the Neck label, Hibernian Records, web-site from Monday 13th February:


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Message from the band - Just a note to you all to say that Alan Confrey, Blood or Whiskey tin whistle player, tragically died from a heart attack on Thursday the 23rd at the young age of 33.We had just returned that day from an English and Scottish tour with SLF and it is some consolation that he died at home. Messages of consolation can be left on the bands myspace site or at

Cheers, Beano.

Shite'n'Onions 2005 Best CDs
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1. The Tossers: The Valley of the Shadow of Death - The clear winner
2. Neck: Sod ‘em & Begorrah - Celtic Punk masterpiece
3. The Kissers: Good Fight - most improved band
4. The Wages of Sin: Custom Of The Sea - readers fav.
5. The Electrics: Old, New, Borrowed and Green - career best (and they mention me)
6. The Zydepunks: ...and the streets will flow with whiskey - runbmg's top pick
7. Dropkick Murphys: Warrior's Code - solid and workman like
8. Larkin: Reckoning - taking up were BoW left off
9. McDermotts 2 Hours: Live at Ferneham Hall - raw and powerful, 20 years later
10.(joint) Blaggards: Standards - best new band (1)
10.(joint) Sharky Doyles: Back of the yards - best new band (2)

THE GO SET: The Hungry Mile
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The Go Set are proud to announce that their new album "The Hungry Mile" is now all recorded and mixed and ready to go!

The album was recorded at Birdland in Melbourne through November and according to the band; "this time around we took a lot longer to record and mix, so the end product is a lot more polished and contructed than Sing a Song of Revolution, yet we've tried once again to really capture the live essence of the band. It has a really varied mix of songs on it - from flat out punk stuff, to celtic and pirate influenced tracks, to acoustic songs. Its very eclectic, and will be interesting to have an album that represents elements of the band that we dont always show in a dirty sweaty punk rock show."

Pre-orders can be made via the bands web page in December - the CD is due out mid-March '06 - preorders will be mailed in February.

HAMELL ON TRIAL: Songs for Parents Who Enjoy Drugs
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“This album is for all those liberal-minded people who can’t fathom raising a child in this world of non-tolerance,” explains Ed Hamell, otherwise known as the string-punishing, acoustic punk minstrel Hamell On Trial. “I mean, there’s so much fuckin’ going on in the right; they’re populating the world. Us lefties gotta catch up.”

Songs For Parents Who Enjoy Drugs, Hamell’s fifth LP and second on Righteous Babe Records, just might inspire people with common sense to multiply. Full of his patented rapid fire strumming and snarling topical humor, the record also benefits from the warm, unobtrusive production talents of Ani DiFranco (who also contributes backing vocals, synth bass, keys, drums and kazoo). Newfound fatherhood is the inspiration here: Hamell’s 3-year-old son, Detroit, is all over the album, as a character in his dad’s lyrics and as a guest vocalist.

But this isn’t a Harry Chapin kind of party. The opening track, “Inquiring Minds,” finds Hamell pondering what he’ll say when his kid asks him if he ever did drugs or had premarital sex, eventually deciding, “I’m gonna lie.” “Values” finds Detroit using our unqualified president to get out of learning his ABCs. “Is there some kinda presidential school?/Is there some kinda test or exam to show you’re the qualified man?” Hamell sings over ironically playful acoustic plucking. “Dad, I’m gonna hold off on class/You can stick the alphabet up your ass.”

While he’s no stranger to social issues, Songs For Parents… may be his most scathing indictment of the powers that be – and his most hysterical. “I’ve never been as topical or angry as I am now, and that is a direct result of the kid. He’s going to grow up in a country that’s in need of a serious mend, and as always, I cling to humor to get me through it.” This combination of outrage and comedy produced the most rollicking track of the album, “Coulter’s Snatch.” It’s as wonderfully sophomoric as the title suggests, depicting W. masturbating, Rush Limbaugh and Condoleezza Rice’s sexual preference, and an anatomical lesson about Ann Coulter.

Hamell On Trial sees this album as an answer to the question, “How can an anarchist raise a child?” And like every good children’s story, Songs For Parents Who Enjoy Drugs has a moral. The guitar is mightier than the sword. ~Righteous Babe Records

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Stuff the Turkey.....

The Pogues will be performing six shows in the United States of America in early March, 2006.

  • Friday March 10 Washington 9.30 Club
  • Saturday March 11 Atlantic City Borgata
  • Tuesday March 14 Boston Orpheum
  • Thursday March 16 New York Nokia Theatre, Times Square *
  • Friday March 17 New York Nokia Theatre, Times Square *
  • Saturday March 18 New York Nokia Theatre, Times Square *
* Tickets on sale Saturday, December 3.

THE POGUES: Re-release 'Fairytale Of New York''
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The Fairytale Of New York single will be re-released December 19th in the UK. The band is donating royalties from this release to charities for the homeless. The single will be available as 7", CD and DVD

Also according to HELLO magazine Shane is to re-record 'Fairytale Of New York' with Kate Moss helping out. The collaboration is to raise money for Justice for Kirsty MacColl. Read More from HELLO.

Help your local GOBSHITES?
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Boston's The Gobshites are looking for a Female Tin Whistle/Bodhran player who could also do some backing vocals.
If people want to check out The Gobshite, they should go to

The Gobshites take Irish Music and give it a firm twist!
In The "tradition" of The Pogues, Black 47 and Flogging Molly, The Gobshites might turn an old Irish standard into a rock and roll rave up... but turnabout being fair play, The Gobshites turn the tables and transform old punk rock songs like, Black Flag's "Six Pack" or the Ramones "Long Way Back" into Irish Sing Alongs!
Contact Pete: [email protected]

T. DUGGINS (Tossers): Solo
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The Tossers frontman stripped down and undone -- T. Duggins' first solo CD is set for release on January 24th (Thick Records). The 13 song record Includes a handful of originals, covers of Dylan, Leadbelly, MacGowen, and Christy Moore, plus a few traditionals for good measure.

MUTINY: Set sail with new EP
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Melbourne, Australia's MUTINY have finished recording a new, yet untitled EP. They claim it's their best recording todate. An Aussie release is expected shortly and hopefully a US release through Fistolo Records
Also MUTINY now boast an new accordion player - friend of Shite'n'Onions, Mr. Will Swan - good luck mate

THE MAHONES: Take No Prisoners - new CD details
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The Mahone's new cd "Take No Prisoners" is now done.
The band plan to have it in stores early 2006. The cd will have 10 new recordings plus and bonus track they recorded in Holland 2 years ago!

The track listing for the new cd is:
1. The Amsterdam Song
2. Take No Prisoners
3. Nancy Whiskey
4. The Weight...
5. Nightrain To Paris
6. Out Of Control
7. Whiskey In The Jar
8. The Market Song (Devil You Know)
9. A Little Bit Of Love
10. Too Late To Turn Back Now
Bonus Track
11. Irish Rover (from Bang The Drum)

Lots of friends of The Mahones join them for the recording sessions. The cd was recorded in Toronto (between tours) at Telejet Studio in Queen St. West by Gene Hughes. It was produce by Finny McConnell and Gene Hughes. Guests included Sruffy Wallace (Dropkick Murphys), Ian D'Sa (Billy Talent), Kevin Hearn (Barenaked Ladies), Psycho Dave (Brass Knuckle Therapy), Kai (Universal Love Attack) and Kevin Quain (The Mad Bastards). The bonus track is from the Mark Gilligan solo cd, Bang The Drum which is only available in Europe.
As far as The Mahones go, wethey have past and present members of the band on the recording including Finny McConnell, Dominic "The Bomb" Whelan, Sean Winter, Gene Hughes, Miranda Mulland, Jonathan Moorman and Andrew Brown. Look for a brand new MP3 on their site very soon.

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From the Siobhan web site.........
Oh, my, ladies and gentlemen, how time flies.
I don't know how many of you are stil reading this shambolic, god-forsaken thing, but guess what: Siobhan is not dead. I repeat, Siobhan is not dead.
Now, we're not having a "reunion tour" or any bullshit like that. I mean, come on, those are for wankos like AC/DC, Motley Crue and Mitch and Mickey.
But! Ol' Jimmy is swinging back through Ottawa next year, so we thought: what the fuck? let's play a show! So, if you're not doing anything on February 17th, come on out to Zaphod's and see us. Tickets will be, like, six bucks or something like that. Stay tuned.
Stay tuned, indeed! We are all looking forward to this rare chance to get back together without practising and attempting to play the songs we've almost entirely forgotten. And the best part about you people, o loyal and extraordinarily tiny fan-base, is that you don't care if we play them right, so long as there's a thumping bass drum and we swear a lot. God bless you. God bless you all.